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         With all due respect, pages 8 through 16 are a MUST READ.

The information contained in those pages is not guesswork. It is hard won
knowledge that has been gained over the last five years of toil, sweat and
prayer; not only by ourselves but by dozens of people just like you that worked
hard to produce a successful “Fundraising Formula” for JesusMosaics.

If you hold a JesusMosaic fundraiser YOU ARE AGREEING to hold it in the
manner described in these pages. It works. Thank you.

JesusMosaics provides one of the easiest, quickest and most profitable
fundraising opportunities available.

EASY! All it takes is two eight foot folding tables to display the JesusMosaics
and a couple of volunteers to help you collect the money. We provide you with
all needed materials and information on how to make your fundraiser as
profitable as it can be.

QUICK! Simple three week program.

                      PROGRAM OUTLINE
1st week: You insert JesusMosaics fliers into your church bulletin. We provide
them free of charge. The flier will show pictures of JesusMosaics and explain
what they are. It will state that JesusMosaics will be on sale AFTER MASS the
following week to benefit the group or Parish activity that you are raising
money for. Also, it is helpful to make an announcement in Mass if possible.

2nd week: You receive a full display of JesusMosaics and have them set up on
two eight foot folding tables for sales after Mass. Again, you insert
JesusMosaics fliers into your bulletin to inform your parishioners that
JesusMosaics will be on sale one more week (the next weekend) and, if
possible, make another announcement in Mass.

3rd week: You hold your final sales after each Mass.
Note: On average, you will make 60% to 70% of your total sales on the first
week and 30% to 40% on the second week.

Q. Are JesusMosaics popular? How do I know my parishioners will buy them?

A. JesusMosaics have been sold since the year 2001. Thousands of them have
been purchased at Catholic conferences and sold through Parish fundraisers
across the country. EWTN has sold them on their Religious Catalogue. They

were one of the last items personally approved by Mother Angelica before her
stroke. JesusMosaics are hanging in Churches, Convents, Monasteries, Chapels
and thousands of homes across the country. Yes, many of your parishioners
will like and purchase JesusMosaics.

Q. There are lots of "religious" pictures available. What makes JesusMosaics
A. JesusMosaics are a new form of mosaic art. They are created from hundreds
of pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. They have NO competition. That's a
large part of their appeal.

Q. Does everyone have to pay cash? Do you accept personal checks and credit
A. Cash is certainly accepted, but not necessary. Checks are made out to your
Parish or organization. We do accept credit cards and this greatly helps
increase sales. (MC, VISA and Discover) Credit cards are processed through
our account at no charge to you.

Q. How quickly does my Parish receive its share of the proceeds?
A. At the end of each sales week, you deduct your share before sending us our
share. This means that your funds are available to you immediately. Usually
enough cash is collected so that you can take your share in full. You then send
us our share which will include all credit card purchases and any cash
remainder in a Parish or Organization check made out to JesusMosaics.

Q. Do you have references I can talk to?
A. Yes. If you wish, we will provide you with the names and phone numbers of
parishes that have held successful fundraisers with JesusMosaics. They were
happy with their results and volunteered to be called.
    Fundraiser     Registered Amount                  Comment
     Held For       Families   Earned
   St Peter the       500      $1,095 "The most successful fundraiser
  Apostle - Fort                        we've ever held.(youth group)"
   Worth, TX
  St Elizabeth-      2500     $2,523.50 "...a beautiful product...affordable
Pflugerville, TX                        for all. Not only did we raise
                                        money for extras...parents were
                                        excited about their purchases...a
                                        winner all around. God Bless you."
Isaiah 58-Cherry      650     $1,095.50 "I can't believe we earned so much.
     Hill, NJ                           They are really beautiful."
    Madalene          500      $774.00 " is real easy to work with
 Church-Tulsa,                          something as nice as you are
       OK                               doing!!! We have been asked by
                                        two different churches now to do
                                        this fundraiser at their facilities."
  Resurrection-       800      $646.00 "I would recommend JesusMosaics
  Memphis, TN                           to any other parish... You have a
                                        great product at a good price. It
                                        was wonderful working with you."
  Sacred Heart-       800      $995.00 "Can you come back and do
  Rowlett, TX                           another fundraiser? I have several
                                        people excited about being able to
                                        purchase Christmas gifts early."
   St Anthony-       1200     $1,558.50 "We made over $1500, our
    Wylie, TX                           profit!!! We feel so blessed."
   St Clement-        300      $556.00 "We sincerely enjoyed the sale of
   Bixby, OK                            the prints. There were many happy
                                        faces. The parishioners thought
                                        they were just beautiful."
  St John of the      300      $722.00 "These pictures are so beautiful
   Cross-New                            and moving that they sell
   Caney, TX                            themselves. We are a small parish
                                        and we raised over $700 after only
                                        two Masses."

