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School of Law International Office

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									School of Law International Office

Report on Study Abroad

To assist us in reviewing specific exchange agreements for future years, we
would be grateful if you could complete this report and return to at the latest by 14th September 2007 (or earlier if

NAME          Gayle Rigby                                  Student Number 0206638

Host Institution: North Carolina, USA

Dates of period abroad: January – June 2007

Applying for study abroad

Did you readily receive advice at Glasgow about how to apply for an exchange place?
Could this service be improved, and if so, in what way?
Yes, advice was provided by Glasgow university

What were the main factors which persuaded you to apply for an exchange place?
I was interested in the experience and had heard great things about the exchange
programme by some of my friends who had also been away

Was enough useful information about partner institutions available? If not, state what
information was lacking:
Yes information was provided but subjects about cost and very different study
methods could have been mentioned to those institutions outside of Europe.

Academic Studies

1      Quality of teaching [please circle the most appropriate answer]

Taking into account all your courses, would you describe the quality of the teaching
in general as:

Very good X Good            Reasonable            Poor          Very poor   

Further comments (e.g. courses which were particularly good / poor, if any):

The teaching level at UNC was extremely high. There is a very different method to
studying and exams over in the states and all students are graded on a “curve” which
means it is quite competitive. The subjects are interesting. They do not study by case
law but most of their subjects allow for notes etc to be taken into exams – however it
should be noted that this simply changes the way you learn things and doesn’t really
make the exams any easier. I took criminal procedure investigation which I would
recommend and the lecturer is great. I also took mental health which was good and
media which they no longer do. It’s important to go to the classes but there are only a
few classes per subject a week. Late classes are quite common (6-8pm) but this isn’t
actually that bad though.

2      Attitude of teaching staff to visiting students

Taking into account all your courses, would you describe the attitude of the teaching
staff to visiting students as:

Very helpful   X      Helpful        Neutral           Not helpful    unhelpful 

Further comments (e.g. members of staff who were particularly helpful / unhelpful, if

Beverley Sizemore will be a great help with anything you need or any worries you
might have. The pupils are also so helpful, they really do go out of their way to help
you out!

3      Academic support

Would you describe the level of academic support (e.g. adviser of studies / tutor) as

Very good   Good X             Reasonable              Poor          Very poor   
Further comments (if any):
They are always there to help, they won’t do anything out of the ordinary for you
because you are an exchange student but if any help is needed they really will do what
they can to assist.

4        Library and Computing facilities

In comparison with Glasgow, would you describe the Library and IT facilities within
the campus of your host institution:

Very good    x   Good          Reasonable           Poor          Very poor   

5        Standards

In comparison with Glasgow, would you describe your courses in general as being:

Much more difficult           More difficult        About the same   x
Easier          Much easier   
Further comments (if any):

They are difficult subjects and some are definitely harder than others but it is mostly
just the methods of studying that you will need to get used to but the subjects
themselves are not much harder than Glasgow university. Once you have an idea
about what they are looking for and the style of exams (which the other students help
you out with) then it will be quite manageable.

6        Assessment

Please comment on the method(s) of assessment applied by your host institution.
They allow for notes etc to be taken into exams in most of the subjects but this is just
as an outline. It means things may not need to be memorised but you will certainly
need to have an understanding of it all anyway because it is the time that is important.
You may have notes with you but you won’t have the time to trial through them to
look for answers. Again, the professors and pupils will help you out with these. Some
subjects just have final essays and not exams but these are big so if you are not a big
fan of essays then these might be better to avoid. Overall though, if you go to the
classes, you really are taught as you go along and when the exam comes you will be
pretty prepared.

7        Teaching in a language other than English (if applicable)

Please comment on how you coped with being taught in a language other than

Administration at host institution

In general, would you describe the administration procedures at your host institution
as being:

Very straightforward   straightforward reasonable x        difficult   
very difficult   

Further comments (if any):
There is a lot to do administration wise before you go and when you get there. It is not
difficult to do these things but you do need to know about them and make sure they
get done because they are pretty important.

Accommodation Abroad

A       If you stayed in University accommodation:

Please give the address:

How much did it cost per month (in local currency)? $580 which was about £250-300

Describe the positive and negative aspects of the accommodation:
I stayed in Ram Village which was really good, all brand new, clean, safe, very close
to law school (5 min walk). I stayed in a private room in a 4 room flat and had great
flatmates. You share a kitchen and there are 2 bathrooms. It is spacious and I would
recommend it. I saw a lot of Odum Village too which was nice, more like little houses
but not quite as new but maybe a little more spacious. Both would be good choices for
the law school.

Balancing cost with facilities provided, would you describe the accommodation as:

Very good             Good   x       Reasonable           Poor             Awful   

What advice (if any) can you provide for future Glasgow students staying in
accommodation provided by the host institution? Just bring stuff from your home like
photos etc to make it more like your space but the rest of the stuff (sheets, hangers,
bins, lamps etc)you can just buy there

B        If you stayed in private accommodation:

How did you obtain this accommodation?

