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Patient is looking at X-ray


									Patient is looking at X-ray.

Dr:    (Dr. enters looking at patient and sighs)

Pt:    Hey Doc!

Dr:    (sarcastically) Well, look who’s here! The man who has to put his life in order; how’s that
       working for you?

Pt:    I wanted you to be the first to know, I contacted the specialist

Dr:                    You did! I was under the impression when you left that you decided to
       (looking surprised)
       keep on ignoring the fact that you have Congenitus Christo Deficiency Disorder.

Pt:    You know doc, last week you hit me with a brick right between the eyes. I was really
       shaken by the news that I still had CCDD and the fact that I couldn’t do any thing about it.
       But when you mentioned there was someone that could help me, it was like the pressure
       was off. I had this feeling I had plenty of time to get around to making the choice to see
       the specialist.

Dr:    Ah! I could tell you were exhibiting traumatic hyper-egoism.

Pt:    It was that obvious?

Dr:    Yes.

Pt:    Well, when I was driving to the golf course I heard a song playing on the radio “Live like
       you were dying.” I thought, ‘I’ve been told I have Congenitus Christo Deficiency Disorder,
       a fatal condition that must be dealt with and I’m living like I am never going to die. Here I
       am going to play golf and I’m dying

Dr:    It’s like being a zombie.

Pt:    A what?

Dr:    A zombie, a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote.

Pt:    Yeah! Alive but not able to experience the life worth living!

Dr:    Exactly!

Pt:    I thought back on all the symptoms you told me about and how I was exhibiting all of
       them, thinking it was normal. I had to come to terms with the fact I’m not the chiseled
       piece of machinery I use to be. My wife wants me to color my hair and she makes me
       wear Mary Kay to take the wrinkles away. (Pause) Then I remembered something you
       said, “We are all born with CCDD.

Pt:    Then it hit me; that’s everybody! My mind ran through the list of people that are close to
       me: my wife, my daughter, friends, and even my mother-in-law.
Dr:   Oh really.

Pt:   I’ve always thought she was beyond help, but maybe not. (Pause) I thought how could I
      help them if I don’t know the specialist. So, contacted the specialist on the direct line, you
      gave me, and he performed the Christos Tranfusus right there in the car!

Dr:   Well that’s great!

Pt:   I was so excited I forgot to go play golf!

Dr:   Thank you for telling. Now, just think, you get to tell the whole world

Pt:   Telling others beyond my family, what a great idea doc. I’m going to start right now!

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