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Noise affects everyone’s quality of life and the purpose of noise action day is
to encourage us all to consider the noise we make and the noise that bothers

Noise in your neighbourhood can come from a whole range of sources, but
one particular source, intruder alarms, can be particularly stressful, especially
if it continues for extended periods and into the night. The main reason that
intruder alarms continue for such long period is that more often than not,
police or environmental health officers are unable to find keyholders for the
property in question to gain access and silence the alarm.

If an alarm becomes a noise nuisance and your keyholders have not
been registered on the database, you are at risk of being issued with a
substantial fine (maximum £5,000) from your local environmental health
department. Furthermore, if environmental health officers are required
to gain entry to de-activate an alarm, as the property owner you will be
liable for the costs, which on average are £400.

As part of the National Noise Action Day on 27th May 2004, London boroughs,
in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, have decided to focus on alarm
noise pollution as the theme. As part of the focus, emphasis will be placed on
the recently launched Metropolitan Police Keyholder Database.

In London the London Local Authorities Act 1991 made it compulsory for
premises (residential and non-residential) to register keyholder information
with the police. This was designed to make it easier to obtain keyholder
information in the event of a noise nuisance from a misfired alarm or incident
at the property.

Last year in a concerted effort to get more keyholder registrations onto the
system the Metropolitan Police Keyholders Database was launched. The new
computerised service replaced the old manual method of recording keyholder
details as well as providing alarmed property owners with the opportunity to
store additional information that would be of use to emergency services in the
event of an incident.

As part of Noise Action Day London, Local Boroughs and the Metropolitan
Police will be reminding alarm holders of their obligations to register their
properties under the London Local Authorities Act 1991. “The registration of
alarmed properties onto the new database will greatly reduce the noise
nuisance caused by malfunctioning alarms as police and environmental health
officers can react more quickly in getting them silenced” says Chief
Superintendent Mark Gore of the Metropolitan Police Service.

There are two services available;

To comply with your minimum statutory requirements a free service is
available which records the minimum 2 keyholders required by law. To
register you call the Metropolitan Police Keyholder Database
registration team on Freephone 0800 197 7711.

The Premium Service provides the property owner with up to 6 keyholder
contact details together with other valuable emergency contact numbers as
well as full internet management. The cost of Premium Service is £15 for
residences and £35 plus vat for non residential properties per year. Premium
registrants can update their details 24/7 365 days a year via the internet. If
you want to register on the Premium Service you can also register securely
online at where you will also find additional
information on the service.

Additional information relating to Noise Action Day London can be found by
visiting and from you local borough
council website.


Notes for Editors

1. Noise Action Day is co-ordinated by NSCA, the environmental protection
   charity, and supported by the UK Government and the Devolved
   Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For more
   information on NAD nationally contact NSCA, tel: 01273 878770

2. The New computerised central database was introduced as a replacement
   to the old card based records held at local stations. Details from the old
   system were not transferred over to the new system. Therefore if property
   owners had registered their details with their local station they will need to
   re-register on the new database.

3. Further Information available on Noise Action London and the Metropolitan
   Police Keyholder Database Service is available from:

   Patrick Lacey, Metropolitan Police Keyholder Database Service
   0870 145 1212

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