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					Winter 2006-2007                                                                                  Volume 40.1

                                                                        CALENDAR OF EVENTS
        From Your Chapter President
                                                                       A REGIONAL ECONOMIC UPDATE
 I’m pleased to welcome back Richard Wobbekind,
 Ph.D. as our featured speaker for the Rocky Mountain       Featuring Richard Wobbekind, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Leeds
 Chapter’s keystone event, A Regional Economic                 School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulder
 Update, Tuesday December 12th at the Denver
 Athletic Club. Dr. Wobbekind is the Associate Dean
 for External Relations and Director of the Business      Date:    Tuesday, December 12, 2006
 Research Division at the Leeds School of business at
 the University of Colorado. As Director of the BRD,      Place:   Denver Athletic Club
 his responsibilities include developing an annual                 1325 Glenarm Place
 consensus forecast and performing various economic                Downtown Denver
 impact assessments of the Colorado economy. He
 also participates annually in the Kansas City Federal    Time:    5:00 PM Cocktails and light hors d'oeuvres
 Reserve Bank Regional Economic Roundtable and is                  6:00 PM Presentation
 a contributor to the Western Blue Chip forecast
 newsletter. Dr. Wobbekind has lived in Colorado for      Cost:    $35 (Advance Registration Required)
 29 years and has spent much of his time studying the
 development of the Colorado and regional economies.      This will be a very popular program, so be sure to get your
 I know you’ll find Dr. Wobbekind’s insightful analysis   RSVP in as soon as possible, but no later than Friday,
 and thoughtful comments very valuable. See you           December 8 to Josh at or
 December 12th!                                           call the RMA Rocky Mountain Chapter office at 303.831.4133
                                   - John Carter, CRC
                                                             CREDIT RISK CERTIFICATION (CRC)
                                                          What a difference certification can make, especially
  2006-07 ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER                          when it represents RMA's stamp of approval.
                                                          The Risk Management Association is proud to
                                                          introduce our Credit Risk Certification Program. To
   John Carter              Bankers Bank of the West
                                                          take the RMA-CRC examination, you must have at
 Vice President:
                                                          least three years' experience as a credit professional.
   Lin Fender               Vectra Bank
 Vice President:                                          You can also benefit from the rewards of earning your
   Dave Brown              Guaranty Bank                  RMA-CRC if you have 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years or
 Secretary/Treasurer:                                     more as a lender, credit officer, credit analyst, or credit
   Scott Radcliffe         Steele Street State Bank
                                                          risk manager.
 Directors:                                               Applications for the spring 2007 RMA-CRC
   Dave Alrichs            Heritage Bank                  examination will be accepted now through February 2,
   Nathan Bell             Native American Bank           2007. The exam window will begin March 1 and last
   David Eikner            FNB Ft. Collins                through April 30, 2007.
   Mark Gouin              Wells Fargo                    For the fall 2007 exam window (October 1 through
   Vince Harper            Bank of the West               November 30), applications will be accepted at two
   Don Rogers              Wells Fargo                    different times: now through February 2, 2007, and
   Randall Shepler         Compass Bank                   then June 1 through September 7, 2007.
   Donna Taub              FNB Ft. Collins
                                                          More information is available on our Web site:
   Rod Witte               Bank of the West
                                                                         Eliminating Sources of Workplace Stress
Please welcome our newest institution:
• Park State Bank & Trust – Woodland Park, CO                       With the holidays and year-end rush quickly
                                                                    approaching, this article seems most appropriate:
Please welcome our newest associates (Aug.-Sept. ’06):                  Today’s workers are under more stress
• Jeanne Baysinger – Credit Analyst, FlatIrons Bank                 than ever before. Should that concern
• David M. Brown – President, Guaranty Bank & Trust Co.             managers? Absolutely. Unchecked stress
• Fred Burmont – VP Finance, Governor’s Office of Econ. Dev.        leads to increased absenteeinsm, lack of
• Melissa B. Daniel – Credit Analyst, Bank of the West
                                                                    enthusiasm for the job, poor performance and
                                                                    bad attitudes.
• Sharon J. Day – Credit Underwriter II, JPMorgan Chase Bank
• Maryjo Downey – Exec. Dir., Governor’s Office of Econ. Dev.         Here are some of the most common causes
• Paul Dunford – Loan Admin., Governor’s Office of Econ. Dev.       of workplace stress and strategies to reduce
• Doug Gross – Chief Credit Officer, Park State Bank & Trust
• Tom Hornbacher – SVP Credit, Guaranty Bank & Trust Co.              • Lack of control. Employees list lack of
• Travis Houstoun – Credit Underwriter, JPMorgan Chase Bank             control as the No. 1 source of workplace
• Ted J. Jacobs – VP, JPMorgan Chase Bank
• Marcia A. Johnston-Walden – Asst. VP, Front Range Bank                Strategy: Solicit suggestions, comments
• Gregory S. Krupa – Banking Analyst, JPMorgan Chase Bank               and input. The benefits are twofold:
                                                                        Employee anxiety will drop, and you’ll gain
• Mark A. Landes – VP, JPMorgan Chase Bank
                                                                        valuable insight.
• James Matzat – VP, CoBank ACB
• Doug Morstad – VP, Hilltop National Bank                              Remember: Few managers know as much
• Jessica M. Ness – VP, Colorado Capital Bank
                                                                        about the individual jobs as those doing the
                                                                        work day after day.
• Lori O’Flaherty – SVP, CoBank ACB
• Tony L. Perry – EVP, Park State Bank & Trust                        • Lack of Appreciation. Failure to show
• Donna Rohde – County Admin., Governor’s Off. of Econ. Dev.            appreciation for employee participation
                                                                        generates stress that endangers all future
• Terry Salas – VP Credit Support, Community Banks of CO
                                                                        efforts. After all, why would employees
• Lee Stringham – Sr. Credit Analyst, CoBank ACB                        give 100% for an organization that failed to
• Dan Tate – Exec. Director, Governor’s Office of Econ. Dev.            reward them in the past?
• Robert G. Unger – EVP/Credit, Guaranty Bank & Trust Co.
                                                                        Strategy: Daily, weekly and monthly
• Fred Urlacher – VP Credit Risk Examiner III, Bank of the West
                                                                        appreciation will reduce stress and increase
• Keith Waggoner – Park State Bank & Trust                              productivity.
• Tammy L. Weiser – VP, Colorado Capital Bank
                                                                      • Lack of Feedback. People want to know
• Brad M. Zotti – VP, Summit Investment Mgmt., LLC
                                                                        how they’re doing and whether they’re
                                                                        meeting expectations. If you don’t
                                                                        communicate your thoughts on
                 2007 Education Classes
                                                                        performance, employees become anxious
                         Denver, CO                                     about how well they’re doing.
                                                                        Strategy: Daily or weekly feedback can
January 18-19 UYMMC: Credit Risk Analysis for Corporate Banking
                                                                        reduce stress significantly. Managers who
February 12-13                       Financial Statement Analysis       wait until year end to evaluate job
                                                                        performance are 51 weeks too late.
March 8                                 Detecting Problem Loans

