Sample Strategic Planning Template for Coalitions

Phase 1: Data Collection

Target Action      Responsible               Timeline                    Available Information                 Generate additional questions

Collect data     Student Health   Prior to end of Semester     CORE survey was used two years prior.           Are there other student surveys?
from student     Services                                      Will get updated information and                Should we develop our own
surveys                                                        implement with approval.                        survey?
                                                                                                               Do we have the financial means
                                                                                                               to survey the students?
                                                                                                               All students participate or just a

Collect data     Campus Officer Before next meeting            Work with local police chief, local sheriff,    Is this done volunteer or
from law         Smith                                         state police and campus chief to gather         overtime pay?
enforcement                                                    incident, arrest and citation data related to   Not all agencies collect the same
                                                               alcohol use.                                    data – can it be consistent in the

Phase 2: Data Analysis

     Target Action            Responsible Party                 Timeline                 Recommendation                    Justification
Analyze crime incident     Law enforcement              Before next meeting          Collect more data specific    75% of all incidents that
data                       agencies                                                  to where incidents            result in felony charges
                                                                                     involving alcohol are         occur outside the Old
                                                                                     happening.                    Town Tavern.
Analyze emergency room     Local Physician              Before end of semester       Create a simple               Available data is not
data                                                                                 mechanism to capture the      consistent and appears to
                                                                                     data regarding suspected      be inaccurate.
                                                                      alcohol use for persons
                                                                      age 17 - 25

Phase 3: Select 3 -5 Target Areas and Implement Strategies

      Target Action           Responsible Party            Timeline         Target Areas               Effective Strategy
Identify Target Area #1     Counseling Center       Immediate         Provide services to 25%      Implement BREIF
                                                                      more students each month     therapy.
Identify Target Area #2     On Campus Officers      Immediate         Provide increased            Implement targeted DUI
                                                                      enforcement on campus.       stops on campus 8 times
                                                                                                   per month at a variety of
                                                                                                   times and places.

Phase 4: Evaluation and Sustainability

     Target Action             Responsible Party           Timeline             Action                   Future Impact
Continue data collection    Campus Law              Ongoing           Implement consistent data    More complete data set
                            Enforcement                               collection policies across   related to alcohol related
                                                                      different agencies           incidents
Create vehicle to sustain   Administration          Ongoing           Seek support from local      Support efforts with
coalition efforts                                                     businesses for key tasks     matching financial
                                                                                                   contributions from the

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