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                          24th SEPTEMBER 2007


         Academic Staff           Title                            Programme
         Celia Hynes              (Chair)
         Angela Gallacher         Administrator
         Nathan Finnigan          Placements
         Patric Devitt            Programme Leader
         Margaret Dilger          Programme Leader
         Dawn Gawthorpe           Programme Leader
         Wendy Hayers             Programme Leader

         Student Representatives      Intake
         Anita Morley         Diploma – Adult Nursing - March 2006
         Alison Schofield     Diploma – Adult Nursing – March 2006
         Malcolm Wallace      Student Liaison Representative

         07.03.27         APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – are recorded for Ann Natalie and Angela Darvill.


         07.03.29         MINUTES FROM THE LAST MEETING

         Confirmed        that the minutes of the previous meeting (25.06.2007) were a true record of the

         07.03.30         MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES

                          Louise Fitzsimons has now left the University. It appears that a replacement has
                          not yet been found for this position. If you have any queries in the interim,
                          Michelle Livesley will be happy to be the first port of call.

Noted (on item 02.21.4)   there have been ongoing developments with regards to the cash machine. The
                          User Group is to continue following this up.

Noted (on item 02.21.7)   there have been complaints about the smokers congregating at the entrance to
                          the inner courtyard of the Allerton Building. Unfortunately, this can not be
                          addressed at present as the date for the erection of the smokers hut has not yet
                          been agreed.

Noted (on item 02.21.8)   the hole at the front of the Mary Seacole Building has now been filled, much to
                          most people’s disappointment. The general feeling is that the sculpture is an
                          eyesore and a waste of money.

                Action    Celia Hynes to raise at Faculty board.

Noted (on item 02.22)     Students will not have to pay to relearn for this year but will start paying from next
                          year. If students have extreme personal mitigating circumstances which were
                          not revealed at the time of submission, the SHA may pay for their relearning
                          period. The school is also considering the possibility of two attempts only and
                          this is in wider discussion.
                Action    Celia Hynes

                          It was suggested that it be stressed to the students of the privacy of the PMC
                          details as students are not using the forms to their best advantage.

Noted (on item 02.22)     The BSc child branch students complained that they were not given enough time
                          for writing up their first year assignments. Assessment for year one is to be
                Action    Programme and module leaders. Retention group.

Noted (on item 02.23)     Student Finance - The drop in sessions held by Dave Robinson to provide
                          financial information to the students have proved to be very successful.

Noted (on item 07.02.02) The catering has significantly improved in the Allerton canteen due to a change
                         in supplier. Unfortunately, this is leading to long queues as there is more
                         demand. The increase in users may also be due to the time of year.

Noted (on item 07.25.1)   There are still concerns about the lack of social space in both the Mary Seacole
                          Building and the Allerton Building and it was suggested that Mary Seacole Foyer
                          be used. There will soon be extra seating available in the main courtyard of the
                          Allerton Building which is currently being landscaped but it will not be covered so
                          this will not be beneficial until there is a significant improvement in the weather.

Noted (on item 07.25.2)   Enquiries have been made into providing water coolers throughout the Mary
                          Seacole Building but this has been declined as the water supply to the building is
                          suitable for drinking so there is no necessity for this.

                          The number of students that have gained employment since qualifying in Nursing
                          is less than 90%. This is not a true reflection of the success rate as not all
                          students have managed to gain employment in the nursing profession.

Noted (on item 02.26.1)   The swipe machines have today been labelled A-K and L-Z in both Allerton and
                          Mary Seacole Buildings to try and distribute the use of the swipe machines and
                          help to identify any anomalies that may occur on individual machines.

                          The new intakes of students (both Diploma and BSc) have been selected for a
                          three month pilot scheme of using the biometric attendance monitoring system.
                          They will be using this system to record their attendance of each clinical skills
                          session. This system requires the students to use their finger to swipe in rather
                          than a swipe card. Some staff have expressed concern about this feeling that it
                          impinges on personal human rights of the students. It was stressed that the
                          initial image that was stored of the student’s fingerprint was then digitally
                          recorded as a series of figures that are unique to the individual student. The
                          initial fingerprint image was then deleted.

