Part 1 Unit Planning Template by gigi12


									                        Standards-Based Unit Planning Template

Part 1: Unit Planning Template

Teacher(s)        Michelle Oldham and Jessica McClure

Subject(s)/Course(s): Social Studies                    Grade/Level: 5th Grade

Unit Topic/Focus: Exploration and Settlement of America

Integration with other content areas (if applicable):

Estimated time for implementation: 10-12 Days

Connections to previous/future learning: ______________________________

Standards (see Combined Curriculum Documents and others):
   Academic Expectations           Program of Studies                                   Core Content for
2.15     Students can accurately          SS-5-GC-U-1                                SS-05-1.1.1
describe various forms of government      Students will understand that the          Students will describe the
and analyze issues that relate to the     government of the United States was        basic purposes of the U.S.
rights and responsibilities of citizens   developed from a colonial base of          Government as defined in
in a democracy.                           representative democracy by people         the Preamble to the U.S.
2.16     Students observe, analyze,       who envisioned an independent country      Constitution (to establish
and interpret human behaviors, social     and new purposes for the government.       justice, to ensure
groupings, and institutions to better     SS-5-CS-U-1                                domestic tranquility, to
understand people and the                 Students will understand that culture      provide for the common
relationships among individuals and       is a system of beliefs, knowledge,         defense, to promote the
among groups.                             institutions, customs/traditions,          general welfare, to secure
2.19     Students recognize and           languages and skills shared by a           the blessings of liberty);
understand the relationship between       group of people. Through a society’s       give examples of services
people and geography and apply their      culture, individuals learn the             the U.S. Government
knowledge in real-life situations.        relationships, structures, patterns and    provides (e.g., armed
2.20     Students understand,             processes to be members of the             forces, interstate
analyze, and interpret historical         society.                                   highways, national parks)
events, conditions, trends, and issues    SS-5-G-U-2                                 and analyze the
to develop historical perspective.        Students will understand that patterns     importance of these
                                          emerge as humans move, settle and          services to citizens today.
                                          interact on Earth’s surface and can be     SS-05-2.1.1
                                          identified by examining the location       Students will identify
                                          of physical and human characteristics,     early cultures (e.g.,
                                          how they are arranged and why they         English, Spanish, French,
                                          are in particular locations. Economic,     West African) in the
                                          political, cultural and social processes   United States and analyze
                                          interact to shape patterns of human        their similarities and
                                          populations, interdependence,              differences.
                                          cooperation and conflict.                  SS-05-4.3.1
                                          SS-5-HP-U-2                                Students will explain
                                          Students will understand that the          patterns of human
                                          history of the United States can be        settlement in the early
                                          analyzed by examining significant          development of the
                                          eras (Colonization and Settlement,         United States and explain
                                          Revolution and a New Nation,               how these patterns were
                                          Expansion and Conflict,                    influenced by physical
                    Standards-Based Unit Planning Template

                                  Industrialization and Immigration       characteristics (e.g.,
                                  and the Twentieth Century) to           climate, landforms,
                                  develop a chronological                 bodies of water).
                                  understanding and recognize cause
                                  and effect relationships and multiple
                                  causation, tying past to present.

Other Standards (e.g., national, district, English language proficiency, Kentucky World
Languages Framework, technology, Kentucky Occupation al Skill Standards, etc.):

Unit Organizer:
A statement or question that:
     Focuses on realistic issues or problems
     Communicates the content standards in a way that engages students
     Connects learning to prior knowledge, experiences, skills, beliefs, and customs
How did our Nation become what it is today, and how does this effect who we are today?

Part 1: Unit Planning Template

Essential Questions (3-5 questions that guide lesson planning/focus):
Each question reflects
    Selected content standards
    Connection of learning with living
    Thinking, Problem-Solving, Application of Learning
    Engaging, Student-Centered Instruction

   1.   What kind of Geography did the explorers find upon arriving in America?
   2.   How and why did Europeans begin to look for a sea route to Asia?
   3.   Why did Europeans explore America, and what did they find?
   4.   Why did the Spanish explore and conquer large areas of the Americas?
   5.   What was the motive for Spain exploration of America?
   6.   What effect did the settlement of the explorers have on the lives of the Indians?
   7.   How did government affect exploration and settlement?
   8.   What cultural differences did the explorers/early settlers encounter upon arriving
        in America?
                    Standards-Based Unit Planning Template

Connections to Literacy: Literacy includes, reading, writing, and the creative and
analytical acts involved in producing and comprehending text.
Students will be reading and writing throughout the unit. To show their comprehension
of what was read, the students will be answering open-ended questions, completing
Venn Diagrams, other graphic organizers, and making displays. Their displays will be
based on what they have read, written, and researched.

Connections to Career/Workplace: These are the skills necessary for a successful
transition to postsecondary education or work and a desire for life-long learning in a
global society.

Developing a well-written report or answering open-ended questions, are both definite
skills necessary for postsecondary education or work later in life. Both of these skills will
be used as assessments of their comprehension. In addition, part of their assessment
requires each student to be creative with different materials to achieve their goal or
depict their ideas. This is also a desired quality of someone in postsecondary education
and for life-long learning in our global society.
                    Standards-Based Unit Planning Template

Part 1: Unit Planning Template

Culminating Activity/Assessment:
A product or performance that
    Allows learner to demonstrate their knowledge of targeted content standards
       through a variety of formats (Universal Design).
    Offers choice to meet learners differentiated needs.
    Directs the development of instructional strategies and activities.
    Includes scoring guide/rubric to inform learners of expectations.

   Students will create an Autobiography on one person that they encountered upon
   learning about in the Unit. Students will be able to make a personal choice on who
   they are interested in. Teachers will allow computer time to research and gather
   information. The student will compile pictures and data and present the presentation
   to the class to review information from the unit.

Resources to be used that support teaching and learning within the unit of study.
Resources should include multiple means to access curriculum (i.e., audio, visual, multi-
media, technology).

Autobiography program
Clip Art

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