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									                              CHILTERN EDGE SCHOOL

                       HEADTEACHER: JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:           Headteacher


The core purpose of the Headteacher is to provide professional leadership and
management for Chiltern Edge School that will promote a secure foundation from which to
achieve high standards in all areas of the school’s work. The Headteacher will establish
high quality education by effectively managing teaching and learning and using
personalised learning to realise the potential of all students. He/she will maintain a culture
that promotes excellence, equality and high expectations of all students.


To ensure that the school continues to improve, building on recent progress, and moves
towards being designated an Outstanding School by the next Ofsted inspection

To develop the school’s Specialist status effectively to impact on learning

To ensure a positive ethos in the school

To ensure staff and support staff review procedures to secure improved learning and
development for the school community

To raise the profile of the school in the community and to strengthen links with feeder
schools so as to ensure initially stability, and then growth, in the school’s intake in yr 7

To ensure efficient and effective use is made of staff, accommodation and resources to
provide good value for money


   A.    Strategic development and direction of Chiltern Edge School

   B.    Securing and sustaining effective teaching and learning

   C.    Leading, motivating, supporting and developing all staff

   D.    Deploying staff and resources efficiently and effectively

   E     Creating and maintaining a positive, well disciplined learning environment

   F     Maintaining an approachable and visible presence in the school and the

   G     Accountability to the governors, parents, staff and students for the efficiency and
         effectiveness of the school.

         Develop, in consultation with staff and governors, Chiltern Edge School’s
          strategic and improvement plans

         Review the staffing structure for teaching, support staff and the leadership

         To ensure appropriate policies, procedures and processes including Health &
          Safety are established to secure a staff and student ‘learning culture’, keeping
          curriculum, teaching, assessment, reporting under continuous review

         Develop policies and guidelines for teaching and learning, curriculum,
          assessment and reporting, and wider learning opportunities making optimum
          use of local and national initiatives and opportunities and Specialist School

         Ensure the Every Child Matters objectives are met and understood by the
          school community

         Ensure high standards of teaching and learning within a stimulating and well
          structured environment

         Monitor, evaluate and review the quality of teaching and learning

         Promote and support the professional development of all staff and maintain an
          ethos in which all staff feel valued

         Ensure effective performance management for all staff to fulfil the aims of the

         Continue personal professional development

         Recruit staff of the highest quality and deploy and develop staff effectively

         Set, manage and monitor budgets to ensure effective and efficient use of

         Maintain a high standard of student behaviour through strong discipline,
          effective teaching, appropriate student guidance and effective communication
          with, and involvement of, parents and carers

         Enhance the profile, and reputation of the school in the community

         Develop and maintain positive links with partner primary, North Reading
          primaries and neighbouring secondary schools, The Henley College and the
          Education Business Partnership

         Increase and sustain admission levels in Year 7

         Ensure a strong working partnership with Chiltern Edge School Association
           Provide accurate and comprehensive information and advice to governors on
            the progress of the school

           Ensure parents and students are regularly provided with good quality
            information and advice on curriculum, attainment and progress

           Establish good two-way communication with parents and carers.


The Headteacher will take overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the
school in accordance with the Articles of Government, the School Teachers’ Pay and
Conditions Document, the National Standards for Headteachers, and the policies of the
Governing Body, in consultation, as appropriate, with the staff and the LEA.

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