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									                                BOARDING HOUSE COM MON RULES

The common rules supplement the normal school rules.           Cars
The school rules obviously apply to all boarders when          No boarder may bring a car to school or drive during
they are at school and in their houses. The Common             term time, apart from when in the company of their
Rules should be strictly adhered to by boarders in each        parents or a driving lesson. They may only be driven by
boarding house.                                                other pupils in exceptional circumstances with the
                                                               written permission of both sets of parents. No boarder
Bedtimes                                                       may drive a car during term-time, except when they are
 Years 7 and 8    21.30              Year 9 22.00              under their parents’ direct care, i.e. they have returned
 Year 10          22.15              Year 11 22.30             home to their parents or during driving lessons. Nor
 Sixth Form       23.00                                        may they drive a car unaccompanied between home and
                                                               school, and no car may be kept at school or in the
Bicycles                                                       vicinity.
Boarders are allowed to ride bikes providing they are
properly maintained and ridden safely. They must agree         Boarders on study leave at home under the direct
to the rules for safety common to all houses and parents       supervision of their parents may only drive once they are
should sign a permission slip (see Section 6). The agreed      followed the procedure for day pupils. Boarders may not
safe route is over Park Grange paths not the fields, but       accept lifts from anyone (other than Staff of the School)
riders must be aware of pedestrians and dismount at the        unless the Boarding Housemaster/mistress has written
other side of the tunnel and leave their bikes there. They     permission from both sets of parents.
may not ride around the central campus, and if they are
found doing so, or riding dangerously, e.g. at the Grassy
                                                               Monday – Friday
Lane exit, they will lose the privilege for a period of time
appropriate to the offence. This must be made crystal            All Sixth Form boarders should be back in their
clear to all boarders.                                            houses by 22.00, unless they are involved in an
                                                                  organised school activity, e.g. play trip, sports event,
There are certain areas around the campus which are off-          Middle School Boarders should be in their houses by
limits to boarders. Boarders are not allowed to:                   21.00, unless they are involved in an organised
 (i)       walk along Oak Lane,                                    school activity.

 (ii)      walk into town along the top part of the High          Boarders are not allowed into town after 18.00
           Street between Manor House and Gregg’s                  Monday to Friday. Exceptions to this are rare and
           restaurant,                                             require specific permission from the boarders’ BHM.
                                                                   An example would be an 18 th Birthday meal.
 (iii)     walk through the Park Grange gate to get to
           the School, to the town or to the tuck shop,
           except Sixth Formers at certain times,
                                                                  Years 7, 8 and 9 are not allowed into town after
 (iv)      walk in Knole Park after dusk in Michaelmas             18.00.
           and Lent Terms or after 19.00 without
           permission from BHM in the Summer Term.                Year 10 must return from town and be back in their
           (Boarders should never walk alone in Knole              houses by 20.00.
           Park).                                                 Year 11 must return from town and be back in their
Boarders must use the tunnel to get from Park Grange to            houses by 21.00.
the main School. However, after Games at weekends,                Sixth Form pupils must return from town and be
Sixth Formers may use Park Grange gates.
                                                                   back on campus by 22.00. They must be back in their
                                                                   houses by 22.45.
Breaking Bounds
All boarders must be in their houses, or have gained           Sundays
permission to be out of their houses after 18.30 in the          Years 7, 8 and 9 are not allowed into town after
evening and at all times at weekends. If boarders are out         18.00.
of their houses after 18.30 they have broken bounds.
When this happens the offence should be referred to the           Year 10 must return from town and be back in their
Divisional Head by the BHM.                                        houses by 20.00.

                                                                  Year 11 must return from town and be back in their
                                                                   houses by 21.00.
   Sixth Form pupils must return from town and be          Duty staff must attend breakfast and evening meals to
    back in their houses by 21.00.                          supervise their Houses.

