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                              “SEMANTIC DAY”
                          September 23rd, Hangzhou, China

This workshop is sponsored by STASIS (SofTware for Ambient Semantic Interoperable
Services)1. The objective of STASIS is for research, development and validation of open,
web service-based, distributed semantic services for SME empowerment within the
automotive, furniture and other sectors. Twelve partners are involved in STASIS, including
commercial companies, academics and user organisations. Partners are spread across
Europe and China. Tsinghua University is the only academic partner based in China and will
host Semantic Day as an introductory event for anyone interested in relevant fields in

The Ambiance
We don’t want the workshop to be too artificial; it will be high-level and aimed at people with an
interest in semantics, enterprise interoperability, and business-to-business information
exchange. The workshop will offer the opportunity to see the STASIS Workbench mapping
software, and to discuss issues related to semantic interoperability with experts in the field. If
you come here, you will definitely be enlightened since global experts in this field will be here
too. After the workshop, we are sure that people who attend from Europe and China will know
each other a little better, and will discover potential opportunities to cooperate in the future.

Why Should I Attend?
   Semantics – if this is your interest you should be here
   Entertaining – fed up of hum-drum presentations by juniors? Not here!
   Meetings – an opportunity for meetings with a focal audience
   An easy place to get to with excellent logistics
   Networking opportunity with your peers
   The people and personalities to challenge and drive you
   Insight into other products and ideas in similar activities
   Cultural insight in to Hangzhou and south China

    STASIS is a Research and Development project sponsored under the European Commission’s 6th
    Framework Programme as well as the project partners –
Hangzhou is renowned for its historic relics,
natural beauty and known for it tea, silk and
umbrella. Famed for its natural scenery,
Hangzhou and its West Lake have been
immortalized by countless poets and artists. It is
near to Shanghai city and ranks as one of China's
most popular tourist attractions. There is phase
to describe Hangzhou as ‘Heaven on Earth’. The
event will take place at the Hongqiao Resort
which near the West Lake.

Hangzhou Hongqiao Resort is located on the beautiful and tranquil Longjing Road, opposite to
Hangzhou Flower Nursery across the road. It is only a few-minutes drive to the famous Lingyin
Temple and the beautiful West Lake. It borders a tea plantation in the south. The tea aroma is
fascinating and the environment green and elegant. Its unique and good location makes guests
feel peaceful and carefree.

During this event, participants will be greeted with tea and coffee which will be available at no
cost and similarly there will be a Chinese lunch freely.

About hundreds of audiences coming from different units in China will attend Semantic Day,
which including some academic groups such as Zhejiang University, state laboratory and some
Chinese enterprises. For all attendees from Universities in China, it is a good opportunity to make
a discussion and exchange academic ideas with experts from STASIS team and China in semantic
field. For attendees from Chinese enterprises, it is a good time to know STASIS and its relevant
thoughts and products more. This event will definitely aware of the importance of enterprise
interoperability in semantic level and benefit for exploiting the STASIS market in China.

To register, please send an email to

Get more information about Semantic Day, please visit or
Note: All agenda details are provisional and will be confirmed nearer the conference date.

Wednesday 23rd September – 9:00 – 16:30
All presentations will be addressed by the experts in semantic, enterprise
interoperability or relevant fields. If you concerning with these perspectives,
definitely, you will find something you interested in following titles.
Time Title                                       Speaker
9:00    Welcome                                       Prof. Yushun Fan, Tsinghua University
9:05    Federal Interoperable Collaboration           Prof. Cheng Wu, Tsinghua University
        Platform      for   Complex        Product
9:45    A Semantic Future?                            Stuart Campbell, TIE Chief Technology
10:05   STASIS Semantic Interoperability              Officer
10:30   Tea/Coffee
10:40   SML-based integrated platform for             Prof. Guoning Qi, Zhejiang university
        collaborative       product        design,
        manufacturing and quality control
11:20   Users: Are semantics any use?                 Gash      Bhullar,     Director   of      the
                                                      Technology Applications Network
12:00   Lunch
13:30   Using   ontologies        to   Bridge   the   Prof.     Axel       Hahn,   University    of
        Semantic Gab                                  Oldenburg
14:10   The Research         of        Manufacture    Boming Li, NEWGRAND, CEO
        Information Integration Platform
14:50   Tea/Coffee
15:05   knowledge network system and its              Prof. Xinjian Gu,ZheJiang University
15:45   Community       ‐    driven       ontology    Irena Pavlova, ISOFT, Research and
        development                                   Development Manager
16:25   Wrap Up                                       Prof. Yushun Fan, Tsinghua University
16:30   Close
Questions and Answers
Do I need to pay anything?
All costs of Semantics Day will be covered by the STASIS project, which is part funded by the
European Union's FP6 programme and its Software and Services unit, as well as the STASIS
project partners. Refreshments, hosting and lunch will be provided, but accommodation and
transport are down to individual participants.

Will presentation material be available?
As well as being available on the website, the STASIS projects software application and
accompanying material will be given to you on a USB flash storage card, which you can keep
and run at your leisure.

Do I need to do anything?
From a participant point of view, the keywords will be hear, listen, absorb, interact and
network. The choice and opportunity is all yours. From a presenter and facilitator viewpoint,
the opportunities are open to you to invite, include and share your knowledge with those of

What will the objective of this activity be and what will the outcome?
The main ideal is an influencing and networking event. It will be the right people and the
right place, and the opportunities and potential are all yours including:
· Update of important focused semantic activities happening in Europe and China
· Networking of the knowledge of individuals and projects in this field
· Technological insights
· Sharing information about your activity

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