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									                                   THE PASSAGE

Job description

Post:                Locum Weekend Project Worker

Salary:              £12.55 per hour

Hours of Work:       9 hours per weekend (hours currently under review)

Annual Leave:        1 hour for every 5½ hours worked

Probation Period: 6 months

Notice period:       1 month

Responsible to:      Weekend Team Leader

Job Purpose

To be responsible for the delivery of first class services to clients at the Day
Centre and ensuring that the Day Centre is a safe and welcoming environment
for homeless and vulnerable people who use the centre. This will involve
engaging with and assessing clients and maintaining the day centre service at
the weekend.

Main tasks
1. To open the centre promptly and create a welcoming environment for
   clients, ensure the highest possible standard of service delivery to all

2. To work as part of a team to ensure the smooth running of the day centre,
   within agreed policies and procedures.

3. To ensure that clients are treated with dignity and respect.

4. To deal with incidents and emergencies in a calm and professional manner
   bringing them to a satisfactory conclusion within the framework of the
   organisations polices, recording such incidents where appropriate.

5. To offer clients the opportunity to discuss issues that may be affecting them
   in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Where appropriate and
   possible, to offer assistance and support, or to link clients into services
   available during the weekday service.

6. To support the volunteers in providing primary services.

7. Carry out administrative tasks using both manual and computerised

8. To participate in debriefs, staff, handover and internal meetings as required.

9. To keep accurate and up to date records, within an agreed format.

10.   To work effectively and efficiently as part of a team.

11.   To close the centre and make sure that the building has been vacated
      and secured.

12.   To behave in a professional manner when communicating with
      colleagues at the Passage, or in any contacts with external agencies.

General Responsibilities

1.    If required to attend training days, conferences and any other meetings
      as may be arranged by the Team Leader.

2.    To be involved with the project team in the collation and preparation of
      reports, statistics on computer, and other papers which may be required
      by the Services Director.

3.    To adhere to all Passage policies, particularly those relating to Health
      and Safety and Confidentiality; to contribute to the effective
      implementation of Passage ’s Diversity and Equality Policy as it affects
      both The Passage and its work with the residents.

4.    To at all times undertake the role in a professional manner maintaining a
      high quality standard of work, and to always work in accordance with the
      aims, values and ethos of The Passage.

7.    To maintain all records of work necessary for the smooth running of the

8.    To deal with any other tasks commensurate with the needs of the

Revised December 2009

                                   THE PASSAGE

Person Specification – Essential Criteria

Locum Weekend Project Worker

   1. At least one year’s experience of working with homeless or vulnerable
   2. Experience of working with vulnerable people with substance misuse
      and/or mental health problems in a hostel or housing environment.

    Knowledge and Understanding

   1. Understanding of the difficulties faced by people who are homeless
      and/or sleeping rough and experiencing substance misuse and/or
      mental health issues.
   2. A knowledge, understanding and awareness of health, safety and
      hygiene issues in a residential project.
   3. An understanding of, and commitment to, user involvement.
   4. Knowledge, understanding and commitment to the principles and
      practice of Equal Opportunities.

    Skills and Abilities

   1. Excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing.
   2. Ability to use IT packages effectively (i.e. Microsoft office – Word, Excel,
   3. Ability to make contact and communicate with vulnerable people who
       can present with challenging behaviour.
   4. An ability to negotiate support for, and advocate on behalf of, vulnerable
       people and/or people who present with challenging behaviour from the
       wider staff team and external agencies.
   5. Good listening and observation skills.
   6. Ability to act calmly in emergencies and respond in a professional
       manner to stressful and challenging situations and incidents.
   7. Ability to work as part of a team and be proactive in ensuring good
   8. Ability to manage and prioritise a diverse workload.
   9. Ability to maintain policies and practices and work within professional
   10. Have a flexible, positive and solution orientated approach to work.

    Other

   1. To have a flexible and enthusiastic approach to work.
   2. A respect for the ethos of The Passage (as set out in the Ethos

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