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									                   WHAT HAPPENS HERE

KalmKids Pre-school      Every morning
Spanish lessons Wednesday after school
Lunch Club       Thursdays
The Hat project Monday afternoons
Gamblers Anonymous       Tuesdays 8pm
Councillors Surgeries   every third Saturday of the month 10am.
Tai Chi    Tuesdays 7.30pm
Alcoholics Anonymous Wednesday at 8.00pm
Pilates    Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Yoga Tuesday nights at 7.30pm and Tuesday morning 10.15am
Aerobics    Wednesday evening
Kick Aerobics     Thursday evening
Ballet and Tap for Children.    Tuesday after school
Astanga Yoga      Monday 7.30pm
Kick Boxing      Friday 7pm
Kumon Education Saturday morning and Monday after school
Feldenkrais       Thursday 6.30pm
Boppin Bunnies. Music for under threes. Thursday morning.
Diddi Dance      Monday morning 10am
Belly Dancing.    Wednesday morning in the vestry
Capoeira    Fridays from 7pm
Little Bubbles Exercise & Fun for under 5’s Wednesday morning

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