the way forward for international cricket by lindash


									The Way Forward for International Cricket
This Strategic Plan sets out the way forward for the next five years - not just for the ICC
but for international cricket.
It provides a framework for the delivery of GREAT OUTCOMES to all of the game’s supporters.
For the benefit of players, coaches, volunteers and supporters around the world the ICC will continue to
take the lead in helping our thriving sport grow stronger. We will deliver quality services to all of our
stakeholders, particularly our Members, and we undertake to operate to the highest ethical standards.
In 2006 the ICC has more than twice as many Members as it had a decade earlier. This dramatic growth
must be sustained. Not by doubling our Membership once more but by helping our Members to cultivate
the sport in their territories.
To this end we have undertaken to develop a dedicated Member Services function. In return we will require
our Members to commit to the principles of a Members’ Charter.
We live in a fast-changing world and we must ensure that our sport remains relevant. We will not achieve
this by standing still, on or off the field. We will remain relevant by confronting the challenges that face our
sport, providing exciting platforms for competition and, most importantly, working together towards a
shared vision.
I thank our Members for their support of this process.
By committing to realising the goals in this plan we can look to the future with confidence. There is a clear
pathway for the sport through to 2010 and beyond. The sport and its Spirit are strong, it is our collective
responsibility to make them stronger.
Ehsan Mani ICC President
Building the Vision
In producing a Strategic Plan, the process is as important as the final words that appear on these pages.
Behind the words that flow through this publication is a body of work that involved a wide range of
international cricket’s stakeholders.
The planning process has provided a valuable opportunity to connect and interact with our Members,
current and former players, commercial partners and the media. This began with interviews in June 2005
and was followed by a comprehensive questionnaire.
This large body of information was analysed by an internal working party in conjunction with independent
consultants and they identified a series of key themes. These were to:
•        shift the focus from expansion to consolidation
•        maintain cricket’s status as a leading global sport
•        build a shared sense of purpose and ambition with our Members
•        ensure the financial security of the ICC and our Members
•        promote self-sufficiency and self-reliance within the membership base
•        ensure strong and effective governance throughout the game
•        protect the status of Test cricket and consolidate the events calendar whilst delivering a major
         ICC event every year
•        maintain the strength and competitiveness of the top countries
•        maintain zero tolerance on corruption

The next phase was to draw together these key themes and mould them into the plan that is presented here.
The following pages thus outline the strategic direction of the ICC for the next five years but they only
scratch the surface of the internal planning process. We are now undertaking the task of expanding these
goals to ensure that everything we do is guided by our mission, inspired by our vision and complies with
our values.
We can be proud of what we have achieved in the last five years but it will mean nothing if we do not build
on these foundations. This is a time of opportunity for the sport, let us work together to achieve GREAT
Malcolm Speed ICC Chief Executive
Our Mission, Vision of Success and Values
The ICC Mission
As the international governing body for cricket, the International Cricket Council will lead by:
•        Promoting and protecting the game and its unique spirit
•        Delivering outstanding, memorable events
•        Providing excellent service to Members and stakeholders
•        Optimising its commercial rights and properties for the benefit of its Members

Our Vision of Success
As a leading global sport, cricket will captivate and inspire people of every age, gender, background and
ability while building bridges between continents, countries and communities.

Our Values
•        Openness, honesty and integrity
•        Excellence
•        Accountability and responsibility
•        Commitment to the game
•        Respect for our diversity
•        Fairness and equity
•        Working as a team

•        Openness, honesty and integrity
         We work to the highest ethical standards. We do what we say we are going to do, in the way we
         say we are going to do it.
•        Excellence
         Cricket’s players and supporters deserve the best. It is our duty to set the highest standards.
•        Accountability and responsibility
         We take responsibility for leading and protecting the game. We provide outstanding service to our
         stakeholders. If others are harming the game we take necessary action.
•        Commitment to the game
         We care for cricket. Everything we do and every decision we make is motivated by a desire to
         serve the game better.
•        Respect for our diversity
         We are an international organisation with a global focus and act at all times without prejudice, fear
         or favour.
•        Fairness and equity
         We are fair, just and utterly impartial.
•        Working as a team
         Like a cricket team we all have different skills and strengths. By working together with unity of
         purpose we maximise the effectiveness of our assets.
The Big Picture
Balanced Cricket Schedule
Strategic Investment in Members
Effective Regulations and Officials
World Class Events
ICC Education Program
ICC Regional Operations
New Global Rights and Properties
Higher Standards of Play
ICC Member Services
Global Strategies for Twenty20 and Women’s Cricket
ICC Members’ Charter
The ICC Way
ICC Global
Cricket Academy
Zero Tolerance
of Corruption
The Spirit of Cricket
ICC High Performance Program

