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					High Flight
Charity registration No. 1076819

                             Help needed
High Flight is the Charity sponsored by Flight Operations and the Customer First
Team. We need help. This coming year we have committed ourselves to completing
the flying of 375 disadvantaged youngsters in gliders, sponsoring two full flying
scholarships for disabled people to learn to fly, fulfilling any request from the
Starlight Children’s Foundation to fly youngsters who are terminally ill and supplying
funds for children from poor backgrounds and with learning difficulties to have a
flying experience from Duxford.

Last year we started flying youngsters from disadvantaged areas in gliders, and this
has given them such a boost to their lives. By carrying out the flights these
youngsters can see that there is more to life than what the fates have given them.
They have done something that would not normally have been within their reach. The
Starlight Children’s Foundation tries to grant the wishes of children who are dying.
High Flight has agreed to pay for any flight in a light aircraft from the Childs local
airfield. Along with the full flying scholarships for the disabled we will also fund one
off flights for disadvantaged youngsters.

All of these programs cost money. Through Give as You Earn, as a 40% tax payer a
donation of £10 will cost you only £6 and the tax man will add to your £10 by another
10%. We do not ask for much. Anything helps bring the experience of flight that we
enjoy to so many people who are not so fortunate as ourselves. Please turn the page
and consider a monthly donation of £10 or more. With your help we can expand to
reach more and more people.

Equally, if you know of someone who would benefit from a flight, please do contact
us and if the situation falls within our remit, we will help.


Yours with respect

Stratton Richey
Chairman of High Flight
SFO 744

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