The picture looks hauntingly beautiful, especially Jesus' eyes..... I definitely got
my money's worth. I truly enjoy it and have it hanging on the wall between the
bedrooms so we see it every day......The mosaic is truly a beautiful portrayal of
Mother Mary and the Infant Jesus..... I have received many compliments - and
people always have to take a closer look!" B. K. R.

"Got the picture today and it's incredible. I'm going to give it to my best-friend
who is entering seminary in the fall. He ... will love this picture." T. M.

"...have not figured out which wall in our chapel we want to hang it on. Right
now it is propped up on our little altar. It is so gorgeous!" S. A.

"I just love the image. This is a beautiful image that has been thoughtfully
created. It evokes powerful emotion as well as a sense of serenity. A great
addition to any home." The K's.

"Absolutely breathtaking!! Everything as promised and more. !" J. L.

"I actually purchased the...picture for our parish priest whose birthday is fast
approaching...The print itself is absolutely beautiful. I think that our parish
priest will love it! Thank you for such an inspirational gift!" S. S.

"…I saw that picture would include both Jesus and Padre Pio, both whom I
have so much love and admiration for. We will be placing this picture in our
bedroom so we can view it when we go to bed and when we awaken we can
see the beauty of this picture. Frank, It appears you have given your best to
both satisfy and please all, even if it means you will go that extra mile to
please. J. R.

"What a magnificent testimony! As beautiful as described! Highly
recommended!" K. T.

"Your print was the best and most innovative picture... I am hanging it up in
my room when I get back to school." T. F.

"As I am writing this to you I can see the beautifully framed Madonna & Child
I purchased from you. The picture is in my living room. Gorgeous! L. T.

"It was just outstanding. Very clear and obviously high end." M. M. B

"It is really one of the neatest religious pieces of art I have ever seen. ...I
purchased it for myself, but would certainly consider others for close friends.
Even my wife likes it, which is quite an honor for you....The JesusMosaic was
exactly as advertised and I have received hundreds of favorable comments
about it from friends and coworkers. … you can't go wrong with any of their
offerings." J. L.

"I love the JesusMosaic because there are so many beautiful pictures of Jesus
and Mary. Through the mosaic I feel that I am able to see parts of them all." J.

"My son loved it, .... and has it hanging in a place of honor in his den!" N. M.

                                                  ------------------and many more.

    Here come the


   In this Handbook.

    Read Carefully.

Hi, this is Frank Bear, the creator of JesusMosaics.

This section contains some very important points for you to consider.
There is a good deal of information here, but please take the time to
read it carefully; It contains the most valuable information in this booklet.
If you decide to go ahead, what you read here will help you to have the
most financially successful fundraiser that you can.

                         CUT TO THE CHASE
Since there is a lot to cover, I‟ll tell you what you really want to know
right up front. Then you can read the rest of this in peace. That is, of
course, what percentage of the sales proceeds is yours?

                             YOU RECEIVE:

                         40% on all sales

                          THE RIGHT STUFF
We‟ve held dozens of these fundraisers over the last five years. Out of
this experience, a few “this puts the odds in my favor” points have
become clear. We‟ve found that it may not be possible to implement all
of these points in all Parishes but it is valuable to have as many of them
included in your fundraising program as you can.