March 9                                  Problem Loan Workouts      Adapted from “The Ten Top Causes of Workplace
                                                                    Stress”,Dale Collie,(
April 12                 Advanced Lending to Wealthy Individuals

May 7-11                               RMA Lending Academy I
                   Register at
                         CHECK IT OUT!
                   RMA Audioconference
  - December 12, 2006: Portfolio Management for
    Community Banks. (3066087)
  - February 13, 2007: Lending/Credit Issues for the
    Next 18 Months. (3066097)
  - April 17, 2007: Loan Loss Reserve Analysis/
    ALLL Methodology. (3066107)
  - June 12, 2007: Regulatory Crossfire with Senior
    Regulators from the FDIC, Federal Reserve,
    and OCC. (3066117)

  - January 9, 2007: Fraud. (3025227)
  - February 6, 2007: Best Practices in BSA and
     AML Compliance. (3025237)
  - March 13, 2007: Best Practices in Commercial
     Real Estate Portfolio Management.
  - May 8, 2007: State of the Commercial Real
     Estate Market. (3025257)

Time: All audioconferences will be held at 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Time (10:00 a.m. Pacific Time).

▪ RMA Members: $400 for all five audioconferences or
    $120 for each selected audioconference (per telephone
▪ Nonmembers: $600 for all five audioconferences or
    $180 for each selected audioconference (per telephone
  (Multiple listeners are permitted free on the same line.
  Include as many officers as can fit around your speakerphone.)

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