X-Ray Diagnostic Unit

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					                                          X-Ray Diagnostic Unit

Product Number:      F30-IIF
Price:               US.$ 5,520.00
Purpose:             This unit can make fluoroscopy, routine radiography, spot film radiography, bucky
                     radiography and linear tomography
Description:         1 One-table, one -tube
                     2 Single-phase, full wave, high voltage rectification
                     3 Protective devices for X-ray tube capacity, anode-starting
                     4 External-balanced diagnostic table, motor driven table tilting with spring
                     oscillating buck under the table
                     5 Spot film device with self-centring holder for cassettes of different sizes,
                     electromagnetic locks
                     6 Ceiling-floor rail type tube stand with safety device
                     7 Linear tomographic attachment can be selected
Technical Parameter: Fluoroscopy: 0.5~5mA, 40-90KV, adjustable continuously
                     Tube voltage: 50~100KV adjustable continuously
                     Tube current: 30-200mA adjustable continuously
                     Exposure time: 0.05-6s 23steps
Standard Fetch:      1 H.T. Generator FS131-1
                     2 Diagnostic table ZC05X-1
                     3 X-ray tube assembly stand ZZ-2
                     4 X-ray tube assembly XD51-20,40/100-T1
                     5 H.T. Cable DL5008-1A
                                    TR200B Radiographic X-Ray Unit

Product Number:       TR200B
Price:                US.$3,967.50
Purpose:              Routine Radiography
                      Bucky Radiography
        Description:1. One table, one tube
                     2. Single-phase, full wave, high voltage rectification
                     3. Rotary anode x-ray assembly and tangential pipe sleeve IEC plug and plug base
                     4. Supply voltage. radiography KV, infinitely variable control and electric mechanism
                     5. Equipped with capacity protective circuit, and KV mAs sectional and graduated interlock
                     6. Controller is equipped with electric autotransformer, easy to adjust
                     7. Equipped with the manostat for filament of X-ray tube and equipped with space-charge
                     8. Adopt the digital circuit timer, grade according to R10 priority coefficient and can control time
                     9. High-voltage primary uses the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of large power
                     10. Radiographic table can move in length and breadth
                     11. The radiographic table, pillar and vibrating ray-filer are in a whole without top and bottom track
Technical             ITEM                        CONTENT                     INDEX
                                                  Capacity                    Two phase 30KVA
                      Demand of power
                                                  Voltage Frequency           380V/220V±10% 50Hz±0.5Hz
                                                  Internal resistance         380V: 0.75Ω, 220V: 0.25Ω,
                                                                              380V±10% at 380V; 220±10% at
                      Power supply                Adjustable range
                                                                              220V being adjustable continuously
                                                                              50-100KV being adjustable
                                                                              Small focus 50mA, 100mA Big focus
                      Radiographic                Current
                                                                              50, 100, 200mA
                                                                              0.04-6.3s, 23grades together grading
                                                                              according to R10 coefficient
                      High-voltage generator Capacity                         20KVA (instantaneous)
                                              Max DC output
                                              Max DC output current 200mA
                                              Model                   XD51-20,40/100
                  X-ray tube                                          Small focus: 1x1mm, Big focus:
                                              Table face (LXWXH)      2000mmx665mmx700mm
                                              Moving range of table
                                                                    640mm in length 200mm in breadth
                  Radiographic table(TR-                              Travel in length ≥500mm
                                                                      Grid density N28
                                                                      Convergence distance of 100cm
                                                                      Grid ratio r8
                                              Moving in length along
                                                                     1800mm or 1600mm
                                              radiographic table
                                              Distance to ground as
                                              moving up and down      650~1800mm
                                              (along upright post)
                  Pillar of x-ray tube unit
                                              Rotary around the
                                              centre of cross arm
                                              Rotary around the shaft
                                              line of x-ray annular   -10O~600~+1200
                  Max size of cassette for
                                           356mmx432mm (14"x17")
Standard Fetch:   1 Control desk
                  2 High-voltage generator
                  3 High voltage cable
                  4 X-ray tube assembly
                  5 Radiographic table
                  6 Pillar of X-ray source
                  7 Collimator
Options Fetch:    Chest film stand (optional composition)
                         F78-IIIB DIAGNOSTIC X—RAY UNIT

