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									How to Cure Panic Attacks
By Dr. Phil Bilas from

                                     Millions of people around the world are
                                     affected by a common disorder called
                                     anxiety. People suffering from anxiety
                                     attacks may suffer from nausea,
                                     headaches and panic attacks. These
                                     people      might     have    problems
                                     concentrating on a particular topic.
                                     When the anxiety attack or disorder
                                     becomes severe then the person may
                                     not be able to perform everyday
activities such as working or traveling.

A person is also not able to lead a normal life. There are various types of
treatments available to cure anxiety attacks or disorders. Exercise,
meditation and therapy are the different types of methods that can be
applied in order to cure anxiety attacks.

The most common method used by doctors to cure anxiety attacks             or
disorders is medication. The doctor may prescribe anti-anxiety             or
antidepressant medications like Zoloft or Prozac to the patient in order   to
treat the symptoms of anxiety. The patient might take the medicine daily   or
when needed as prescribed by the doctor.

However, there are certain side effects that can be caused due to
medication which includes memory loss, dizziness and weight gain. This
method of curing anxiety attacks or disorders work efficiently when
combined with therapy.

Therapy is another method that can be used to cure anxiety attacks. If a
person is suffering from anxiety then it is recommended that he/she should
also consult a counselor or psychiatrist about his/her anxiety problems.
Exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are the two methods
that can help in curing anxiety attacks.

The therapist identifies the cause of the anxiety during the therapy
sessions. After that, the therapist discusses the ways by which a person
can cope with the anxiety problem. The therapy sessions might continue for
some weeks as it depends on the level of anxiety or until the patient shows
some kind of improvement.

An anxiety attack or disorder can also be cured with the help of exercise.
Although a person may exercise to stay fit some studies have shown that
daily exercise also helps to reduce anxiety levels. 30 minutes or less of
exercise is recommended to beginners and they should do it every day.

Weight lifting, jogging and walking are also considered beneficial activities
by experts. The exercise program can also be combined with breathing
techniques that are used in yoga.

                                   A person suffering from anxiety attacks
                                   or disorders should not think that he/she
                                   couldn’t lead a normal life. Some
                                   methods to cure panic attacks may work
                                   better for others but there are different
                                   types of treatments that are available,
                                   which may suit each individual in a
                                   different way. Different physicians try to
                                   combine different natural and medical
ways for the treatment of patients suffering from anxiety attacks.


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