Exeat weekends                                              Meal times:        Breakfast             7.30 - 8.20
Fridays                                                                        Supper                17.45 - 18.30
   All boarders in at the weekend should be in their                          Sunday Brunch         10.30 - 12.30
    houses by 18.30.
                                                            Eating Establishments
Saturdays                                                   Boarders below Year 10 should not visit places such as
   Years 7, 8 and 9 are not allowed into town after        Pizza Piazza during the evening or at weekends unless
    18.00.                                                  there are exceptional circumstances. Years 10 and above
                                                            may go on Saturday or Sunday (Years 10 and 11 must not
   Year 10 must return from town and be back in their
                                                            be allowed to drink alcohol) but should not be allowed
    houses by 19.00.
                                                            unlimited time out.
   Year 11 must return from town and be back in their
    houses by 20.00.                                        The privilege of eating in such places is subject to the
                                                            good behaviour of all pupils using them. One alcoholic
   Sixth Form pupils must return from town and be
                                                            drink with a meal is allowed to those who are legally
    back in their houses by 20.00.
                                                            able to buy one. Boarders are not allowed to go to café
Sundays                                                     bars such as The Slug and Lettuce.
  Years 7, 8 & 9 are not allowed into town after 18.00.
                                                            Boarders may attend the 18 th birthday meal of friends in
   Year 10 must return from town and be back in their      other boarding houses during the week providing
    houses by 20.00.                                        normal permissions are sought and the following
   Year 11 must return from town and be back in their      conditions are adhered to:
    houses by 21.00.                                             The total number at the meal does not exceed 10;
   Sixth Form pupils must return from town and be               Pupils return to houses by 9.30;
    back in their houses by 21.00.
                                                                 Pupils only attend restaurants, and not public
There are exceptions to these rules if they are agreed by
the BHM. In all circumstances the BHM can seek advice
from the Head of Boarding.                                       Pupils would not normally be allowed to attend
                                                                  more than three meals per term;
Bank Holiday Weekends Prior to IB Exams
                                                                 A full list of those at the meal is submitted to the
Pattern followed in 2007:
                                                                  host’s BMH.
   Sennocke Centre open to boarders from 13.00 –           We would not normally expect day students to be at the
    17.30. Barbeque on Jockey’s Platch 17.30. All           meal.
    boarders in houses by 19.00
                                                            Lower Sixth pupils may have a birthday meal in town
                                                            between 17:30 and the start of homework time, with the
Saturday and Sunday
                                                            permission of their BHM, however, only boarders from
   All attend brunch from 10.30 to 12.00 and supper at
                                                            the same house may attend. All exceptions to this rule
    17.45. Sennocke Centre open to boarders from 9.00
                                                            need to be agreed well in advance with both the BHM
    to 17.30. All boarders in houses by 20.00
                                                            and the Head of Boarding.