Great Outcomes 2010
•        Cricket - a sport of excellence
•        Prestigious events, exhibiting great players, playing a game that’s great to watch
•        Increased quantity and quality of participation
•        New benefits for Members
•        Stronger, more effective Members
•        Members’ Charter aids unity
•        Excellent ethical behaviour throughout the sport
•        The ICC Way delivering stronger performance
•        The unique Spirit of Cricket is alive and well
The Strategic Plan Framework
Vision for Cricket
•       Leading global sport
•       Captivate and inspire
•       Build bridges

ICC Values
•       Openness, honesty and integrity
•       Excellence in everything we do
•       Accountability and responsibility
•       Commitment to the game
•       Respect for our diversity
•       Fairness and equity
•       Working as a team

Our Goals and Initiatives
Cricket: a strong sport getting stronger
•       Elite performances in an elite environment
•       Prestigious events
•       A traditional game which adapts
•       Integration of women’s cricket
•       Increased competitiveness
•       Heroes and role models

Quality member and stakeholder services
•       Meeting and responding to Member needs
•       Helping Members to help themselves
•       Members’ charter
•       Membership structures
•       Effective stakeholder relations

Performance with integrity
•       Ethical behaviour
•       Unity and shared purpose
•       No corruption
•       Operational excellence
•       The unique Spirit of Cricket

Sustainable growth
•       Financial strength and security
•       Strengthening of ICC’s regional operations
•       Quantity and quality of participation
•       Meaningful competition
•       Cricket in commercial demand
Strategic Goal 1
Cricket: A Strong Sport Getting Stronger
Cricket will be recognised as a successful, attractive sport that respects its traditions and is relevant to
Key Initiatives
Elite Performances in an Elite Environment
•        We will provide leadership in maintaining the best standards on and off the field of play
•        To support the world’s best players we will continue to demand the highest standards of:
         •         officiating (umpires & match referees)
         •         venues and facilities including ground and pitch preparation
         •         clothing and equipment
•        To enable this we will:
         •         maintain and develop a world-class system for the analysis and support of umpires
         •         effectively maintain, develop and enforce regulations
         •         set international standards for venues and facilities
         •         take a lead role in the development and regulation of clothing and equipment

Prestigious Events
•        We will conceptualise, plan and review our events to develop formats that are relevant
         and sustainable
•        We will set exceptional standards at all of our feature events with professional high-quality
         delivery in:
         •         event operations
         •         event marketing
         •         venue dressing and branding
         •         broadcasting and media services
         •         sponsor servicing and support
         •         publications and merchandise
•        We will have demanding and transparent standards for the submission for and hosting of
         our events
•        Our events will evolve to match and exceed the expectations of players, supporters, media and
         commercial partners

A Traditional Game Which Adapts
•        We will ensure that cricket remains relevant to its consumers in a rapidly changing global
         society by:
         •         maintaining a global strategy for all forms of the international game, including Test, ODI
                   and Twenty20 cricket
•        We will ensure the traditions of the game are preserved as it evolves through:
         •         trialling, evaluating and implementing new playing conditions and regulations
         •         trialling, evaluating and implementing new technology
        •        working in partnership with experts and academics to analyse and assess developments in
                 biomechanics, sporting technology, sports equipment, sports medicine and science
        •        regularly reviewing developments in other sports
        •        working with partners to optimise new technology and innovation for enhancement of the
                 match-day experience for spectators at grounds and viewers around the world
•       We will help our Members to:
        •        establish, protect and support ‘icon’ tours and Test cricket
        •        make cricket increasingly accessible to people with disabilities