Was the host institution of any help in obtaining this accommodation?

How much did it cost per month (in local currency)?

What advice (if any) can you offer regarding the best method of obtaining private


What were your approximate average monthly living costs (in local currency, and
excluding accommodation)?
It is entirely up to you, food is cheap to buy in big supermarkets. I would not
recommend the food plans. Cook in your flat a lot and going out is cheap, overall the
costliest things you will have are trips, accommodation, books (pricey!) and how
much you decide to buy for yourself! I can’t remember how much though.

By average student standards, would you describe your lifestyle as:

Lavish               Reasonable     x      Prudent        
What sources of finance did you use to fund your period abroad?
[please circle ALL the appropriate answers]

Maintenance grant                   ERASMUS /other grant         
Student loan                        Parental support             x
Savings                      x       Part-time work whilst abroad 

Any other? (please stipulate)

Did you cope well financially? Yes it is more expensive than Europe because you
won’t get an Erasmus grant or loan. They give you something but it is very very
minimal so if you are prepared for costs of VISAs, flights, insurance and
accommodation etc then you not get many unexpected surprises. Exchange rate is

What opportunities (if any) were there to work part-time during the period of study
Not really, they say you can work on campus but it would be quite hard to actually
find anywhere to be honest.

How did you travel to and from the host institution and how many times did you
return to the UK?
I did not return at all. I flew with Continental and it cost about £580 for return flights
but that varies on how many stops etc you get. Avoid stops…it’s a killer! I booked an
open flight so I did not have a set date to return on. It means if you go travelling after
you still have to fly out of NC but this is good anyway since you can leave your
suitcases etc there and get them when you come back to leave.

Hospitality / Social Life

In general, did the host institution make you feel:

Very welcome           x        welcome    neutral          unwelcome    
very unwelcome    
Did the host institution or its students organise social events / trips for foreign
students? If so, please give brief details.
No trips were set up but there are weekly nights out for law students which are great.
There are not many ”exchangey” things organised because you are not really mixing
with other exchange people and mostly just people in law school but its good!

Outwith social events organised for visiting students, how did you find the social life?
(eg was there plenty to do on weekends, were the clubs/pubs expensive?)

There street is called Franklin Street, it takes some getting used to because its small
compared to Glasgow but it becomes great once you know the good bars on good
nights etc. most bars turn into clubs and they are fun. I really would recommend you
go only if you are 21, not even if you aren’t a big drinker, it is just very difficult
because a lot of nights are organised in bars and they will not let you in if you are
under 21, at all! It’s a quiet place but there are still lots to do and frat parties etc
actually do exist!! You will never be short of things to do…just depends what you

What were the best travel experiences while you were abroad (if any)?

You can go on wee trips around and about you. I did DC and NYC which were great.
Flying between states is not that expensive. You can also rent cars and drie to neare
by places.

How easy was it to mix with other visiting students and with home students?
You will be with mostly home students, there will be one more from Glasgow and
usually 2 from Netherlands. It becomes easy this way to really get involved in the law
school and all the people around about you.

Further comments (if any):

Catering at the overseas institution

Would you describe the standard of catering as being:
Very good  Good             Adequate    Poor         Very poor   
Don’t know 

Further comments (if any):

I did not get the food plan and would recommend just eating in the flat and eating out
because food is very cheap to buy, even in restaurants, subways etc

Sports facilities at the overseas institution

Would you describe the standard of sports facilities as being:

Very good  Good  Adequate                    Poor    Very poor 
Don’t know 

Further comments (if any):

Personal health

Would you describe health services for visiting students as being:

Very good    Good x          Adequate        Poor      Very poor    Don’t
know   

Further comments (if any):

Personal security

Are you a      Male                                  Female          x
who    Normally lives at home        x       Normally lives away from home        
During your period of study abroad, and in comparison with Glasgow, did you
generally feel, in terms of personal security:

much more secure x            more secure   about the same  less secure 
much less secure 

(Take into account all relevant factors (the institution, your accommodation, fellow
students, the geographic location and its inhabitants, etc)

Further comments (if any - but please include remarks if you have ticked either of the
less secure boxes)

Overall Evaluation

Taking into account all the relevant aspects (academic, travel, social, etc) would you
describe your period abroad as:

an excellent experience      x       a good experience             
a reasonable experience             a disappointing experience    
an awful experience          

Please add here any other comments which you think may be helpful, including
any relevant questions missing from this questionnaire.

It is great, the people are a little older than at Glasgow but very much up for a
good time and willing to help you out. I would recommend it but not if you have
little savings because you don’t really get a loan and you might struggle. It is a
great experience and a great university!

Thanks for your assistance. This form should be returned before 14 September
2007 to:


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