Neologisms: A Compilation of New Words Suggested for Incorporation into the Engliah Language

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A compilation of new words suggested for
 incorporation into the English language


        Aquidneck Indian Council
           Copyright © 1996

Dr. Francis J. O’Brien, Jr. (Moondancer)

       Aquidneck Indian Council

           12 Curry Avenue

       Newport, RI 02840-1412

Abult,   interult

     An adult is one who literally is “to the limit”, as
one lives till the end of ones time. An abult is one who
is “from the (other) limit” i.e., the beginning of life
(infant or child). An interult is “between the limits” of
the beginning and the end (teenager, young adult). Thus, I
propose that we call ourselves abults, interults or adults.


     An “adversary” is one who is an enemy for an adversary
literally ‘turns against you’.   An abversary, however, is
one who literally ‘turns with you’ in friendship, one who
walks with you through life.


     Literally, acrophily means “love of the highest,
topmost or extreme”.    Thus acrophily may refer to an
affinity for anything that produces or provides extreme
experiences such as intoxication, orgasm, being first at
anything, etc.


     Turbulent topsy-turvy airplane ride -- exhilarating
and scary.


     This word literally means a “pain meter”. No such
measuring instrument exists presumably, but we can be


     Variant of “suicide” and      “homocide”,    allocide
literally means contributing or    causing someone else’s
suicide or homocide.

Alloscopicity, alloscopistic, alloscopic

     Literally, “other looking” such as one who seeks
alternate (perhaps unconventional) explanations, points of
views, experiences, and the like.
Allotropism (see egotropism)


     Birth through the terminal aspect of the alimentary
tract and as a consequence of fertilization in same.      As
practiced most often as a birth control measure, some poets
believe this phenomenon is limited to a very small fraction

of the worlds’ population.      Thus far, it has been
documented among a large proportion of American lawyers.
See Geldophagus Magnus.


     Antonym of misanthropy, anthropophily means “love of
people”.    "Philanthropy" is equivalent etymologically to
anthropophily; however, the former has acquired the
pejorative connotation of promoting human efforts through
giving of large sums of money.     One can love people (be
anthropophiliac) without the conventional means of the
philanthropist.   If one can be philanthropic while at the
same   time   seemingly   being  misanthropic   (e.g.,  tax
purposes), the term anthropophily will involve no such
contradiction or contrafaction (q.v.).        Mother Teresa
qualifies as a anthropophilist.

Argumentum ad stupidium

     A proposed new fallacy in informal logic--the appeal
to irremediable stupidity.   Judges in courts of law see
this fallacy at work most often (“I didn’t know STOP meant
the same thing   in   this   neighborhood,   your   Honor   --
                        B C &


     Counterpart to concepts such as the Freudian “Death
Wish (instinct)”, biotropism literally means a “turning
toward the living”.    Compare with thanotropism (q.v.).
Biotropism is meant to capture the phenomenon of the Will
to Survive or the Struggle for Existence, perhaps against
all odds.


     Antonym   of   “calligraphy”  (literally,  “beautiful
writing”), cacography is illegible ‘penpersonship’ (harsh,
jarring or ugly).     An excellent example comes from the
author’s personal experience -- just ask any secretary who
has ever worked for him.

Captain Flash Cash

     A Geldophagus Magnus (q.v.) in the top 1% of his fetal

Cash Calf

     A cash calf (young "cash cow") is someone from whom
others hope in the future to cultivate to adulthood when
the "cash calf" will be a full grown "cash cow" and so may
be milked monetarily in great abundance.


     Literally, the word connouncement means "to say (or
announce) with."   The term applies, for example, when two
statesmen, who after a meeting, face the press and
separately announce what the second statesmen has said or
will say.


     Akin to the word contradiction (“to say against”),
contrafaction means “to do against”. How many contrary or
opposing behaviors are verbal in nature? More often we do
something that is in opposition to something else or
contrafact an action.

Contramission, to contramit

     The word contramission means literally "to send
against".   Thus, the term means any attempt to jam an
opponents transmission whether such blocking be of an
electronic or verbal nature or by any other means of
(contrary) communication.

Copulomania,    Copulophilia
     The word copulomania (lit. “excessive love of sexual
intercourse”) is meant to capture the phenomenon of sexual
addiction of both sexes (akin to “nymphomania” among
females). Copulaphilia is a healthy love of the act.

