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                                         Contains Natural Colour           Dublin Bay Prawns
 Aberdeen Boneless Haddock                Cod Fish Cakes                   Economy Fish Fingers
 Anchovy                                 Cod Fish Fingers                  Eels
 Angel Fish                              Cod Fish Fingers Contains         Eels Bowl
 Angler                                  Colour                            Eels Jellied Carton (Ready
 Arbroath Smokies                        Cod Fish Fingers Contains         Packed)
 Arctic Char                             Natural Colour                    Eels Live
 Baby Squid                              Cod/Haddock in Breadcrumbs        Emperor Bream
 Baked Herring                           Cod/Haddock in Breadcrumbs        Finest Quality
 Barbel                                  Contains Colour                   Finnan Haddock
 Bass                                    Cod/Haddock in Breadcrumbs        Finnan Haddock Contains
 Beluga Caviar                           Contains Natural Colour           Colour
 Best Plaice                             Codling                           Fish Burger
 Black Sea Bream                         Cod Roe                           Fish Burger Mini Contains
 Bloaters                                Cod Singles                       Flavour Enhancer & Antioxidant
 Block Haddock                           Cod Steaks                        Fish Cakes
 Block Haddock Fillets (Skinned)         Cod Tongues & Cheeks              Fish Cakes Contains Flavour
 Block Halibut Fillets                   Cohoe Salmon                      Enhancer & Antioxidant
 Boned Herring                           Cold Smoked Mackerel              Fish Cakes (Plain)
 Boned Kippers                           Cold Smoked Mackerel              Flake
 Boned Kippers Contains Colour           Contains Colour                   Flounder
 Boneless Kippers                        Cold Smoked Mackerel Fillets      Forkbeard
 Boneless Kipper Fillets                 Cold Smoked Mackerel Fillets      Fresh Crabs
 Bonito Tuna                             Contains Colour                   Fresh Daily
 Bonito                                  Cold Smoked Mackerel Fillets      Fresh Farm Salmon
 Breaded Cod                             Contains Natural Colour           Freshly Boiled
 Breaded Cod Contains Colour             Cold Smoked Mackerel Whole        Fresh Salmon
 Breaded Cod Contains Natural            Contains Colour                   Fresh Today
 Colour                                  Cold Smoked Mackerel Whole        Fried Haddock Fillets
 Breaded Scampi                          contains Natural Colour           Fried Whiting Fillets
 Breaded Scampi Contains                 Cold Smoked Peppered              Frozen Cod Fillets
 Colour                                  Mackerel Contains Colour          Frozen Halibut Headless
 Breaded Scampi Contains                 Cold Smoked Peppered              Frozen Herring
 Natural Colour                          Mackerel Contains Natural         Frozen Pacific Salmon
 Bream                                   Colour                            Frozen Scottish Salmon
 Brill                                   Coley                             Frozen Sprats
 Brisling                                Coley Fillets                     Frozen Squid
 Brown Shrimps                           Conger                            Garfish
 Brown Trout                             Conger Eel                        Glasgow Pales
 Buckling                                Cooked Cod Roes                   Golden Cod Cutlets
 Buckling Contains Colour                Cooked Crab                       Golden Cod Cutlets Contains
 Canadian Smoked Salmon                  Crab                              Colour
 Canadian Smoked Salmon                  Crab Claws                        Golden Cod Cutlets Contains
 Contains Colour                         Crab Flavoured Fish Sticks with   Natural Colour
 Canned Cod Roe                          Cereal                            Golden Haddock Cutlets
 Carp                                    Crab Flavoured Sticks             Golden Haddock Cutlets
 Char                                    Crab (Frozen)                     Contains Colour
 Clams                                   Crabmeat                          Golden Haddock Cutlets
 Cockles                                 Crawfish                          Contains Natural Colour
 Cockles Contains Flavouring             Crayfish                          Golden Scampi
 Cockles Contains Flavour                Cuttings                          Golden Whiting Cutlets
 Enhancer                                Cuttlefish                        Golden Whiting Cutlets
 Cod                                     Dabs                              (Skinned)
 Cod Cheeks                              Dab Fillets                       Golden Whiting Cutlets
 Cod Cutlets                             Dogfish                           (Skinned) Contains Colour
 Cod Fillets                             Dogs                              Golden Whiting Cutlets (Skin-
 Cod Fillets in Breadcrumbs              Dogfish Medium                    On)
 Cod Fillets in Breadcrumbs              Dover Sole                        Golden Whiting Cutlets (Skin-
 Contains Colour                         Dressed Cod                       On) Contains Colour
 Cod Fillets in Breadcrumbs              Dressed Crab                      Greenland Halibut
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 Greenland Halibut Cutlets               Live Mussels                   Rainbow Trout
 Greenland Halibut Fillets               Lobster                        Ray
 Grey Mullet                             Locally Caught                 Redfish
 Grouper                                 Lugs                           Red Gurnard
 Haddock                                 Mackerel                       Red Mullet
 Haddock Cutlets                         Mackerel Fillets               Reds
 Haddock Fillets                         Mackerel Smoked Whole          Red Sea Bream
 Haddock Fillets Contains                Mackerel Smoked Whole          Ring Fillet
 Colour                                  Contains Natural Colour        Roach
