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                                                                  6 May 2003

Dear Sir/Madam


Please find enclosed a copy of the proposed alterations to the energy efficiency and
renewable energy policies in Regional Planning Guidance for the South East, together with a
copy of its accompanying Supporting Statement and a comments form. They are also
available on the web at

The proposed alterations have been prepared by the South East England Regional Assembly
in its capacity as the Regional Planning Body for the South East. In preparing the proposed
alterations, the Regional Assembly sought the views of stakeholders on a consultation draft
in winter 2002. The consultation document was the subject of a sustainability appraisal
undertaken by independent consultants. A copy of this appraisal, together with a summary
of stakeholder responses to the consultation draft, is available on the web at or from the above address.

Responsibility for finalising these proposed alterations now lies with the Secretary of State,
who is appointing an independent Panel to help him in this process. The Panel will be chaired
by Corinne Swain.

Your views on the proposed alterations will be an important part of this process and I
therefore hope you will participate in it. Please use the enclosed form to set out your
views: it does make processing of responses much easier and quicker. You should direct
your responses to the Panel Secretary at Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close,
Guildford GU1 4GA. The Panel Secretary should receive all responses by 29 July
2003. The Panel will treat all responses as public documents.

Following receipt of representations the Panel will identify the key matters to be considered
further at Public Examination. This will be held in the week commencing 24 November 2003
at the Town Hall in Reading. In preparing for the Public Examination, the Panel will select
those matters that they consider need further discussion and will invite participants who
will, in their view, reflect a sufficiently broad spectrum of views. It will not be possible for
everyone making representations on the proposed alterations, to be heard individually at the
Public Examination. The Panel will give careful consideration to all representations relating
to the matters chosen before making recommendations to the Secretary of State. The Panel
will inform you if you are to be invited to participate in the Public Examination next

The proposed timetable for the next stages of the process is as follows:
   Current period of consultation will end on Tuesday, 29 July 2003
   The Panel will decide on a preliminary list of the matters to be discussed at the Public
    Examination and draw up a preliminary list of those to be invited. This will be published
    shortly after the end of the consultation period and will be open to consultation for 28
   A final list of matters for discussion and those to be invited will be published thereafter.
   The panel are likely to seek final comments from those asked to participate, about a
    month before the start of the Public Examination.
   The Public Examination will be held in the week commencing 24 November 2003.

The Panel Chair will hold a preliminary meeting to consider if there are any issues or
questions of fact that can be easily resolved. A further meeting may be held to let those
invited to participate know how the Public Examination will be conducted and to outline the
programme. Both meetings would be open to the public and press and all participants would
be encouraged to attend them.

After the Public Examination, the Panel will produce a report. The Secretary of State will
consider the Panel Report and publish for consultation the changes that Government is
minded to make to the proposed alterations. Following that period of consultation, the
Secretary of State will issue the final version.

I hope you will take this opportunity to consider the proposed alterations and respond
accordingly. If you have any immediate queries regarding the above process please contact
Ray Bowers or David Payne at the Regional Assembly in the first instance.

Yours faithfully

Paul Bevan
Chief Executive

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