Two of them, Point 1 INFORMED CUSOMERS and Point 2 EASY
AVAILABILITY are of supreme importance. We will discuss all of these
points with you before you make your final decision and actually set a
date for a fundraiser. The formula for a successful JesusMosaics
fundraiser is really quite simple.

                            THE FORMULA

Point 1. INFORMED CUSTOMERS. I read a story about how the
Microwave oven was a sales “flop” when it was first introduced. People
didn‟t understand it, and so they simply didn‟t buy it. It took a special
campaign of “educating the consumer” to make the Microwave the
success that it is today. They had to run “information” ads rather than
“sales” ads. Once the public became “informed” they started buying it.

I‟ve found exactly the same thing to be true with JesusMosaics. In
taking their first glance at a JesusMosaic, many people don‟t know what
they‟re looking at. The most common reaction is that they think they‟re
looking at a “puzzle”. Again, taking human nature into account, if we
don‟t understand something we usually don‟t buy it, just like the

That‟s where the „Baby Jesus‟ flyer inserted in the bulletin comes in.
That little flyer is your BEST SALESMAN; not because it sells, but
because it “informs.” In a simple and visual way, it “informs” people
about JesusMosaics. Those that read it and are interested will then
come to your table ready to look and ready to buy. They‟ve been
“informed” and know what they‟re looking at.

The flyer is to be inserted in your bulletin the 1st and 2nd week of your
three week program. The actual sales are conducted on the 2nd and 3rd

NOTE: If for some reason the flyers cannot be inserted in your bulletin,
then they are to be passed out DIRECTLY TO THE PARISHIONERS as
they leave Mass. Again, both the 1st and the 2nd week. Either way,
inserted in the bulletin, or passed out directly, they must be distributed
to your parishioners as described.

Point 2. EASY AVAILABILITY. I remember from my days of retail sales
that our manager used to say there were three important points in
properly displaying a product for sale. They are, “location, location and
location.” Our experience with JesusMosaics has shown me that he was

We have found that the best location is to set the display up in the foyer,
off to the side, but right next to the flow of traffic. Ideally, people will
walk right in front of the tables as they enter and leave Mass. If it is not
possible to set the display up in the foyer (some Parishes have only a
small entry way) then, weather permitting, you can set them up just
outside the entrance; again, in a place where people will walk right by
the tables.

Every time we‟ve had to display the pictures in an area other than the
foyer or entrance; say a meeting room, gymnasium or lunchroom, sales
have been down. Why? Human nature. Many people are in a hurry and
simply aren‟t interested enough to “go the extra mile” to another
location; they just jump in their car and go home. When we set the
pictures up where people practically run into them coming out of Mass,
sales are much higher.

Displaying the pictures on tables in the foyer (or right outside the
entrance) also provides high visibility. People can easily see (and think
about) the pictures both on their way into Mass and when they come

Point 3. MAKE ROOM FOR ALL. The more room you make for the
maximum number of people to be able to see and reach the pictures at
one time, the better off you‟ll be. That‟s why spreading them out on
tables is important. When that “mob” comes out of Mass those that are
interested will gather two, three and four deep in front of the tables. If
the pictures are spread out and easily accessible, your sales will be on
the high side.

Set up a minimum of two 8 or 10 foot folding tables to display the
pictures. We have put together "traveling" racks made out of cardboard,
with directions for putting them together and which JesusMosaics to
display on them. Setting them up, one on each end of the display area
will attract people‟s attention and give people room to view them.

Lay out, on the tables, the remaining 11x14 pictures first and then just
lay the matching 8x10 on top; placing them with the bottom and left

edges even with each other. That will leave the price sticker for the
11x14 still visible.

Of course if you have room, rather than stack them up you can lay out
each size of picture separately; laying out the 11x14s in a row and the
matching 8x10s in a second row placed just below them - that is the
best display of all.

If you can set up more than two tables, say three or four; that would
give you room to stretch the pictures out in a single row as described
above. This may sound excessive, but remember, the more people that
can walk right up to the pictures without having to stand behind
someone else, the better. Make room for all; if you can.