Increased Competitiveness in Test cricket, Top 16 ODI cricket (men’s) and Top 10 ODI (women’s)
•       We will seek to increase competitiveness by:
        •        monitoring and managing the amount of international cricket played by the top players
        •        providing and protecting programmes of regular international cricket for Members
        •        delivering targeted initiatives through our High Performance Program
•       The ICC Global Cricket Academy in Dubai will be used to help realise the potential of the best
        players and coaches in Associate and Affiliate Member countries
•       We will build partnerships between Members to enable:
        •        sharing of experience and resources
        •        Full Members to invite leading Associate Members to compete in domestic competitions
        •        Full Members to send A-teams and junior teams to Associate and Affiliate Members in
                 addition to the full tours they undertake
•       We will ensure that the best players are made available to play for their national sides in all ICC
        feature events

Integration of Women’s Cricket
•       Having successfully integrated the international administration of women’s cricket in 2005 we will
        build a strategy that:
        •        raises profile
        •        increases participation
        •        increases the reach of competitive international cricket
        •        develops an elite playing environment for the top level
        •        rewards achievement
•       We will help our Members deliver successful integration of men’s and women’s cricket across
        the world
•       We will work in partnership with other sports to raise the profile of female participation in sport

Heroes and Role Models
•       We will increase the profile of players, match officials and volunteers and recognise their
        achievements by:
        •        acknowledging on-field and off-field achievements through award mechanisms
        •        supporting and promoting official rankings for players and teams
        •        rewarding historic achievements on a commemorative basis
        •        recognising milestones achieved by players and match officials
       •         using ICC publications (including television and internet) to promote the sport and
                 its participants
       •         working with our partners to help promote the positive aspects of the sport, its Spirit
                 and key participants
•      We will work with broadcast partners and Full Members to encourage media coverage of the sport
       beyond its traditional boundaries
•      We will support cricket activities in our Associate and Affiliate Member countries with promotion
       and media awareness activity

Major Benefits
•      High quality playing environment
•      Attractive portfolio of events for players, supporters, broadcasters and commercial partners
•      Clear leadership on technological advances and innovations
•      Recognition as an attractive sport for male and female participants and supporters
•      Increased playing involvement and profile of women’s cricket
•      Increased competitiveness of participating teams in feature events
•      High Performance Program helping to bridge gaps
•      Increased profile and recognition of the sport and its participants as a source of motivation
       and enthusiasm
Strategic Goal 2
Quality Member and Stakeholder Services
The ICC will provide high quality services to its Members and stakeholders by leading the sport in the
areas of governance, administration, cricket education and development, finance and information-sharing.
Key Initiatives
Meeting and Responding to Member Needs
•       A Member Services department will be established to:
        •        develop educational programmes and resources for playing, coaching and umpiring
        •        expand information-sharing initiatives between Members
        •        provide administrative and governance assistance
        •        provide advice on marketing strategies and funding opportunities
        •        support the development of internal processes including cricket education, promotion,
                 women’s programmes, financial management, venue and ground management and
                 dispute resolution
•       The ICC Global Cricket Academy will offer Member support services including:
        •        elite coaching for players and coaches
        •        exceptional training and fitness facilities
        •        best-practice education for umpires, curators and administrators
        •        outstanding scientific and analysis facilities
•       An annual survey of our Members will ensure that the services we provide are in line with the
        requirements of our Members

Helping Members to Help Themselves
•       The strength of the ICC and the global game is dependent on the strength of our Members.
        We will help Members to grow stronger by:
        •        encouraging initiatives that promote self-sufficiency
        •        aiding the development of strategic and operational plans
        •        providing resources to encourage the employment of administrative staff
        •        providing a process for the resolution of governance disputes
        •        providing in-country governance support on request
        •        continuing a secondment programme
        •        maintaining a regular programme of annual focussed forums
        •        developing an administration consultancy service to work with specific Members to
                 achieve agreed goals

Membership Structure
•       We will carry out and act upon a consultative review of the effectiveness of the existing
        Membership structure through:
        •        consulting widely with Members
        •        reviewing best practice in leading global sports and other international bodies
        •        providing a range of options for review
•       We will periodically review the financial allocation of resources to our Members