Copulophilia (see Copulomania )


     Coricide literally means “death of the heart”, not so
much a medical statement as a poetic signification of a
“broken heart”. Thus, if one is not suicidal, one might be
                          D E

Dianoesis, pronoesis, metanoesis

     This triad of terms refers to three states of
knowledge or experience in general. The morpheme "noesis"
refers to the "noetic" or ideational; "pro" means "before,"
and "dia" means "during" (or "through") while "meta"
denotes "after".     Roughly, pronoesis is brute sensory
recognition or awareness of the world, while dianoesis
refers   to   analytic  or   rational   understanding,  and
metanoesis refers to a transcendent experience or state of
knowledge (for example, religion).    Readers familiar with
the writings of the American philosopher Charles Sanders
Peirce will recognize an analogy to his phenomenological
concepts of Firstness, Secondness and Thirdness.


     Literally, "rule by the terrible"; compare with the
word dinosaur ("terrible lizard").

Egotropism, allotropism

     Egotropism literally means "a turning to the self or
ego". The word implies a sense of love or respect for the
dignity of Self and Selfhood. The term should not be
confused with the word "narcissism" (egocentric
selfishness). Rather the word captures the sense of "I am
in the world as Being, a distinct but integrated Self."
The antonym of egotropism is allotropism which means "a
turning to others" for ones identity (e.g., the crowd
instinct). Respect for others presupposes egotropic
rootedness. One cannot love Other without loving Self.


     Literally, "a love of Being," which comes from the
philosophical (ontological) concept of "ens" --abstract
Being.   Ensophily is a more abstract form of love than
"metaphysical love." Historically, Christians (and others)
have thought of their slaves or servants as being their
metaphysical equals.    Here we try to elevate this noble
recognition to a slightly higher plane.   Other notions of
the word may be entertained.


     Literally "sorrow through knowledge".        The word
epistepathia is constructed to embrace the essence of the
most paradoxical of views expressed in the King James
Bible: "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that
increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow" (Ecclesiates, chap
1, verse 31).


     Related to the terms "catastrophe" and "anastrophe"
(or even "apostrophe," among others), the root "to turn" is
common to each word.      An eustrophe is something that
suddenly "turns good," perhaps almost serendipitously.
                        F G  &


     This   term   refers   to   a   relationship/friendship
maintained for the sole purpose of mutual sexual pleasure.


     Quite beyond "fulfill," fulfullment is the condition
of complete and final realization or actualization --
literally , "full of fullness".      Perhaps the chemistry
notion of supersaturation is germane; fulfull may be
thought of as a supersaturation of pleasure or happiness.

Geistod, Geistodology, Geistodics

     From the German (the language par excellence for these
matters), Geistod will mean "death of the Spirit."      The
sole use of the term is for occasions when a word stronger
than "genocide" ([physical] death of a race) is required.
Geistod refers to a r_ace that has not been physically
exterminated but whose Spirit has been annihilated; i.e., a
people who have lost their Way.   A people to whom Geistod
refers is the American Indian. Geistodology or geistodics
will be names of the science treating the phenomenon of
Geldophagus Magnus

     A badly bastardized word, mixing German, Greek, Latin
roots. Geldophagus Magnus means literally "extravagant
money eater". Here we may think of the proverbial American
lawyer, most especially those members born via anogenesis
                         H I  &

H, h

     A proposed (male's) solution to the issue of how to
refer to a male or female member of the human race in
'nonsexist' language. The capitalized word H or lower case
h is a sibilant, so pronounce it always with a hissing
sound.   Use the word whenever one might use any of the
following pronouns: he, she, him, her, his, hers.


     As used here, hypobole is the opposite of “hyperbole”
(exaggeration); thus something which is grossly understated
is hypobolically put.

Interult (see abult)

     The word "evidence" means to "look out at" whereas
invidence means "to look in at" implying something which
must be inferred perhaps by great effort (as it is not
                       J K L &   &

Junkus Charitas

     Another bastardized hybrid term, one who is a Junkus
Charitas is one who is to be counted among other addicts;
literally “a charity junkie”.     The word refers only to
those who do charity work merely for the social recognition
of doing it.

Kacacracy (see Scatocracy)


     Literally a “turning toward money”. Thus leptotropism
is the gravitation toward something which produces or
provides money.   The leptotropist is the chaser after the
“Almighty dollar," a trait of the Geldophagus Magnus (q.v.)


