ReTIS 08 Author Template by gigi12


									                              ReTIS – 08: Author Template
                                               #First Author 1, Second Author 2
                                                  First Department, First University
                                                      First Address, First email
                                                Second Department, Second University
                                                   Second Address, Second email


This document gives formatting instructions for authors
preparing manuscripts for publication in the Proceedings of
2nd National Conference on Recent Trends in Information
Systems (ReTIS-08). The authors must follow the instructions
given in the document for the manuscripts to be published.
Entire document should be in Times New Roman Font. Title
of the abstract is in 10 pts Bold with a line space and the body
of the abstract is 10 pts italic.

             1.     TITLE AND AUTHOR DETAILS

Title is 24 pts Bold. Author Names should be in 11 Regular
                                                                                          Fig. 1: SVM Misclassification Rate
and the affiliation in 10 Italic. Put a Hash before                  (Figure caption is centred with 8 pts. Font, it should be numbered as shown,
corresponding author (email is compulsory for the                   the figure may appear a bit clumsy but the print is good as a .eps file is used)
corresponding author).
                                                                                         TABLE 1: FONT SIZES FOR PAPERS
               2.        HEADING, SUB-HEADINGS                                                              Appearance
                                                                       Font Size
                                                                                             Regular           Bold                      Italic
                                                                                        Figure Captions,
Heading must be in 10 pts bold, small caps, centred with                                Table Captions,
numbers. There must be a line gap before and after main                    8
headings.                                                                                 superscripts
                                                                                          Body texts,                              Author Address,
A. Sub Heading                                                            10                                 Headings
                                                                                            equations                               Sub Headings
Sub Headings must be in 10 pts italic, left aligned with                  11             Author Names
numbering in the form of alphabets. Also there is a 6 pt space            24                  Title
before the sub heading
                                                                   Tables should have caption with the table number before the
                         3.   P APER LAYOUT                        table as shown. Table Caption is 8pt regular with small caps.

The manuscripts must be prepared using A4 Paper settings                              ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
with margins as follows:                                           This document was prepared using the IEEE Document
     Top = 19mm                                                   “Preparation of Papers in Two-Column Format for
     Bottom = 43mm                                                Conference Proceedings Sponsored by IEEE” available on
     Left = Right = 13mm                                
The document must be in two column format with column              th=pubs/confpubcenter&file=index.xml&xsl=generic.xsl.
width as 88mm and 4mm space in between and a gutter space          (View sample manuscripts)
on the left of 4mm. the body text must be in 10 regular.
Number citations consecutively in square brackets „[1]‟. The                                 REFERENCES
acknowledgement and reference sections should not be                   [1] Author 1, author 2, “Title of the paper”, Journal
numbered. Don‟t use page numbers. Page limit is six (6).                   Name, vol. XX, pp. YYY, Jan 2000.
                                                                       [2] Author, Book Name, Ed Ed, vol V, Publisher, Place,
                    4.    F IGURES AND TABLES                              Year, pp. YYY.
                                                                       [3] Authors, “Title of paper if known”, unpublished.
Large figures and tables may span across both the columns.             [4] Authors, “Title of paper with only first word
Figure captions must be placed below the figures as shown:                 capitalized,” J. Name Stand. Abbrev., in press.

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