Members’ Charter
•     We will develop a Members’ Charter to be adopted by all Members incorporating the
      principles of:
      •        good governance and clear leadership
        •        effective and appropriately-staffed administration
        •        clear long-term planning
        •        ‘care’ for the game, its values and future
        •        respect for the Spirit of Cricket
        •        ethical standards and integrity
        •        no corruption
        •        commitment to increasing self-sufficiency
        •        financial accountability
        •        transparency in decision making
        •        effective communication with stakeholders
        •        operational independence
•       We will support our Members in the adoption and implementation of the Members’ Charter

Effective Stakeholder Relations
•       We will lead effective communication within the international cricket family including players,
        umpires, coaches, supporters, commercial partners and media through:
        •        outstanding print publications
        •        innovative internet and other electronic services
        •        broadcast initiatives
•       We will adapt our stakeholder services in line with the needs of our stakeholders based on regular
        surveyed feedback and event evaluation
•       We will deliver excellent services to our stakeholders by:
        •        delivering outstanding value to commercial partners
        •        interacting in a timely and transparent manner with media and public
        •        involving current and former players and players’ representatives in cricket decisions
        •        listening to the game’s consumers
        •        raising awareness of partnerships and initiatives that benefit the sport and the
                 wider community
•       We will seek to secure International Olympic Council recognition

Major Benefits
•       Increased standards and scope of service to Members and stakeholders
•       Significant increase in administrative capability and self-sufficiency of Members
•   Stronger working ties between Full Members and Associate and Affiliate Members
•   Establishment of key principles of Member conduct through the Charter
•   A wider professional platform for future success of the sport
•   Membership structure that is fit for purpose
•   Strong relationships between ICC and key stakeholders
•   Greater involvement of players and supporters
Strategic Goal 3
Performance with Integrity
The ICC will lead cricket through outstanding performance while maintaining its role as the independent
custodian of the game; striving for excellence, greater unity and shared purpose amongst Members; and
acting at all times with integrity.
Key Initiatives
Operational Excellence
•       We will foster a performance and service-focused culture through which the ICC staff will:
        •        develop ambitious personal and group goals that are aligned to the ICC’s mission, vision
                 and values
        •        ensure the ICC is recognised for its performance, leadership and commitment to
                 excellence in all that it does
        •        seek to identify, recruit, develop and retain the best available staff who are professional,
                 accountable and responsible
•       We will embrace The ICC Way in all of our operations
•       The ICC Board will ensure that the organisation is effectively staffed and resourced to deliver the
        Strategic Plan.

Unity and Shared Purpose
•       We hold the game in trust for future generations and we will continue to work with our Members
        to ensure, collectively and as individuals, we help strengthen the game
•       We will maintain, develop and fairly apply effective rules, regulations and policies which support
        cricket’s status as a respected sport including:
        •        anti-doping
        •        anti-racism
•       We will monitor and communicate the delivery of the goals set in this Strategic Plan and publish a
        regular organisational performance scoreboard

No Corruption
•       We will continue to have a zero-tolerance policy on corruption by:
        •        proactively identifing threats
        •        using all available resources and techniques to monitor and investigate corrupt activity
        •        updating the anti-corruption education programme
        •        continuing to make all players aware of their responsibilities
•       We will encourage the development of anti-corruption legislation by Members’ governments

Ethical Behaviour
•       The ICC Board, Committees and staff will maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour
•       We will continue to focus on our role as independent custodians of the game and face the
        challenges that this brings without fear or favour
•        We will review, amend and enforce the ICC Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics to ensure that
         cricket acts as a leader and role model in international sport for on-field and off-field standards
         of behaviour
•        We will take a lead role in delivering the sport’s wider social responsibilities by:
         •        continuing to develop our partnership with UNAIDS and other organisations we are
                  able to assist
         •        encouraging our Members, players, officials, and commercial partners to use their role in
                  the sport to help raise awareness of social issues, including HIV and AIDS
         •        continuing to respond rapidly and positively to worldwide disasters
         •        supporting the staging of cricket initiatives in under-privileged areas
•        We will strengthen the ICC audit processes (internal and external) to ensure the ICC and our
         Members’ governance and operational processes reflect best international practice

