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									The School of GeoSciences
University of Edinburgh

Postgraduate Research Studentships in Human Geography

The Human Geography Research Group in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh invites
applications from suitably qualified students for:

       Two ESRC quota studentships (1+3 or +3)
       One ESRC competition studentship (1+3 or +3)
       Up to two ESRC quota Scottish Consortium studentships (1+3 or +3)
       One AHRC PhD competition place (+3) and One AHRC Masters competition place

UK resident applicants receive full fees plus maintenance. EU applicants resident in the UK for at least three years
are normally eligible for fees plus maintenance. Non-resident EU applicants receive fees only.

If awarded on a 1+3 basis, the ESRC awards may be held by students on either the MSc by Research (Human
Geography) or the MSc by Research (GIS & Society).
Closing date: Friday 26 February 2010

Further details can be found on the University of Edinburgh’s Scholarships webpages:
ESRC http://www.scholarships.ed.ac.uk/postgraduate/uk/esrc.htm
AHRC http://www.scholarships.ed.ac.uk/postgraduate/uk/ahrc.htm

When you complete your application please ensure you also attach:
    two academic letters of reference on headed notepaper
    evidence of your qualifications from undergraduate degree level
    a three page statement on your intended research
    evidence of English if English is not your first language (IELTS at 6.5 or above or TOEFL at 580 or above)
    a full curriculum vitae

Standard format for the research proposal
The HGRG welcomes proposals for postgraduate research in any of our specialist research themes. Your application
should outline your proposed research, or indicate your interest to work on one of the pre-specified research topics.
Your application needs to include a short research proposal. This should be no longer than 3 typed pages in Times
New Roman font size 12. Please organise your proposal under the following headings, all of which should be used.

    1. Introduction
       Give an introductory statement explaining what your proposed research topic is and why it is important.
    2. Outline of key theory and research on the topic
       Outline existing theoretical and/or empirical debate and state how your proposed research relates to this body
       of knowledge.
    3. Main Research Question
       What specific issue or question will your proposed research examine?
    4. Methodology
       What method, or methods, will you use to answer your research question? If your research is on a theoretical
       topic, discuss the documentary/archival methods you will use to analyse your source materials.
    5. Ethical Issues
       Note any ethical issues arising from your research (ethics can be interpreted in a broad sense as well as, for
       example, matters of consent and confidentiality). See http://www.geos.ed.ac.uk/geography/Ethics for advice.
    6. Timetable
       Provide a timetable for your research, including research training (unless you already hold an ESRC-, or
       AHRC-, recognised MSc by Research, or equivalent training) and the period of writing up your thesis. If you
       intend to do fieldwork overseas, say what this will entail and how it fits into the timetable.
    7. User Community
       Indicate how you expect your research to be useful, and to whom. Please don’t worry that your draft proposal
       isn’t perfect – this is just a starting point so we can see what research interests and methodological ideas you

If you may feel that you would like to discuss the topic with a probable prospective supervisor, please feel free to do

For further assistance, please contact the Postgraduate Research Office, School of Geosciences, Grant Institute,
West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JW. Email: go@geos.ed.ac.uk
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