Toning Exercises

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					Toning Exercises
The first thing to do are push-ups. You may have tried them before but perhaps you never
focused on them long enough. If push-ups are too hard for you, instead of the regular
ones, you can do them on the wall. Stand facing a wall, legs shoulder-length apart. Put
your arms on the wall as if you were doing a push up on the ground. Keep your body
straight and push forward to the wall. Bring your body back up and take your right arm
and twist your body so the arm is straight up and behind you. Do the same for the other
arm after going back down for another wall push up. Do about 15 reps twice.

The rowing machine is also great because it works to tone your arms and your back. Sit
on the machine and put the weight up just enough so you feel the burn but so that it does
not hurt. Row back and fourth slowly for 15 reps. If you should need further assistance
ask a trainer in your gym, but the instructions should be on the machine.

Chest presses are also great because you get a good workout and you tone your arms but
it doesn't give you bulky muscle. Take two 8-pound weights and lay on your back. Arms
should be out to the side and bent. Bring your arms up over your face and back down as
your exhale. Do 15 reps.

Getting sexy arms can be hard for women, so knowing which exercise works the best for
women is key.