The Unique Spirit of Cricket
•      Cricket enjoys a unique mix of attributes in international sport. It is underpinned by rich traditions
       and high values; it is played under a guiding principle of respect; it evokes passion, commitment
       and excitement; it is truly multi-cultural; it stands proudly on the world’s sporting stage; it is a
       sociable game that forges deep long-lasting friendships; it is a team sport that combines skill,
       strategy, endeavour and athleticism; above all it is a game that means many different things to
       many different people and provides endless joy to those that it touches.
•        It is our duty to foster and protect this unique Spirit. This will be achieved by:
         •         identifying and supporting initiatives that protect, enhance, spread and promote the Spirit
                  of Cricket
         •        working in partnership with our Members, players, their representatives and officials to
                  maintain a unity of vision in this special area
         •        upholding the traditions and integrity of the game
         •        enhancing the ways in which we promote the heritage and history of the game
         •        celebrating our diversity
         •        continuing to focus on improving standards of behaviour, on and off the field
         •        promoting and rewarding those whose deeds reflect the Spirit of Cricket
         •        ensuring that changes to international cricket are made in the context of the unique
                  Spirit of Cricket

Major Benefits
•      Cricket maintains and strengthens its reputation and standing as an international sport which holds
       the highest standards of ethical behaviour
•        Cricket is recognised for the role it plays internationally in helping to address key social issues
•        Fair and consistent application of respected and agreed rules, regulations and policies
•        The establishment of The ICC Way enhances the performance culture of the ICC
•        No corruption in the game
•        A drug-free sport
•        Racial and cultural harmony in cricket
•        Renewed focus on the unique Spirit of Cricket
Strategic Goal 4
Sustainable Growth
Cricket will achieve sustainable growth through strengthening existing Members and strategic investment
of resources.
Key Initiatives
Meaningful Competition
•       ICC will continue to lead in developing a unified approach to scheduling international cricket and,
        in doing so, will:
        •        take a lead role in preserving and strengthening the status of Test cricket
        •        continually review the format of ICC events to ensure they are highly competitive for
                 our Members
        •        develop and support ranking systems to include all Members in men’s and
                 women’s cricket
•       Sustainable growth will be supported by the provision of opportunities for all Members to
        participate in international events. We will provide competitive pathways and opportunities for
        senior and junior international cricketers by:
        •        ensuring widespread access to regular ICC events including a pathway to the ICC Cricket
                 World Cup for all of our Members
        •        maintaining a dynamic structure of Global and Regional events with promotion,
                 relegation and qualification, where appropriate, to allow Members to find their right place
                 for competitive international cricket
        •        enhancing the development of multi-day cricket in Associate and Affiliate Members to
                 allow players to further develop their skills
•       Competition success will be recognised and rewarded with targeted support providing incentives
        to improve

Quantity and Quality of Participation
•       During the period of the last ICC Strategic Plan the number of ICC Members dramatically
        increased from 54 to 96. In addition, a strategic objective to achieve 30% participation growth in
        Associate and Affiliate Members from 2000-2005 was exceeded with growth of at least 95% in
        three years from 2002-2005. It is against this backdrop that our focus will now switch from
        expansion to addressing the quantity and quality of participation, and its sustainability.
•       To achieve this we will work with our Members to:
        •        inspire, empower and train more individuals to enable them to implement in-country
                 cricket education courses and development activities
        •        focus on initiatives which can transfer junior involvement into competitive junior
                 playing competitions
        •        recognise and plan for the importance of retaining junior players through to senior level
        •        focus on initiatives which can enthuse and harness the support of local populations
        •        encourage the introduction of cricket programs for boys and girls in more schools, clubs,
                 villages and townships
         •        maintain and expand support to cricketing communities which prove, via outcomes, that
                  their growth is sustainable
         •        continue initiatives that encourage first-time exposure to, and participation in, the game
                  in current and prospective Members
•        We will encourage our established Members to share good practice with developing Members

Financial Strength and Security
•        We will achieve financial strength and security by:
         •        increasing revenue on a sustainable basis
         •        maintaining an appropriate level of assets and cash reserves, distributed strategically
•        We will regularly review the distribution of our funds to enable strategic objectives to be met and
         success to be rewarded