Point 4. FAST SERVICE. An after Mass fundraiser is in a class by
itself; it‟s like no other project that I‟ve been involved with. Time is truly
of the essence. After each Mass you‟re got about 10 minutes to make
your sales; 12 minutes if you‟re lucky, and then they head for the
parking lot. You‟ll have these few minutes of fast and furious action and
that‟s it. People don‟t like to stand in line and some just won‟t wait for
the person standing in front of them to “get out of the way” so they can
see the pictures. (That is one reason why we hold sales for two weeks;
that gives the people who were standing in the back row and “couldn‟t
wait” the first week a second chance to buy. Many of them will.)

Have plenty of sales help available. Get a couple of volunteers to work
with you; not just to collect money, but to write up credit card payments.
When someone pays with a credit card if you‟re there by yourself,
stopping to write up that order can bring cash sales to a halt. If you have
additional help, one person can write up the credit card payment while
the others continue to conduct cash sales. Plenty of help equals fast
service and increases your sales.

Point 5. ANNOUNCED IN MASS. Try to get your fundraiser announced
in each Mass for all three weeks of the program. If you‟re allowed, the
announcement can include something like this statement: “They are
mosaics made by joining together hundreds of pictures of Jesus
and Mary taken from classic paintings.” Making that kind of

statement is not always possible, but if you can, it helps greatly to
“inform” the parishioners; as in Point 4. Even if it is not the suggested
statement, an announcement of ANY kind is helpful.

Point 6. PRINTED IN YOUR BULLETIN. In addition to having the „Baby
Jesus‟ flyer inserted in your Parish bulletin, also have a notice printed in
the bulletin itself; again, for the first two weeks of the program. This
reinforcement increases “awareness” of your fundraiser and contributes
to your overall success.

Those 6 Points are the “cream” that has floated to the top from all the
fundraisers that we‟ve held. Experience has shown that the more of
them you can put to work for you, the higher your sales will be.

Now, here are some odds and ends that may be helpful.

By the way, assuming that your display is set up inside, don‟t concern
yourself about putting things away at night between Saturday and
Sunday. Just throw a sheet over the tables and go get a good night‟s
sleep. I have no concern about any pictures “disappearing” or whatever.
You will figure your sales simply on total money received, not on the
number of pictures you end with. If the inventory count is off, or if some
of them perhaps “walk off” it is a matter of no concern. I‟ve always said
that if someone feels that they need a picture of Jesus or Mary enough
to “liberate” one then they‟re welcome to it; with my blessing.

                           GIVE US A SIGN
The „Baby Jesus‟ flyers will do a good job for you with everyone that
reads them. However, not everyone takes a bulletin, and not everyone
will have read the flyer.

So how do you compensate for this? We will send you a large sign that
is actually a blow-up of the „Baby Jesus‟ flyer. It has the same
“informing” pictures on it as the flyer; only much larger. We will also

provide you with a short bit of “patter‟ to help those who have not seen
the flyer.

If you share that information with the people that come to your table,
you can easily compensate for their not having been “informed” by the
flyers. It works.

Don‟t think you need to become a professional sales person. Most of
the people you see will have already read the flyer in the bulletin.

                        HOW‟S MY CREDIT?
We will process credit cards for you. Included with your shipment will be
some small “Credit Card” signs. Set them up, one on each table.
Some people may not know that you can take credit cards. Informing
them that they you do will increase sales greatly. It‟s not unusual to
have as much as 1/4 to 1/2 of your sales made on credit cards; but,
they have to be “informed” that they can use their card.

A number of order forms will be enclosed with your shipment. You can
Xerox more if you need them. If you sell out of a particular picture, or if
they want a 16x20 that you don‟t have, just have them fill out the order
form. Ask them to PRINT please. You can keep the order forms for your
records and simply inform us of what the pictures they ordered. I‟ll print
and ship them to you and people can pick them up at the Parish, at a
time and location of your choice. If they pay by credit card, we will of
course need that information.

A note on the 16x20s: Normally, you won‟t sell as many of the poster
sized JesusMosaics as you will of the smaller sizes. But, having them
on display helps you sell the smaller pictures. The big pictures attract
attention. You‟ll see people examine the big ones and then walk over
and buy smaller copies. It works best if you don‟t lay them flat on the
table. Stand them up on something so people can walk right up and

take a close look at them. An artist‟s easel works well; or what ever you
can figure out to stand them up at eye level.