Noted (on item 02.26.5)   It has been difficult to monitor the ambulance placement attendance due to the
                          long term sickness of members of staff. From March 2008, the number of

                          placements will be limited, so students wishing to gain this experience will need
                          to put their names forward early in order to secure a place.

                          The systems used by the students for handing in documentation and receiving
                          feedback are currently under review. Many students are failing to collect their
                          feedback during their allocated slots. Also, students have been unclear about
                          the time they can take from placement to collect feedback. It was stressed that
                          feedback dates should be made available to the practitioners to avoid problems.

Noted (on item 02.26.6)   Some students have complained that it is costly to attend the University to collect
                          feedback when they are not in theory. They made the point that should they
                          have failed their assignment, they would receive notification from the Exams
                          The School is aiming to reduce queues and hopes to produce feedback
                          electronically within the next twelve months.

Noted (on item 02.26.7)   The request for a specific School of Nursing badge is still being looked into but it
                          would be a costly item to produce and there may not be enough demand to
                          justify production of this.
                          The March 2005 Intake Graduation Ball may have to be cancelled due to the
                          Mental Health Branch students requesting a separate Ball. If this is not resolved,
                          the deposit of £ 500 that has been paid to the Garvis Hotel, Manchester, will be
                          lost as it is non refundable.
                          Action – Neil Withnell to speak to the Mental Health students.

         07.03.31         ANNUAL PROGRAMME REPORTS

                          ALL BRANCHES – PRE 2006

                          Blackboard has evaluated very well. Parity is needed between the Blackboard
                          menu screens. Standardisation work is being carried out on the template to take
                          into account equality and diversity issues.
                          The students that responded to the end of programme review agree that the
                          programme has provided them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be fit
                          for practice.

                          ALL BRANCHES – POST 2006

                          The post 2006 intakes place much more attention on the skills sessions but the
                          general feeling is that this is a much better system. Students have commented
                          that they are not happy with two semesters running concurrently.
                          A high number of students passed the exam but a large number of students
                          failed their assignments resulting in lots of relearners.
                          Students are accessing Blackboard more frequently.
                          Programme Leaders have requested instructor status at programme level of
                          There have been complaints that there are no flip charts in the teaching rooms
                          that have been refurbished in Allerton Building.
                          Academics will soon be given training in the use of Gradebook. This will
                          commence after the processing of registration forms has been completed.

         There is a problem with students not seeking advice early enough when writing
         their assignments. This is resulting in students failing to make arrangements to
         see their personal tutors.
         It has been suggested that an email be sent to members of staff to reiterate the
         PMC policy.


         BSc students have now been split into three groups to resolve the problems with
         room bookings.
         September 2004 Intake students were given their results on the last day of
         attendance. This was considered to be unacceptable as students that had failed
         were not given time to prepare for the relearning period that they needed to

Action   Celia Hynes
         The car parking situation seems to have greatly improved.
         There are still problems regarding the opening hours of the shop as it is closed
         for certain times in the year. This has a great effect on the School of Nursing.
         This issue has now been passed to the Faculty.
         It has been noted that one of the main strengths of the programme is the support
         given by the School of Nursing.
         There is to be a major re-validation of the programme within the next eighteen
         months and module leads have shown a keen interest in the involvement of this.
         The time given between feedback and resubmission of assignments is currently
         too short and is to be looked into by the Examinations Officer.


