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 A great opportunity for Microsoft employees to help the Lake Washington School District.

            Please join me in this great opportunity to leverage our giving dollars and have a
                  material impact on our students in the Lake Washington School District
                               by helping the District save over $1,250,000.

For every $100 that a Microsoft employee donates to the District, Microsoft will match
 the donation with 20 copies of Office or Windows! This is a savings to the District of
                     over $1,000 by not paying Academic pricing.
Here are the details on how you can give now.

1. Donate by check or credit card. Send either the check or a completed credit card donation form (see
   below) to the school district.
2. Match by either completing the attached Matching form or by going online to http://give at Microsoft.
   To match by form, please complete the attached Matching form (program information has been filled out
   already) and send it to the district with your donation. If you match online, step through the online
   software matching process and select one of these products for matching:
                 Office Professional Plus 2007 Win32 English
                 Windows Vista Business w/SP1 32-bit English DVD UPG

Please send an e-mail to to let them know how many licenses you are donating
and which product, so that we can make the most of your combined donations.

Finally, we would appreciate it if you would pass this information along to any of your fellow Microsoft
colleagues who might be interested in supporting this software initiative, including parents of future students
in the district. Thanks for your generous support!

Ryan Hamlin, General Manager—Identity and Security Division

                               Software Matching – Credit Card Donation form

Name                                                e-mail

Address, including zip code
Type of Card (Visa, etc) _____________ Credit Card #
Expiration date _______/ ________       Security Code (on back)

Mail to: Enhancing Technology in Our Schools, Lake Washington School District,
         PO Box 97039, Redmond, WA 98073
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
                                                                       PART A: EMPLOYEE
Mail the completed form with your contribution to the organization (incomplete information may result in a delay in matching).

Secular Community Service Program Designation (if applicable):
                                                                                   (Required if gift is through a religious organization)
Mailing Address 16250 N.E. 74th Street, Redmond, WA 98052
Shipping Address (required if matching w/product): 16250 N.E. 74th Street, Redmond, WA 98052                                    Attn: Sara Tramp

Type of organization (please check one):              Arts/Cultural        Civic          Education         Environment          Human Services

$                                                     Made by:              cash/credit card/check
    (Amount of gift)      (Date of gift)                                    stock        ___________                    _________________________________
                                                                                        (Name of stock)         (Number of shares and market value on date of transfer)
                                                                            product - List products in grid provided below.
Please match my cash gift with this amount $
                                                         (Less than or equal to gift)                20 Licenses = $100 Donation ($5 cost per license)
                                                                                                      Savings for District = $1,350 for 20 Office licenses
Please match my product gift with a check for this amount: $                 ___________
(Please attach a copy of your Company Store receipt)                  (Employee price of product; no shipping or tax included)

                                                             Employee Product Donation
    Quantity                       Product Number                                                                  Product Name

                                                                           Office Professional Plus 2007 Win32 English
                                                                           Windows Vista Business w/SP1 32-bit English DVD UPG

       _________________________________________________________                                  ___________________                       Employee              Director
Donor’s name                                                                               Employee ID number
       _________________________________________________________                           Redmond _____________________________________________________
E-mail name                                                                                Microsoft field location (city and state)

Signature                                                                                  Date of hire if less than one year

                                                          PART B: INSTITUTION or ORGANIZATION
Microsoft must receive the matching gift form from your organization by January 31 in order for this match to be applied to the employee’s matching limit for
the prior calendar year. The gift must have been made in the last 12 months in order to qualify for a matching gift.
Please type or print. If this is the first time you are requesting a matching gift from Microsoft Corporation, please enclose a copy of your Department of
Treasury 501(c)(3) tax-exempt document and mail the form and any attached receipts or documentation for product donations to:
     Microsoft Matching Gifts Program                     Any questions? Contact us at:
     P.O. Box 7405                                        (800) 480-4438
     Princeton, NJ 08543-7405                                        email:

Eligible charitable organizations are those with Department of Treasury 501(c)(3) public charity status. Microsoft does not match gifts to religious
organizations unless the gifts are designated to an ongoing secular community services program sponsored by these organizations or when the benefits of the
gifts are limited exclusively to their members.
I certify that the gift in the amount of $                           and form indicated was received on                                ,        and that this organization
is an eligible recipient as specified on this form. Please type or print information below.
NAME OF OFFICER: ____________________________________________ ORGANIZATION NAME LAKE WASHINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT _______________________________

TITLE OF OFFICER:_____________________________________________ ORGANIZATION EMPLOYER I.D. NUMBER: ___________________________________________________

SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS 16250 NE 74TH STREET, REDMOND, WA 98052 ______________________________

PHONE/FAX:___________________________________________________ SHIPPING ADDRESS: 16250 NE 74TH STREET, REDMOND, WA 98052 _____________________________

                      Although Microsoft expects to continue its Matching Gifts Program indefinitely, the company reserves the right to amend,
                 modify, or terminate the Matching Gifts Program at any time without notice and to determine whether any gift qualifies for ma tching.