 Haddock Fillets Contains                Manx Kippers                   Rockfish
 Natural Colour                          Marinated Cockles              Rock Fish Fillets
 Haddock Fish Fingers                    Marinated Mussels              Rollmops
 Haddock Roes                            Megrim                         Rollmop Herrings
 Hake                                    Megrim Fillet                  Rollmop Herrings Contains
 Halibut                                 Milts                          Artificial Sweetener
 Halibut Cutlets                         Minced Fish                    Saber
 Halibut Steaks                          Mixed Fillets                  Salmon
 Headless Cod                            Monkfish                       Salmon Fish Cakes
 Headless Halibut                        Monkfish Cheeks                Salmon Grilse
 Herb & Garlic Mackerel                  Mullet                         Salmon Steaks
 Herrings                                Mussels                        Salmon Trout
 Herring Fillets                         Mussels Pickled Contains       Salt Fish Contains Flavouring
 Herring Roe                             Flavouring                     Salt Herring
 Hoki Previously Frozen Do-Not           Mussels Contains Flavour       Sardines
 Re-Freeze                               Enhancer                       Scad
 Hot Smoked Mackerel                     Native Oysters                 Scallops
 Hot Smoked Mackerel Contains            North Atlantic Peeled Prawns   Scampi
 Colour                                  Norway Lobsters                Scampi Tails
 Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets             Ocean Pinxs Contains           Scotch
 Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets             Flavouring & Antioxidant       Scotch Salmon
 Contains Colour                         Ocean Stix Delica              Scotch Smoked Salmon
 Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets             Octopus                        Sea Bass
 Contains Natural Colour                 Our Own Filleting              Sea Bream
 Hot Smoked Mackerel Whole               Oysters                        Seafood Stix
 Contains Colour                         Pacific Oysters                Seychelles Fish
 Hot Smoked Mackerel Whole               Pacific Smoked Salmon          Shark
 Contains Natural Colour                 Parrotfish                     Shark Steaks
 Hot Smoked Peppered                     Peeled Prawns                  Shrimps
 Mackerel Contains Colour                Perch                          Sild
 Hot Smoked Peppered                     Peppered Mackerel              Silver Salmon
 Mackerel Contains Natural               Pickled Herrings               Skate
 Colour                                  Pickled Mussels                Skate Knobs
 Huss                                    Pickled Prawns Contains        Skate Middles
 Jacks                                   Flavouring                     Skate Wings
 Jellied Eels                            Pilchards                      Small Plaice
 John Dory                               Pink Salmon                    Smelts
 Jumbo Cod Fingers                       Pink Shrimps                   Smoked By Us
 King Fish Steaks                        Plaice                         Smoked Cod Contains Natural
 King Prawns                             Plaice Fillets                 Colour (Annato)
 Kipper Fillets                          Pollock                        Smoked Cod Fillets
 Kipper Fillets Contains Colour          Pollock Fillets                Smoked Cod Fillets Contains
 Kipper Fillets Contains Natural         Pomfret                        Colour
 Colour                                  Pouting                        Smoked Cod Fillets Contains
 Kippers                                 Pout                           Natural Colour
 Kippers Contains Natural                Prawns                         Smoked Cod Roe
 Colour                                  Prawns in Shell                Smoked Coley Fillets
 Lemon Sole                              Previously Frozen Do Not       Smoked Eel
 Lemon Sole Fillets                      Refreeze                       Smoked Haddock
 Ling                                    Queen Scallop                  Smoked Haddock Contains
 Live Eels
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 Colour                                Value Fish Fingers
 Smoked Haddock Contains               Whelks
 Natural Colour                        Whelks Pickled Contains
 Smoked Haddock Block                  Flavouring
 Smoked Haddock Fillets                Whitebait
 Smoked Haddock Fillets                White Fish Fingers
 Contains Colour                       397 Whiting
 Smoked Haddock Fillets                Whiting Fillet
 Contains Natural Colour               Whole Hake
 Smoked Roe Contains                   Whole Kipper
 Flavouring                            Whole Kipper Contains Colour
 Smoked Salmon                         Whole Kipper Contains Natural
 Smoked Salmon Contains                Colour
 Colour                                Whole Kipper Manx
 Smoked Sprats                         Whole Kipper Manx Contains
 Smoked Trout                          Colour
 Smoked Trout Contains Colour          Whole Kipper Manx Contains
 Smoked Trout Contains Natural         Natural Colour
 Colour                                Whole Lemon Sole
 Smoked Whiting                        Whole Plaice
 Smoked Whiting Contains               Whole Prawns
 Colour                                Whole Scampi
 Smoked Whiting Contains               Whole Smoked Mackerel
 Natural Colour                        Whole Whiting
 Smoked Whiting Cutlets                Winkles
 Smoked Whiting Cutlets                Witch
 Contains Colour                       Witch Fillets
 Smoked Whiting Cutlets                Winter Flounder
 Contains Natural Colour               Wrasse
 Smoked Whiting Singles                Blank
 Smokies Contains Colour
 Smokies Contains Natural
 Sockeye Salmon
 Soft Roe
 Special Offer
 Sprats Smoked
 Sprats Smoked Contains
 Sprats Smoked Contains
 Natural Colour
 St Peters Fish
 Super Value Fish Fingers
 Sweet Cured Herrings
 Sweet William
 Swordfish Steaks
 Today's Price
 Tuna fish

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