         There has been a problem around reflection partly due to limited availability of
         resources, bringing scores down.
         The annotation of scripts was reported to be very successful.
         The word count has been removed but it has been suggested that it be
         The method of delivering information regarding drug calculations and
         administration has undergone changes over the last twelve months. Any student
         that is unable to pass this section should be considered a fail in practice, as this
         is a major part of the programme.
         The students felt that the School has provided excellent support.
         Some students are not aware that the PDP is a programme requirement. The
         students need to be made more aware of the importance of this to the


         The request for the number of mental health lecturers to be increased has now
         been achieved. Students leaving the programme part way through have had a
         detrimental affect on the remaining members of the group.
         The pre registration meetings held by Neil Withnell, Kate Doyle and Shelley Allen
         have proved useful.
         Evaluation of the two modules running concurrently has been positive but the
         students have found it challenging.

           There have been complaints from the students that scripts have been returned
           with little or no annotation. Students find this very unhelpful as they rely on these
           comments to improve future submissions.
           Personal Tutors have been noted as strength of the programme.
           Student numbers are not being met and suggestions are needed for a way to
           increase recruitment.
           Students are struggling with reflection and the possibility of a foundation course
           being introduced to the programme is being explored. This would help bring the
           students up to level one as level 0 no longer exists. This could be introduced by
           September 2008.
           Direction is required by the University for none funded re learners.


           It was reported that there has been great interest in the women’s group.
           Kath Whyte and Amanda Layne are looking into the plagiarism policies and
           procedures. The procedure for new students facing plagiarism allegations is
           being reassessed. Level 1 student’s should not be reprimanded as most of them
           are naïve and unfamiliar with the techniques required for essay writing and
           referencing. It has been suggested that the module leaders should provide the
           new students with an example of a written essay with referencing, to give
           students a guideline. This should be reiterated annually to help prevent the
           students picking up bad habits.


           1. The general feeling with regards to the sculpture that has been erected outside
           the Mary Seacole Building is that it is an expensive eyesore.

           2. Kevin Bease, March 2007 Adult Branch student has been elected as the new
           student Liaison Representative and will be working with Malcolm Wallace until
           March 2008.

           3 Students have requested access on Blackboard to previous examination

           4 When the students went to collect their feedback sheets from the last exam
           that they had sat, the exam papers were available for them to look over but his
           was only made known to the Child Branch students. This needs to be addressed
           for the future. Concern was also expressed by students that had collected
           results for resubmitted work. They felt no provision had been made for them to
           discuss their result with a tutor. It was pointed out that the students receive a
           letter informing them of who they should contact should they need to discuss
           their feedback but quite often it is at the bottom of the letter and students may fail
           to make a note of this information.

           5There have been complaints about lectures being cancelled due to faulty
           equipment in some of the lecture theatres in the Mary Seacole Building. Also,
           concern has been expressed regarding the lack of information made available

              regarding the location of lecturers and students not being notified of the absence
              of lecturers.

              6 Overall the external examiners reports were very positive in relation to the
              standard of the modules. All APR’s will be sent out to examiners.

07.03.34      ANY OTHER BUSINESS

              Thank you to the Examinations Office staff and the Support office staff for all their
              hard work during the registration/re registration period. On the whole, student
              registration went well but during re registration, some groups of students came to
              class late causing additional work for staff.

              Thank you to Nathan for successfully allocating the placements, once again.

              Wendy Hayers reported that during Fresher’s week, a student representative
              came to speak to the students and hand out leaflets outlining the purpose of the
              students union but the presentation was very poor and very short. There was a
              PowerPoint presentation set up in the room but this was not used.
   Action     Malcolm Wallace to follow up.

              It has been suggested that information regarding placements and holidays be
              reinforced to the students at interview, as there have been complaints regarding
              the distance that some of the students are required to travel to placement. Also,
              some students are still not clear that holiday periods are not negotiable. This
              may impact on recruitment numbers but is part of the programme that needs to
              be clarified.

   Action     Elizabeth Ashton to be consulted.
              The User and Carer Conference took place on 17 October 2007 (Degree) and
              16 November 2007 (Diploma). Programme Leaders were available on these

Date: Monday 14 January 2008
Time: 1.00pm – 4.00pm
Venue: Mary Seacole Building room MS 3.02


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