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        Insert Your Logo Here      <BILLING_ADDRESS1> <BILLING_ADDRESS2> <CITY> <STATE> <ZIP>
                                   Ph: <PHONE>, Fax: <FAX>
                                   Enquiries To:<CONTACT_NAME>

      Invoice Number: <INVOICE_NUMBER> Date:            <INVOICE_DATE>
      Purchase Order: <PO_NUMBER>
      Invoice To:     <CUSTOMER_NAME>                                  Invoice Projects
                      <CUSTOMER_COUNTRY>                         <CUSTOMER_CUSTOM1>

      Attention:      <CUSTOMER_CONTACT>

                        Invoice Activity for <INVOICE_START> to <INVOICE_END>
          Quantity    Description                         Tax       Price Per Unit              Total
<LINE_START><LINE_QUANTITY>                                    <LINE_PRICE_UNIT>
                                                       <LINE_TAX>      <LINE_TOTAL><LINE_END>
                                   Sub Total                                 <C>          <SUB_TOTAL>
                                   <TAX_TITLE>                               <C>          <TAX_TOTAL>
                                   Discount                                  <C>           <DISCOUNT>
                                   Invoice Total                             <C>               <TOTAL>

      Invoice Terms

      Invoice Notes

                                         Invoice Printed: 11/16/2008                                     Page 1
Template Field
All line items use the same basic format. The line item section of the template must start with the <LINE_START> tag and
                   Source Data
                  Options->Financial Defaults->Invoice Title
                  Options->Company Details->Company Name
                  Options->Financial Defaults->Business Number Title
                  Options->Financial Defaults->Business Number
                  Options->Company Details->Billing Address 1
                  Options->Company Details->Billing Address 2
                  Options->Company Details->City
                  Options->Company Details->State
                  Options->Company Details->ZIP/PC
                  Options->Company Details->Country
                  Options->Company Details->Phone
                  Options->Company Details->Fax
                  Options->Company Details->Email
                  The PO numbers the invoice applies to
                  Options->Company Details->Contact Name
                  Options->Company Details->Contact Position
                  Invoicing->Invoice Number
                  Invoicing->Invoice Date
                  Invoicing->Date of first line item
                  Invoicing->Date of last line item
                  Invoicing->Customer Details
                  Contact Maintenance->Contact Name
                  Contact Maintenance->Billing Address1
                  Contact Maintenance->Billing Address2
                  Contact Maintenance->City
                  Contact Maintenance->State
                  Contact Maintenance->ZIP/PC
                  Contact Maintenance->Country
                  Contact Maintenance->Contact Name
                  Contact Maintenance->Contact Position
                  Contact Maintenance->Phone
                  Contact Maintenance->Fax
                  Contact Maintenance->Email
                  Contact Maintenance->Business Number
                  Contact Maintenance->User Defined 1 to 16
                  Options->Financial Defaults->Payment Terms
                  Options->Financial Defaults->Invoice Notes
                  The project numbers and names of the projects the invoice applies to
                  Options->Financial Defaults->Tax Component Title
                  Invoice Tax
                  See Notes
                  Invoice Cost of Supply
                  Invoice Discount
                  Invoice total including tax and discount if applicable
he same basic format. The line item section of the template must start with the <LINE_START> tag and the <LINE_END> tag. No other text sho
                  Line Item -> Quantity
                  Line Item -> Tax
                  Line Item -> Price per unit
                  Line Item Total (Quantity * Price Per Unit + tax)
                  Line Item -> Description

                   Set to either the default windows setting, the user defined Timesheets MTS Setting, or the project setting

ith the <LINE_START> tag and the <LINE_END> tag. No other text should be place on the line item part of the
                  This tag must precede the line item section of the template
                  This tag must follow the line item section of the template
ng, or the project setting

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