Product Number: F78-IIIB
          Price: US.$ 10,477.00
       Purpose:This unit can make fluoroscopy, routine radiography, spot film radiography, bucky
                radiography and linear tomography
    Description:1 Two-table, two-tube
                2 Single-phase, full wave, high voltage rectification
                3 SCR exposure switch
                4 Protective devices for X-ray tube capacity, anode-standing and exposure timing
                5 Inner-balanced diagnostic table, motor driven table tilting and table-top moving at head
                end electrically
                6 Spot filming parameters preset on spot film device
                7 Spot film device with self-cantering holder for cassettes of different sizes, high density
                stationary grid and electromagnetic locks
                8 The tabletop of radiographic table can move longitudinal and transverse with oscillating
                bucky and electromagnetic locks
                9 Ceiling-floor rail type tube stand, telescopic rotating tube arm, electromagnetic locks
                and double-cable safety device
                10 Motor-driven multi-leaf collimator for under-table tube and manual multi-leaf collimator
                with light beam indicator for over-table tube
                11 Motor-driven linear tomographic attachment can be selected, layer height adjusted
                12 Interface for TV system and vertical bucky stand
       TechnicalFluoroscopy: 0.5~5mA, 45-110KV, adjustable continuously
                Tube voltage: 50~125KV adjustable continuously
                Tube current: 25-500mA adjustable continuously
                Exposure time: 0.02-5s 23steps adjustable
      Standard : 1 H.T. Generator FS202-2
                 2 Diagnostic table ZC15X-1A
                    3 X-ray tube assembly XD51-20,40/125-T1D
                    4 H.T. Cable DL6312-1
                    5 Collimator XS2-1
                    6 X-ray tube Assembly stand ZZ-3
                    7 X-ray tube assembly XD51-20,40/125-T1D
                    8 H.T. Cable DL6308-1
                    9 Collimator XS1-1
                    10 Radiographic table SC3-2

                                       X25 Chest Film Frame

Product Number: X25
          Price: US.$1,552.52
       Purpose:X25 is a rotating radiography device with electric moving bucky whose
                 radiography frame can locate at any position in range of -20°~0°(vertical)~
                 90°(horizontal). It can all obtain better image quality for radiography of positive
                 vertical position
    Description:tilt position and horizontal position to chest and abdomen.
      Technical1. Film cassette centre to floor:
     Parameter:500~1600 (radiography frame panel at vertical position)
                 540~1640 (radiography frame panel at horizontal position)
                 2. Rotating range of radiography frame panel: -20°us 90°
                 3. Radiography cassette size: 5"×7"- 14"×17"
                 4. Type and size of grid for Vibrating bucky collocation: Type XB616-grid
                 density 40 lines/cm, grid ration 10, focal distance 1.5cm, outline size
                 5. Power 220V 50~
                 1. With lightness and flexibility, radiography frame can rotate around its own
                 axis and move up and down, it can also be braked by hand-switch at any
                 2. Electric moving bucky, with reliable performance, fit up ionisable too.
                              X-Ray Film Processor

  Product Type:X-Ray Film Processor
Product Number:SX-2000T
          Price:US.$ 2,530.00
      Technical1. Transmission system: continuous roller feeding
     Parameter:2. Film size: 5"×7" - 14"×17"
                3. Reactor volume: developer 4.3L, fixer 3L, water 3L
                4. Temp. control tolerance: ±0.3℃
                5. Max. developing width: 432mm (17")
                6. Developing speed: 180S
                7. Output per hour: 52pcs of 12"×15" films can not adjust the speed.
                8. Film out way: on front
                9. Power source: AC220V, 50/60Hz
                10. Power: 1.5Kw
                11. Weight: 68Kg
                12. Size: 920×650×500 (L×W×H, not include under prop)