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									Web Based Budget Tool Data Upload Template
Program Number:                    10043
Program Name:                      Test Upload Program

                                            Fund 1000      1000     1000     1000      82025       80001
                                   Internal Order 9
                                     Cost Center           701000   700000
  Cost                              WBS Element                              itax.dchs. ma sc yc   ma sc yc
 Element    Cost Element Name                                                mhas.op 25            la
  60000    Permanent                                       100000   200000                         50000
  60100    Temporary                                                         50000
  60110    Overtime
  60120    Premium
  60130    Salary Related                                  25000    50000                          20000
  60140    Insurance                                       20000    40000                          20000
  60150    Supplements                            150000
  60160    Pass Through                                                      250000    200000
  60180    Printing                                                                    50000
  60190    Utilities                                                                               5000
  60210    Rentals                                                  100                            5000

  50170    IG Direct Federal                                                           250000
  50180    IG Direct State                                                                         100000
  50280    Fines & Forfeitures
  50370    Departmental Indirect
Brief Instructions/Notes

 The "template" tab serves as a guide/example as to how to format your data to successfully upload it
 into the web-based budget tool. You should not add rows above row 9 or to the left of column D.

 The upload file must have the "template" tab as the first sheet and it must be called "template"
 Additional sheets are allowable but will be ignored by the upload program.

 The first 5 rows are not imported and are for reference only. You may want to enter the program offer
 number and name just for your reference.

 Do not change the order of rows 6 thru 9.

 You may insert rows from row 10 down. HOWEVER, the expenditure cost elements must be listed
 first. A blank row must separate the expenditure rows from the revenue rows.

 Every wbs element, cost center, and internal order should have a fund.

 You can add columns to the right of column D.

 Avoid adding formatting to rows that extends to the right forever.

 Before uploading, copy the entire sheet and then paste as "paste special" --- values only. This will
 reduce the chance that any formulas or formatting will cause the upload to fail.

 Questions? Need Help? Call your budget analyst in the Budget Office.

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