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This list is by no means exhaustive and the ages listed are intended as a guide only.
Other lists are available at www.parentsintouch.co.uk, www.lovereading4schools.co.uk.

7-10 year olds
The Children of Green Knowe                       L Boston
Ordinary Jack                                     Helen Cresswell
Esiotrot                                          Roald Dahl
The Wheel on the School                           Meinhert de Jong
The Narnia Series                                 CS Lewis
Pippi Goes Abroad                                 A Lindgren
The Voyage of the QV 66                           P Lively
How the Whale Became                              Ted Hughes
A Dog So Small                                    P Pearce
The Selfish Giant                                 O Wilde
Farmer Boy                                        Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Bogwoppit                                     U Moray Williams
The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse         U Moray Williams
Rats                                              Pat Hutchins
ESP                                               Dick King-Smith
Conrad                                            C Nostlinger
The Snow Maze                                     Jan Mark
Grandpa Chatterji                                 Jamila Gavin
The Bear Nobody Wanted                            Allan Ahlberg
Holly and Ivy                                     Rumer Godden
I don’t want to; I’m scared                       Bel Mooney
Double Act; Sleepovers; Twin Trouble              Jacqueline Wilson
The Horrid Henry Series

8-10 year olds
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz                        Frank L Baure
The Mouse and his Child                           Russell Hoban
The Phoenix and the Carpet                        E Nesbit
The Borrowers                                     Mary Norton
Children of Winter                                Berlie Doherty
Nicobobinus                                       Terry Jones
The Third Class Genie                             Robert Leeson
Harriet and the Haunted School                    Martin Waddell
The Little Prince                                 A de Saint-Exupiry
Anastasia                                         Lais Laurie
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and others         Joan Aiken
The Indian in the Cupboard and other              Lynne Reid Banks
The Finding                                       Nina Bawden
Rebel on a Rock                                   Nina Bawden
The Eighteenth Emergency                          Betsey Byars
The Wrestling Princess and others                 Judy Corbalis
The Dark behind the Curtain                       Gillian Cross
The Prime Minister’s Brain                        Gillian Cross
The BFG                                           Roald Dahl
Matilda                                           Roald Dahl
The Black Stallion                         Walter Farley
Charmed Life                               Diana Wynne Jones
The Sheep-pig and others                   Dick King-Smith
The Ghost of Thomas Kempe                  Penelope Lively
The Great Piratical Rumbustification       Margaret Mahy
The Librarian and the Robbers              Margaret Mahy
The Way to Satin Shore                     Phillipa Pearce
A Dog So Small                             Phillipa Pearce
Henry’s Leg                                Ann Pilling
The Iron Man                               Ted Hughes
Charlotte’s Web                            E B White
A Bear Called Paddington                   Michael Bond
The Christmas Mystery                      Jostein Gaarder
The Dare Game; The Lottie Project
Illustrated Mum                            Jacqueline Wilson
The Dark Materials Trilogy                 Philip Pullman

8-11 year olds
Harry Potter series                        J K Rowling
The Whispering Mountain                    Joan Aiken
The Haunting of Cassie Palmer and others   Vivien Alcock
The Book of Three                          Lloyd Alexander
The Search for Delicious                   Natalie Babbit
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing            Judy Blume
The White Mountains                        John Christopher
The Dark is Rising                         Susan Cooper
Moondial                                   Helen Cresswell
A Box of Nothing                           Peter Dickinson
Children of Winter                         Berlie Doherty
The Granny Project                         Ann Fine
The Inflatable Shop                        Willis Gall
I am David                                 Ann Holm
Badger on the Barge                        Jenny Hawker
Fighting in the Break                      Barbara Ireson
Seasons of Splendour                       Madhur Jaffrey
Nicbobinus                                 Terry Jones
Saddlebottom                               Dick King-Smith
Different Dragons                          Jean Little
The Haunting                               Margaret Mahy
Under the Autumn Garden                    Jan Mark
Kelpie                                     William Mayne
The Door in the Hedge                      Robin McKinley
The Worst Witch                            Jill Murphy
The Snow Spider                            Jenny Nimmo
Underdog                                   Marilyn Sachs
The Runaways                               Ruth Thomas
How to survive Summer Camp                 Jacqueline Wilson
Gobbolino                                  U Moray Williams
The Amber Spyglass                         Phillip Pullman
Other recommended authors:-