                                                            Exeat Procedure and Parties
  Breakfast 8.00 a.m. School campus is largely closed –
                                                            Students are allowed to leave the House on any Saturday
   Sennock Centre closed. All attend supper at 17.45
                                                            of term after their Sports commitments are fulfilled.
                                                            They must obtain proper consents from their parents or
No trips out of Sevenoaks permitted – only short trips to
                                                            guardians and the Housemaster/mistress on each
Sevenoaks shopping, to cafes, to Knole Park for a walk,
etc. Visits to other boarding houses permitted from 10.00
to 19.00 daily.
                                                            If a boarder wishes to spend the night with their
                                                            guardians, we would expect either a letter, a fax or a
Dining Room
                                                            phone call from parents or guardians. In the case of a
All boarders must attend every meal provided in the
                                                            boarder spending the night elsewhere, we would expect:
dining room, apart from Saturday Supper, Sunday
Brunch and Sunday Supper, which are optional.                a phone call or a letter/fax/e-mail of consent from a
Boarders are only allowed to miss meals when they are         parent or guardian,
given specific permission by a member of the house staff.
 a phone call or a letter/fax/e-mail of permission from         they can give details of guests (by house), and the
  the host parents or an adult at the address at which the       level of supervision. This will be passed to BHMs so
  boarder will be staying.                                       that they in turn can communicate with their
We would also endeavour to obtain full information
about the level of supervision and the plans for the         Extract from New Parents’ Handbook
weekend. In the case of parties, the School insists that     Day Parents Hosting Boarders
parents give written permission for their child to attend
                                                             Day pupils often have friends who are boarders and
at least 72 hours in advance. The ideal procedure would
                                                             from time to time may wish to invite them to their homes
be for:
                                                             at weekends. If you are willing to host a boarder in this
     The boarder to tell the Housemaster/mistress about     way please telephone the relevant Housemaster or
      the party in good time.                                Housemistress with your request. They will need to be
                                                             advised about the travel arrangements and the plans for
     The host parent of the party to contact the Head of    the weekend. The School needs to be confident boarders
      Boarding to give assurances about the level of         will be supervised by an adult if they stay at a friend’s
      parental or adult supervision, that alcohol will not   house. House staff also need to receive permission from
      be consumed to excess and that the sleeping            the boarder’s parent or guardian before agreeing to the
      arrangements give proper thought to gender, and to     arrangement.
      complete the relevant party form.
                                                             If you are hosting a party to which a large number of
     The boarder’s parents or guardians to call the         boarders are invited, please contact the Head of Boarding
      Housemaster/mistress who will inform them of the       (Mrs Nichola Haworth – /
      arrangements.    This will allow the parents or        01732 467734). She will be able to forward a short
      guardians to give an informed consent. Parents         electronic form on which it would be most helpful if you
      must also give details of travel arrangements to       could supply a list of all boarders invited and which
      and from the party, please.                            boarding house they belong to. Please discuss with Mrs
                                                             Haworth travel arrangements, whether alcohol will be
The Housemaster/mistress has the right to ask a boarder      available, sleeping arrangements and supervision being
to stay in the House if they feel the student’s academic     provided. Please contact her at least two weeks in
work is in need of attention or if they are not fully        advance.
satisfied with the arrangements for the party.
In all instances boarders may not leave their house
until consents are given. A copy of the letter from BHM      Boarders must stick strictly to the age categories set for
                                                             DVDs and videos, for example, those below 15 must not
to a parent holding a party is included – See Appendix 1.
                                                             watch films classified as 15.
These rules apply to out of school parties involving
boarders.                                                    For any pupil given permission to visit the cinema,
                                                             school rules and legal age restrictions apply. On a
(i)   Boarders may not go to parties except on Saturday
                                                             Saturday night boarders should return immediately after
      nights or during the day on Sundays.
                                                             the end of the film. Lower and Middle School pupils
(ii) If going to a party from parents/guardians then the     may not attend the final screening. The cinema should
     school is not responsible.                              not be visited during the working week, unless special
(iii) If going from a friend's house then written            permission has been gained from the BHM.
      permission must be obtained from parent/guardian.
      The parent/guardian must also contact the host to      Holiday Lettings
      satisfy themselves about the arrangements,             All boarders must be prepared to clear their bedrooms of
      including transport, timing and supervision, and let   all belongings at the end of every term, as the School
      us know that this has been done.                       reserves the right to let out boarding accommodation
                                                             during holiday periods. Boarders living abroad or at a
(iv) If going by coach from school there should be two
                                                             great distance from the School will be provided with
     host adults on the coach to and from Sevenoaks.
                                                             crates to pack belongings for storage at the Boarding
     Pupils    must     go    from   the    coach    to
                                                             House. Those boarders who live closer at hand in the UK
                                                             will be expected to take most belongings home at the end
(v) Boarders may not return to the boarding house from       of term. Therefore, we advise boarders to be selective
    a party unless it finishes by 20.00.                     about the possessions they bring to school.
(vi) Boarders may only attend a party at which adult
                                                             On rare occasions Boarding Houses might be let out
     supervision is present throughout.
                                                             during half terms.        The Bursar will inform the
(vii)In the case of large parties the host parents can       Housemaster/ mistress well in advance so that they can
      obtain a short electronic form from the Head of        organise the clearing of rooms as necessary.
      Boarding at least two weeks in advance, on which
House Dances                                                 Public Houses
Boarders must return from house dances to their              Pupils are not allowed in public houses, wine bars or off
boarding houses. They should do so within a time             licences whilst under our supervision. Clearly, if they
period agreed by the BHM. Boarders can go home after         are staying with their parents/guardians, then the
house dances or to friend’s houses if this is agreed with    decision rests with them.
their parents. Boarders who do this, must be picked up
by their parents or by the parents of the friend they are    SOCIAL NETWORKING AND VIDEO DOWN-LOAD
going to, from their boarding house, after the house         SITES: ACCESS POLICY
                                                             (a) Social Networking Sites
                                                                 The school recognises that social networking sites
Pupils may request wireless connection to the school’s
                                                                 are an important form of communication for pupils.
network via their own laptops but these may only be
                                                                 Popular sites include facebook, bebo, myspace,
configured by the IT Service Department. All boarding
                                                        and others.       However school
pupils are subject to the ICT Code of Conduct. The use of
                                                                 computers are made available to pupils during the
3G datacards is prohibited.
                                                                 school day primarily for work purposes.

