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									                                                                                          Credit Reporting Solutions

     CreditXpert                     ®

Credit Analysis and Optimization Technology

     CreditXpert®, a suite of intelligent software solutions offered by
     CredStar, helps you uncover more lending opportunities. CreditXpert
     lets you potentially approve more applicants and eliminate guesswork by
     providing helpful insights, predictions, and more thorough credit analysis.

     Product Suite
     Credit Assure™                                                                  P roduc t Hi g h l i g h t s
     With Credit Assure, you receive timely alerts on opportunities to optimize
     credit scores. Credit Assure automatically scans and inspects all your files    Helps uncover your client’s true credit score
     and, together with CreditXpert’s optimization and simulation technology,
     it presents findings on every file – so you don’t miss out.                     Allows for thorough credit analysis so you
                                                                                     can make more informed lending decisions
     CreditXpert Detective™
     CreditXpert Detective automatically identifies opportunities to improve         Uncovers opportunities to update incorrect,
     credit scores by updating incorrect, missing and outdated information.          missing and outdated credit information
     This helps you find all potential updates, or just as many as you need, to
                                                                                     Safely test predefined or custom scenarios
     improve a credit score.
                                                                                     to improve credit ratings

     CreditXpert Essentials™
                                                                                     Backed by exceptional customer service
     CreditXpert Essentials features consumer-friendly content and the most          and technical support
     personalized insights available. It helps you determine the best course for
     maximizing an applicant’s credit score through pay downs, balance
     transfers and opening new accounts.

     CreditXpert What-If Simulator™
     The most powerful credit score simulator, CreditXpert What-If Simulator
     includes predefined scenarios for ease of use and custom scenarios for full
     flexibility – so you can make informed decisions and uncover new lending
     opportunities. Its predictive capabilities let you safely test your options,
     and simulate combinations of your own to see if you can raise an
     applicant’s score to qualify for an approval or a better rate.

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                                                    Phone: 800.767.8569 Fax: 866.361.8609 Web:

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