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   The Organic Food Company’s “Chreese” is the Super Bowl MVP in Their Line-Up of Healthy Snacks

        MORRISVILLE, VT. – Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day of food consumption in
America. According to the Snack Food Association, on Super Bowl Sunday in 2002, more than 30 million
pounds of snack foods were consumed, including 9.4 million pounds of tortilla chips. Road’s End Organics
is pleased to help Super Bowl revelers prepare tasty and healthy snacks for the 2003 event. The company
offers a Dairy-Free line of snacks and comfort foods that includes delicious Nacho Chreese® Dips, new
Chreese® packets, and Mac and Chreese®.
        Last year, Road’s End announced Nacho Chreese Dips in both a Spicy and Mild variety. With a
texture and yummy taste similar to dairy cheese products, these dips are great for everyone, but especially
those that enjoy knowing they are eating a low-fat and healthy snack. Nacho Chreese dips are fat-free,
lactose-free, gluten-free, completely vegan (free of animal products and derivatives) and made with over
85% organic ingredients. These healthy dips defend Super Bowl stomachs and avoid a nutritional Super
Bowl hangover. Nacho Chreese is a fantastic dip for tortilla chips and a great ingredient for burritos,
quesadillas, and anything else to replace dairy nacho cheese. This year, Road’s End is partnering with
Miguel’s Stowe Away Organic Chips ( and Ginny’s Vegan Chili
( ) on its healthy organic Super Bowl roster. Some tantalizing recipes for
Nacho Chreese are listed below:

Right Tackle Vegan Nachos Grande
1 Jar Road’s End Organics Nacho Chreese
1/2 Jar Ginny's Vegan Chili - Mexican Stew
1 Pepper
1-2 Ripe Tomatoes
1 bag Miguel’s Stowe Away Organic Blue Corn or Soy-Cha Tortilla Chips
Salt, Pepper to taste
     Pour some chips on lightly oiled baking tray.
     Dice up tomatoes and peppers.
     Lay tomatoes, peppers and beans across bed of tortilla chips.
     Pour Ginny's Mexican Stew Vegan Chili on top of bed of chips.
     Pour Nacho Chreese over top of nacho platter..
     Bake for 10-15 minutes at about 350 degrees.

Chreese Tacos
Organic yellow or blue corn taco shells
        120 Pleasant St.  Suite E-1  Morrisville, VT  05661  802-888-4130 
Nacho Chreese Dip
1 Package Organic Ground Meat Alternative
Thinly Sliced Avocado
Diced Fresh Tomatoes
Shredded Lettuce
     Heat ground soy meat with any oil, spices or seasonings you prefer.
     Spread layer of Nacho Chreese inside the taco shell,
     Warm up taco shells in toaster/oven on low heat.
     Fill taco with soy meat, tomatoes, avocado, and lettuce.
        Road’s End Organics’ new Chreese packets are a powdered alternative to cheese that needs only
boiling water to prepare. Chreese packets are available in Original, Mozzarella Style, Gluten-Free Original
and Alfredo Style Gluten-Free varieties. These packets provide consumers with a nutritious dairy-free
alternative that is easy to digest and can be used to replace cheese in most any dish.
        The key ingredient of Chreese is nutritional yeast, which is an inactive yeast derived from a culture
grown on cane and beet molasses. Road’s End Organics uses the Vegetarian Support version of nutritional
yeast, which is high in all of the B Vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 and is also a good source of folic acid.
        Below are some delicious recipes that feature Road’s End Chreese packets:
Chreese Pizza
Large Organic Pizza Dough
3 Packets of Mozzarella Style Chreese
Organic Tomato Sauce
Pizza Toppings
A handful of Organic Cornmeal
     Spread some corn meal out on large, flat surface.
     Roll out pizza dough.
     Cover dough with even layer of tomato sauce.
     Add any toppings that you may desire.
     Mix Chreese with water as directed on packet’s Cooking Instructions.
     Pour Chreese on top of pizza in an even layer, trying to cover the entire pie.
     Bake at 500 degrees for 8-10 minutes, or follow the instructions for the particular type of pizza
        dough you are using.

Quarterback “Fake” & Chreese Sub
1 packet of Chreese
2 sub rolls
Enough seitan or other meat substitute to fill 2 rolls
1 tsp of Olive Oil
1 Pepper
1 Onion
     Chop onions and peppers and sauté for 3-4 minutes in a frying pan.
     Slice seitan into desired shape for sub and add to frying pan.
     Season seitan and veggies to your liking and cook until satisfied.
     Arrange seitan and veggies into two rows that will fit on your sub rolls.
     Mix Chreese with water as directed on packet’s Cooking Instructions.
     Pour Chreese mixture over top of each row, covering thoroughly.
     Cover pan for a few minutes until Chreese is baked on top.
       While Chreese is melting, toast/bake sub rolls to heat.
       Place seitan, veggies, and Chreese onto sub roll and enjoy!!

Chreesy Fettuccini Alfredo
1 packet of Alfredo Style Gluten-Free Chreese
5 oz of fettuccini
6 TBSP Soy (or other kind) Milk
1 TBSP olive Oil
     Cook the fettuccini according to directions that come with the pasta.
     After straining noodles, stir in soy milk, 1 Alfredo Style Chreese packet, and Olive Oil.
     Mix well and enjoy!!

                              PASS THE MAC & CHREESE, PLEASE!!
        Road’s End’s line of dairy-free Pastas and Chreese were the first completely lactose-free, gluten-
free, cholesterol-free, saturated fat-free, and vegan "macaroni and cheese" alternatives on the market. Like
all of Road’s End products their Mac and Chreese line is dairy-free and certified organic. The line includes
Whole Wheat Mac and Chreese, Semolina Shells and Chreese, Gluten-Free Brown Rice Penne and Chreese,
Gluten-Free Alfredo Style Mac and Chreese and 123’z and Chreese 4 Kidz. They are easy to prepare,
extremely healthy, and absolutely delicious!!

                                        ROAD’S END ORGANICS
        Since 1998, Road’s End Organics has been making foods for people with special dietary needs such
as lactose intolerance, celiac disease, obesity and autism. ““About 1 out of every 5 Americans is lactose
intolerant, and 1 in 250 people are unable to consume gluten,” says company President, Matthew Koch.
“Road’s End is creating these delicious, healthy alternatives so people can eat the foods they love without
harming their bodies or the environment.”
        Road’s End Organics’ products are available at natural food stores throughout the country, as well
as at a growing number of grocery chains. Road’s End is partnering with retailers on special Super Bowl
store displays. For more healthy Road’s End recipes and information visit or call 802-

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