Penelope Lively
David Almond
Michael Morpurgo

8-12 years olds
“Modern” Titles

Uninvited Ghosts                 Penelope Lively
The Snow Spider                  Jenny Nimmo
I am David and The Hostage       Anne Holm
Over Sea, Over Stone             Susan Cooper
The Dark is Rising               Susan Cooper
The Grey King                    Susan Cooper
Redwall                          Brian Jaques
Mattimeo                         Brian Jaques
Mossflower                       Brian Jaques
In the Grip of Winter            Colin Dann
Boy                              Roald Dahl
Going Solo                       Roald Dahl
The Alex Rider series            Anthony Horowitz
Harry Potter series              J K Rowling

Classic Titles
Little Women Series                     Louisa M Alcott
Ghostly Gallery                  Alfred Hitchcock
Fairytales                       H C Anderson
Just So Stories                  Rudyard Kipling
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz       Frank L Baum
A Little Princess                F H Burnett
Alice in Wonderland              Lewis Carroll
The Twelve and the Genie         Pauline Clarke
What Katy Did Series             Susan Coolidge
The Weirdstone of Brisingham     Alan Garner
The Wind in the Willows          Kenneth Graeham
The Load of Unicorn              Cynthia Harnett
The Mouse and his Child          Russell Hoban
Call of the Wild                 Jack London
The Light Princess               George Macdonald
The Box of Delights              John Masefiled
Winnie the Pooh                  A A Milne
The Phoenix ad the Carpet        E Nesbit
The Borrowers                    Mary Norton
My Friend Flicka                 Mary O’Hara
Swallows and Amazons Series             Arthur Ransome
Black Beauty                     A Sewell
The Hundred and One Dalmations   Dodie Smith
Treasure Island                  R L Stevenson
The Eagle of the Ninth           Rosemary Sutcliff
The Hobbit                       J R R Tolkien
Mary Poppins                      P L Travers
The Sword in the Stone            T H White
Little House in the Big Wood      Laura Ingalls Wilder

11 years and over
The Mysterious Mr Ross            Vivien Alcock
Janey                             Bernard Ashley
Melusine                          Lynne Reid Banks
The Present Takers                Aidan Chambers
Red Moon, Black Mountain          Joy Chant
The Divorce Express               Paula Danziger
The Blue Hawk                     Peter Dickinson
Granny was a Buffer Girl          Berlie Doherty
Mundo and the Weather Child       Joyce Dunbar
The Eyes of Karen Connors         Lois Duncan
Clementina                        Eileen Dunlop
My Family and other Animals       Gerald Durrell
Diary of Ann Frank                Ann Frank
Smith                             Leon Garfield
A Hawk in Silver                  Mary Gentle
Justice and her brothers          Virginia Hamilton
Tales of the Early World          Ted Hughes
Redwall                           Brian Jaques
Haul’s Moving Castle              Diana Wynne Jones
Rebecca Divine                    Bess Kaplan
Moonwind                          Louise Lawrence
The Changeover                    Margaret Mahy
At the Sing of the Dog and Rock   Jan Mark
Anne of Green Gable               L M Montgomery
Z for Zacharia                    Robert C O’Brien
Hounds of the Morrigan            Pat O’Shea
Flambards                         K M Peyton
The Ghost Drum                    Susan Price
Rachel                            Ivan Southall
Flame-Coloured Taffeta            Rosemary Sutcliff
Brother in the Land               Robert Sindells
The Coal House                    Andrew Taylor
A proper little Nooryeff          Jean Ure
Izzy, Willy-Nilly                 Cynthia Voigt
A Parcel of Patterns              Jill Paton Walsh
Urn Burial                        Robert Westall
A Cold Wind Blowing               Barbara Willard
Double Act                        Jacqueline Wilson
The Butterfly Lion                Michael Morpurgo
Coram Boy                         Jamile Gavin
Something Rare and Special        Judy Allen

Other recommended authors:
Tamora Pierce

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