Strengthening of ICC’s Regional Operations
•       Since the establishment of the ICC Development Program in 1997, the
         ICC Regional Development Programs of Africa, the Americas, Asia, East Asia - Pacific and
         Europe have been integral to the growth of cricket. We will sustain, strengthen, and deepen these
         regional operations by:
         •        maintaining the positive support provided by ICC Full Members to Associate and
                  Affiliate Members in their region
         •        regularly reviewing and enhancing regional strategies and action plans
         •        ensuring that best practice in development of cricket is shared throughout the ICC’s
                  regional offices and a culture of striving to be the best is maintained
         •        ensuring that decisions on the allocation of resources are devolved to the most
                  appropriate level where effectiveness can be maximised
•        We will identify and develop extra support streams for regionally-driven programs

Cricket in Commercial Demand
•       The major commercial partnership for ICC feature events between 2000-2007 provides an
        essential and secure financial base for the ICC and the sport. The development of a clear strategy
        for the optimisation of commercial rights for ICC feature events after the ICC Cricket World Cup
        2007 will be completed in the first half of 2006. The effective delivery of this strategy will be a
        cornerstone of our future success.
•        In addition to successfully optimising the rights for our feature events we will ensure international
         cricket is commercially attractive and successful by:
         •        optimising the commercial returns of other ICC assets including the sponsorship of match
                  officials, awards and official rankings
         •        maintaining existing and establishing new partnerships with premium commercial
                  organisations who share the ICC Vision for cricket
         •        effectively resourcing our organisation to be able to deliver outstanding service to
                  commercial partners
         •        identifying, investigating and, where appropriate, exploiting significant new areas of
                  rights and properties including opportunities presented by new initiatives and technology
•       We will ensure that the ICC brand is synonymous with excellence by:
        •        effectively managing our intellectual property
        •        actively protecting the rights of our commercial partners
        •        maintaining and developing a reputation for delivering great value

Major Benefits
•      The ICC is built on a sound and secure financial base
•       Increasingly sustainable participation numbers in all Members
•       Greater transference from junior involvement to regular playing in Associate
        and Affiliate Members
•       Stronger delivery of regionally-focused development strategies
•       More meaningful and competitive cricket for all Members
•       Targeted investment strategy that recognises success and potential
•       Cricket is seen as a premium commercial opportunity for sponsors and commercial partners
•       ICC rights and properties are optimised for the benefit of Members and the ongoing development
        of the game
Great Outcomes for a Great Sport
Cricket - a sport of excellence
•       High standards of playing and officiating
•       Consistency in playing facilities
•       The right balance between innovation and tradition
•       A global sport of choice for men and women, young and old

Prestigious events, exhibiting great players playing a game that is great to watch
•       Renowned and popular feature cricket events
•       A clearly-defined cycle of ICC events
•       Attractive formats for players, spectators, broadcasters and sponsors

Increased quantity and quality of participation
•       Continual growth of cricket participation throughout the membership base
•       Strong transfer from junior involvement to regular competitive playing
•       Meaningful international tournament structures with opportunities for all Members to compete
        and progress
•       Sustainable and growing women’s game in all Members

New benefits for Members
•       Dedicated Member Services department comprising playing and administrative assistance
•       A world-leading Academy facility
•       Strategic investment in targeted initiatives
•       Increased investment in the development of the sport

Stronger, more effective Members
•       Uplift in governance and administrative capability across Members
•       Strong relationships between regional operations and Associate and Affiliate Members
•       Greater self-sufficiency and financial independence of Members

Members’ Charter and Structure
•       Members’ Charter adopted and guiding conduct of Members
•       Fit for purpose structure serving the game
•       Unified Membership working towards shared vision and goals
Cricket in commercial demand
•       Strong commercial demand providing a secure financial base
•       ICC recognised as a premium global brand
•       Rights and properties optimised for the benefit of Members
•       Commercial partnerships serviced to highest standards

Excellent ethical behaviour throughout the sport
•       Cricket recognised as a global role model
•       No corruption on or off the field
•       Respected and well-applied rules, regulations and policies

The ICC Way delivering strong performance
•       A focus on delivering outstanding service to Members and stakeholders
•       Operational efficiency and excellence
•       A great place to work which attracts, develops and retains first-rate staff
•       Living the ICC Values