Leavers’ Procedure                                               To ensure that pupils in the boarding community are
A boarder (usually U6) is deemed to have left the Boarding
                                                                 able to keep in touch with family and friends whilst
House and the responsibility of the BHM when:                    prioritising computer access for work during the
     Their parents have signed their Study Leave Form           school day, social networking sites are available in
      indicating when the boarder is leaving the school;         school at specific times and on the following basis:

     The pupil has handed in their completed Leaver’s              Access is conditional on safe and responsible
      Card to the BHM.                                               use and in accordance with the ICT Code of
After this point pupils may no longer stay overnight in a            Conduct
boarding house. If pupils wish to stay in the Boarding              Pupils must take responsibility for making their
House until Leavers’ Day, the Leaver’s Card should not               web pages private and with restricted access
be completed until then. If they want to take temporary
leave after the exams, but before the Leaver’s Ball,                Access to sites may be reviewed on a case-by-
normal exeat procedures should be followed. A copy of                case basis to ensure that sufficient levels of
the Leaver’s Card is in the Appendix II together with                privacy are maintained
copies of IB and GCSE Study Leave Forms.
                                                                 Guidelines about the safe use of social networking
                                                                 and similar sites can be found on the student portal
Leaving Sevenoaks
                                                                 which contains links to for
Unless they are returning home, Lower and Middle
                                                                 more on-line safety recommendations.
School pupils are not allowed to leave Sevenoaks during
the week or at weekends unless they are accompanied by
an adult. Exceptions to this rule can only be made if
                                                             (b) Video on Demand and Video Sharing Sites
agreement has been reached with the pupil’s parents.             Sites like YouTube and Google Video use substantial
Sixth Form students can leave Sevenoaks with staff               internet bandwidth. Simultaneous access by many
permission; however parental permission should be                therefore degrades service for other school users.
sought for long distances. For example, going to major           Sites are therefore made available to pupils outside
cities for open days, in particular when this involves an        teaching and homework times. Watch-again video
overnight stay, Exeats from parents/guardians should be          on demand sites like BBC iPlayer and 4OD are
sought in the usual way.                                         currently unsustainable on the school’s network and
                                                                 remain blocked.
It is the expectation of the school that boarders do not
attend midweek social or cultural events. However,           (c) Access Times
there will be occasional family or religious celebrations        Access to social networking and video sharing sites
when exceptions will be made. All outings must be                is available on school computers at the following
agreed with the BHM in advance.                                  times:
         Term                             House             Mon – Fri              Sat                 Sun

                                                           06:00 – 08:30
                         GIH, IC, Johnsons, Park Grange,                      06:00 – 08:30
Michaelmas & Lent                                          16:10 – 18:30                           06:00 – 23:30
                         School House, Sennocke                               14:10 – 00.00
                                                           21:00 – 23:30

                                                           06:00 – 08:30
                         GIH, IC, Johnsons, Park Grange,                      06:00 – 08:30
Summer                                                     16:10 – 18:30                           06:00 – 23:30
                         School House, Sennocke                               14:10 – 00.00
                                                           20:30 – 23:30

                                                           06:00 – 08:30
                                                                              06:00 – 08:30
Michaelmas & Lent        Lambardes                         16:10 – 18:30                           06:00 – 22:00
                                                                              14:10 – 00:00
                                                           20:10 – 22:00

                                                           06:00 – 08:30
                                                                              06:00 – 08:30
Summer                   Lambardes                         16:10 – 18:30                           06:00 – 22:00
                                                                              14:10 – 00.00
                                                           20:30 – 22:00

Sites unblocked at the times indicated:                    Signing out and in
                                                           Signing out and in to boarding houses is a basic
                                        requirement. At Sevenoaks duty staff expect a personal
                                                           conversation with those leaving the campus or going to
                                                           another part of the campus at a time when they should
                                     normally be in the house. Similarly the pupil should also
                                                           check in personally with the member of staff on duty so
                                                           that he/she can verify their safety and personal condition
                                        (e.g., if they have been drinking when they should not).
                                    To ensure that rules are applied equally to boarders and
                                                           day pupils, the following rules apply. Boarders may not
Sites that remain blocked:                                 wear casual clothes on school site before the end of the
                                                           timetabled day that is 16.10 Monday to Friday and after
                                  games on Saturday. They should not wear casual clothes
                                                           in town before 16.10 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
                                                           15.30 on Tuesday and Thursday (except when walking to
                                   out-of-school venues when track suits may be worn).

                                                           Weekends off
                                      At least some boarding houses will remain open during
                                                           weekends off if required. Boarders who stay in at
                                                           weekends must abide by the normal boarding rules. The
                                                           weekend curfew times set out in rule on curfews must be
                                                           adhered to. Apart from this, boarding houses will be
                                                           closed when the school is not in operation. Except in
                                                           very special circumstances, boarders should not expect to
                                                           return from holidays early, nor stay after the end of term.

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