                             WHAT IS THAT?

It‟s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the individual JesusMosaics.
Read the description on the back of each of the packages. If you do,
you‟ll be able to tell your customers exactly what it is. They appreciate
the information, it helps sales, and hey; it‟s just plain more fun.

                          THE COUNT DOWN
We‟ll need you to provide us with a full inventory of what you have left
after your last Mass on Sunday, BOTH WEEKS of your sale. You can
use one of the order forms to write down the number and size of each
picture that you have left. You can email it, fax it or call us, but we really
do need the information on Sunday.
After your first week of sales, we‟ll need the inventory to know what to
send you as replacements for your second week. The quicker we get
the information the better; we need all the time we can get to print and
After your second week, we need the inventory again. Even though you
will be finished with your fundraiser, your final inventory will tell us what
pictures are available for the NEXT Parish that will be selling them at
THEIR fundraiser. The easiest way to take an inventory is simply to
count and write down the number of each picture that you have left AS
YOU PACK after your last sale on Sunday. Simple.

                  WE‟RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

At the end of each sale week you will of course have your share of the
proceeds immediately in hand. You will not have to wait for the financial
return on your efforts. In return, we humbly ask you to send us our
share of the proceeds in a quick and timely manner. JesusMosaics is
truly a Mom and Pop ministry. (I‟m Pop.) We often have all of our
finances tied up in stock that is being shipped in every direction all over
the country; and yes, our expenses are high. We truly need your

understanding that for the health of our ministry we need to receive our
part of the sales as quickly as possible. Your attention to the following
points will be greatly appreciated.

   1.   On each Sunday, along with your inventory figures, we need to
        receive full information on all Credit Card orders. It takes about 5
        or 6 working days for us to actually receive the money from Credit
        Card sales. We need to get that process started as quickly as
        possible. You can call them in or fax them whichever is easiest
        for you.
   2.   When you deposit your share on Monday, please send us our
        share (whatever may remain after Credit Card receipts) in a
        check at the same time. Please send it Priority Mail to 14290 Hwy
        377 S; Ft Worth, TX 76126. Deduct the cost of the Priority mail
        from our share.
   3.   Please observe these same procedures for both of your sales
        weeks. Thank you.

                    SAVE THE BOXES – REALLY!

When you receive your shipment of JesusMosaics, please open the
boxes carefully. Why? Because you will save the boxes. You will use
them to return whatever is left at the end of your fundraiser. Send us
back whatever you have left over, including credit card slips, order
forms, signs, etc. Please pack the pictures so that there is no “empty
space” in the boxes. Stuff the boxes with wadded up newspaper or
something so that the pictures don‟t “rattle” around; that damages the
corners and uh-oh; then we can‟t sell them. Please pack tight, and
they‟ll ship right.

                             IT‟S THE FEDS!
We‟ll send you a lot of stock, but remember that we will pay for return
shipping, so don‟t be concerned about how many pictures you may

have left. Shipping labels will be supplied to you at the end of your
fundraiser. You need to let us know how many boxes you will be
shipping and the measurements and weight of each of the boxes. The
labels will be emailed or faxed to you and will already be filled out with
all the information that FedEx needs to charge our account. The labels
may be addressed to ship the boxes to us or to forward them to another
Parish for a fundraiser. All you have to do is stick them on the boxes
and drop them off at the nearest FedEx/Kinko or authorized FedEx
shipping center (a private postal center, drugstore, etc.)

However, use only the shipping labels that we provide. Do not let a
shipping clerk suggest a different manner of shipment other than
ground. Do not use the Post Office, UPS or any other shipper than
FedEx. If you ever encounter a problem, CALL US!

                             LAST THINGS
Hey, if this doesn‟t cover everything it isn‟t because we didn‟t try. If you
have any questions, or if you‟re ready to talk about the “last things”
before making a decision to hold your own fundraiser, give us a call.
We‟re here for you.

God bless you.

Peace be with you,

Frank and Mary Bear


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