     Another word of Germanic origin, Liza is the acronym
derived from lieben Zuchen Platz = “love seeking place”.
It refers to a place where one goes seeking the discovery
of “love” (perhaps a singles bar). A Liza will be found in
Green Pea Scenes (q.v.).

     Acronym from the German, lodor =    Logik der Ordnung.
The German phrase suggests a “logic of the ordered or
rational”. Hence, a lodorist (who subscribes to lodorphily
and so acts as a lodor) is anyone who is normative in all
respects although perhaps a bit obtuse.      Perhaps we are
reminded of T.S. Eliots' poem, "J. Alfred Prufrock."

Logology, ologistic

     A treatise, doctrine, theory or science treating the
Logos -- hence, logology is the science of science or, in
general, the “study of study”. Ologistic is the appeal to
such a study.

     A Macintosh computer whiz who appears to be hooked on
the “Mac”.


     Macha will be (the perhaps grammatically incorrectly
used   term  for   the) glamorous,  coquettish,  feminine
counterpart of “macho”.

Malletese cuisine

     A light hearted reference to some people’s seeming
conception of exotic cuisine--they bring you a serving
containing not quite dead insects or other members of the
animal kingdom accompanied by a mallet should you prefer
your food “still”.


     In many nations, one’s country is called “the
fatherland,” and the love one has for it is called
“patriotism”. Some other countries refer to their lands as
“the motherland,” and their national affection should
properly be called matriotism.

     The opposite of the “mathophobe” (fear and/or hatred
of math.), one who possesses mathophilia (a mathophiliac)
has a “love of mathematics”.


     The term metalogue ("to discourse after") is the
proper compliment of "prologue", and as one of its uses,
may refer to the "afterword" of a book. The word may also
refer to a postvention (q.v.) conversation.

Metanoesis (see dianoesis)

Misergy,    Philergy

     Misergy literally means "a   hatred   of   work."   The
antonym of misergy is philergy.


     Literally, misophily is a “love of hate”, an all too
present presence in the world.
Monological fallacy

     Another proposed informal fallacy in logic, this is
the belief that a unique single cause (unum causa) explains
or is capable of explaining events -- the “Oh, that’s
nothing but attitude” of the ever present reductionist.
Anyone engaging in such simple thinking or argument is
committing the monological fallacy.

Monomania, Monophobia

      This term (“same madness”), monomania,  denotes an
excessive    drive   (a  mania)  to   produce  conformity
(homogenization) or sameness.    It speaks well to that
Japanese adage: “The nail that stands begs to be banged
down”.    Monophobia is the fear of being like everybody

Monophobia (see Monomania)

     This   term   refers  to   some   distinctly   American
companies' payment plans: you pay through the nose.


     Literally a “love of the new, novel or unique”.

Nexion,     Struction

     Some scientists and mathematicians suggest we need a
new technical term to replace the hard to define but ever
used term “structure”.      I propose either nexion or
struction.   Nexion is the better term, I believe, as it
relates to the nexus or interconnection of whatever is
being studied in a scientific or mathematical structural
                           O PR
                             &    &

Ologistic (see logology)


     Literally "a pathological fear of existence (Being =
"ontos")," the most extreme phobia imaginable.


     Literally, the word from Greek means “pain all over”.
Thus, for example, one might say: “I feel panalgic” which
could be translated: “I ache all over my body”.


        Permanent Menstrual Syndrome.   Compare with PMS.

Philergy (see misergy)


        "Fear of love.".

     The generalization of the terms “monologue”         and
“dialogue”,   a polylogue is many (more than two) speakers
talking concurrently or many speeches occurring at once.
How many of us has ever participated in a polylogue with
our friends or colleagues -- all talking at once?
Television or radio talk shows often contain polylogues.

Postduction (to postduce), Postvision (to postvide),
Postfaction (to postfact), Postgression (to postgress)

     These terms all describe well some of our political
leaders, among others.    So many of our statespeople are
postducers (“to lead afterwards”) or postviders (“to see
afterwards”) or postfacters (“to do afterwards”) or
postgressers (“to move afterwards”).

Postfaction (see postduction)

Postgression (see postduction)

postvention (see provention)

Postvision (see postduction)


     Opposite of “reflection” (to turn behind or back),
proflection   means “to turn ahead” -- the reflection of
reflection, as it were.     Also may refer to nonreflective or
impulsive behavior.

