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Why is equal opportunities important

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									    Why is Equal Opportunities important?

Equal Opportunities is very important as we live in a
multi-cultural society. Discrimination takes place and we
need to be careful to respect diversity. Asima Musa

We are all people and as such we should all have the
same rights and opportunities regardless of age, race,
gender, sexuality or cultural background. Without
equality of opportunity we cannot progress as a society
                                        Richard Bradley

Meeting people from different cultures and learning about
their lifestyles can enhance our understanding and should
open our minds to the world beyond our own lives.
                                    Stephanie Parker

Equal opportunities is important because it will break the
barrier between all ethnic and religious communities. It
will also give an understanding of everyone’s individual
backgrounds. Hopefully it will unite people into one
community.                           Mohammed Bashrat

Equal opportunities is important because it highlights that
everyone is different and no matter who you are everyone
should be treated in the same way.      Jameela Rafiq

Different nations and different people exist and continue
to exist. If we are ignorant of this fact then we are
denying ourselves the opportunity to expand our
knowledge, which may better the human race.
                                      Shahzia Hussain

It is important that we feel that there is no difference
between ourselves and anybody else. If we know more
about cultures and religions, we are better able to deal
with each other.                           Zahra Hussain

Equal opportunities is important because everyone’s views
are important.                          Sehrish Anjum

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