The Unique Spirit of Cricket is alive and well
•       Shared vision for the Spirit of Cricket
•       Widespread external recognition of cricket’s unique Spirit
•       Universal culture of respect
Key Milestones
The Strategic Plan outlines a comprehensive range of initiatives and actions. At the same time as we work
towards these goals there will be a series of milestones for the ICC and the sport. This chart presents an
overview of the key milestones scheduled to take place over the term of the Plan:

Revised cricket tours schedule agreed
Feature Events
ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup
ICC Champions Trophy
ICC Intercontinental Cup Final
Regional ICC World Cricket League events
ICC Awards
Strategy for Twenty20 agreed
Member Services department established
Initiatives for promoting the Spirit of Cricket agreed for 2006 - 2010
New global rights and properties commercial deal agreed
ICC anti-doping code introduced
New ICC President

ICC Cricket World Cup
ICC Twenty20 event
ICC World Cricket League Division 1, 2 & 3
ICC Women’s World Cup qualifier
ICC Awards
Strategy for women’s cricket agreed
Members’ Charter agreed
Performance management assessment system in place

ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup
ICC Champions Trophy
ICC Intercontinental Cup Final
Regional ICC World Cricket League events
ICC Awards
ICC move to new headquaters in Dubai Sports City
Global Academy operational
Mid term review of strategic plan
Reserves: $15m
New ICC President elected or term extended
ICC Twenty20 event
ICC World Cup qualifier
ICC Women’s World Cup
ICC World Cricket League Division 3
ICC Awards
Membership structure changes adopted
Membership survey conducted and agreed changes adopted
Comprehensive range of programmes being delivered by Global Academy

ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup
ICC Champions Trophy
ICC Intercontinental Cup Final
Regional ICC World Cricket League events
ICC Awards
The ICC Scoreboard
The Strategic Plan identifies clear priorities that will drive the agenda for the next five years. We will
regularly review our progress in attaining our goals and, where necessary, re-plan accordingly. In addition
to the stated goals and initiatives we have identified a range of organisational metrics against which we will
monitor our performance regularly.
We commit to regularly publishing this scoreboard to ensure transparency, accountability and a clear
performance culture throughout the ICC. These metrics will include:
•        Research figures for players and coaches
•        Attendance and broadcast figures for ICC events
•        Accuracy details of ICC match officials
•        Quality of cricket assessment
•        Regulation breach details
•        Financial information

Organising for Success - The ICC Way
Living our values
We have revised our core values to reflect the progress we have made as an organisation since our first
Strategic Plan in 2001. We are committed to ensuring that as an organisation we are guided by these values
in everything we do. We acknowledge that we will be appraised on our ability to deliver this collective
Performance Culture
Cricket is a leading sport so the ICC must act as a peak performing organisation that attracts, develops and
retains the best people. We will set stretching performance targets which will be attained by continuously
improving our organisational performance. Our departmental plans will be fully aligned to the Strategic
Plan and we will track our success through the ICC Performance Scoreboard.
Leadership and Governance
The ICC is the world governing body for cricket and leads the sport. It is a Members’ organisation. The
strength of the game is dependent on the ICC continuing to provide strong leadership and its Members
working together in collaboration to deliver on the objectives set out in this Strategic Plan. Throughout the
delivery of this Plan we will promote regular information-sharing to ensure continuity and effective
succession planning.
Member Services
A key focus of this Strategic Plan is the delivery of outstanding service to our Members. To assure the
quality of service delivery, we will establish a dedicated Member Services function.
This function will be responsible for the development and delivery of a broad range of services, as outlined
in the strategic goal area (Quality Member and Stakeholder Services).
A Charter for Members
By establishing a Members’ Charter defining clear principles of operation for our Members we can set the
foundations for closer collaboration. We are committed to helping our Members resolve governance issues
where they arise. In order to thrive the game of cricket must have strong administrative structures and
governance practices in all of its Members.
Dubai Sports City
The ICC successfully moved from split offices in London and Monaco to unified premises in
Dubai Media City in August 2005. Over the next two years, the move to the ICC’s permanent home in
Dubai Sports City will be completed. We have the opportunity to design and develop a custom-built
headquarters befitting our status as a leading international governing body. We will also maximise the
benefits of a single location and our closer geographical proximity to our Full Members.

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