Pronoesis (see   dianoesis)

Provention (to provene), postvention (to postvene)

     These terms are the proper compliments of the term
"convene" (to meet with"), as to provene is "to meet
before" and postvene means "to meet after". This triad of
terms is a common occurrence in courts of law, for example.
In camera (informal) proventions settle the matters
secretly, while the conventions are merely the formal
statement of the provention agreements.    After the court
has convened,   postventions may occur to plan a response
(and have a metalogue, q.v.) to the provenings and/or

Psychologische Totenlager

     A "psychological deathcamp", borrowed from WWII Nazi
concentration camp terminology.    Psychologische totenlager
means to be imprisoned in one’s mind to such an extent that
one's suffering would be likened to an ultimate form of
torture. Obviously some form of pathology such as paranoia
may be at work under this term, but the phenomenon of
psychologische totenlager can be ascribed to cultural
causes such as racism, sexism, classism, and the like among
people who might be deemed clinically "normal".

     Literally, "a measure of the psyche or mind"; hence,
any psychological test scale such as the famous Rorschach
Inkblot Test or the well known Scholastic Aptitude Tests


     Literally, "the psychology or act of looking up
another's rear-end", psychoproctoscopy is a term referring
to all of the worlds nosy bodies (psychoproctoscopists) who
need to know everyone else's "business".


     This word refers to the love of we Celtics of or from
the British Isles -- writing poetry in a local pub.


     PYA is an acronym for Pull it out of your A**.
Pyacentricity   is  that   American   pragmatic  spirit   of
improvisation -- inventing things to get by for the moment.

     A robobitch     is   an   electronic   age   version   of   the

“bitch on wheels”.
Scatocracy, cacocracy

     There are many "cracies"       and "archies" such as
"democracy", "oligarchy," "monarchy," "meritocracy,"etc.
"Scata" comes from the Greek meaning "dung", so a
scatocracy will be a rule by those we might describe
collectively as “the dung”.      Some may prefer the less
melodious and malodious term cacocracy "rule by the bad".


     In German "scheisser" means "muck" and "leben"      is
"life", so literally the term means a "life of muck".   The
term   has sociological import, referring to the lot     of
unfortunate members at the lower end of the cultural     or
economic scale.


     Literally, sciophily means "a love of the superficial"
whether of knowledge or any other type of experience (cf.

     A good natured swipe at our tendency to join the
bandwagon of any new popular philosophy. Semi-hemi-demi-
metapolyneoism will refer to a philosophy of life positing
that 12.5% is a necessary and sufficient condition for
probabilistic abstraction. Note that semi-hemi-demi
implies the quantity 1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2. The term Semi-
hemi-demi-metapolyneoism could imply a lack of respect for
self and others by the implied "instant coffee" jetset-
mindset and orientation to life.


     Acronym for smiling dolt, the term smolt refers to the
all too many Madam Eglantines on this earth.


      A derogatory reference to someone without regard to
race,    ethnicity,    national    origin,   gender,    sexual
preference,       age,      neighborhood       of      origin,
handicap/veteran/military/culinary/virgin status, etc. The
term Spit-shit may properly be used as a salutation to
connote       diminutive        psychological,       economic,
anthropological, sociological or metaphysical status by
making explicit reference to excreted waste matter.

Struction (see nexion)

Subcile, Subcilious
     This term is the opposite of "supercilious" (lit., a
"high brow"). One who is subcilious (a subcile) is one who
is humble. ("low brow"). Humble is itself an interesting
term etymologically as its root means to be prostrate in
the humus or dirt). Hence, a subcilious person is one who
is a dirty subcile.
                        T U &


     The soft sciences are demeaned for their study of the
soft topics (e.g., people; compare talcum powder); thus,
talcology will be the study of these soft topics.
Talcologists are those engaged in this field.

Testopad, Testopady

     An acronym standing for "they even see their own
people as dead". Epitome of a culture esposing


     Thanotropism is literally "a turning to death" or a
tendency to engage death-causing objects or events (compare
with the neologism biotropism).


     Literally, "a fear of God". One may ascribe theophobia
to the atheist.

      Literally, "a love of chance'" the term tychophily
refers to those who love to take chances or live on the


        Affinity for chance outcomes or taking things as they
come.     See tychophily.


     Passionate sexual    penetration   ("to   the   hilt")   of   a
female by a male.