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									                         Hope and Social – Architect Of This Church
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                                  “Beautiful” - Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music
                           “one of the UK’s top five live bands” - The Independent
                      “smash-your-head-into-the-wall brilliant” - Entertainment Weekly
                    “A cracking debut, beautifully realised and produced” - Subba Culture
               “That was amazing, here’s your cheque” – Michael Eavis, Glastonbury Festival
     “Hope & Social seem to be on a mission to lead us all on the path to redemption” - Manchester Music

This album means nothing.

Nearly 2 years in the making it will probably be heard by just a handful of people. It will make no money
because practically no albums make money now. It will end up on no best of lists. It will get no radio play
because to do those things requires money.

It is a hugely important album. It’s an album all about meaning. About trying to make sense of this fearful and
fractured world in which we live. Trying to find a sense of community in a country where you don’t talk to your
neighbours and all the media and politicians are telling us is to BE SCARED. If God is dead is Simon Cowell and
Sunday shopping really all that is left?

It’s an album about belief. About struggling to find things worth believing in when we are surrounded by
nothing but superficial and disposable plastic. About believing that wonderful things can still happen, that
romance can still live and that sometimes dancing can save your life. Belief that we shouldn’t be scared of
saying things that have meaning and that The Kooks are truly evil.

It is an album all about England. About still believing in the idea of England: not just football and red and white
flags; but our mixed heritage, our sense of humour; our shared history and joint future. That there is still
something wonderful in this country, that we are still capable of change and that we need to change.

Hope and Social recorded this album in the crypt of a beautiful church in West Yorkshire. A tiny idyllic oasis of
green and Victorian architecture literally just metres from one of the most heroin ravaged areas in the North of
England. The location effuses every note. The sound of the rooms of the church, the battered old piano, the
collection of begged and borrowed instruments, the children’s xylophone, the three piece brass section, the
vintage amps, a giant makeshift choir of friends and locals and the joy that comes from making noise and
playing live.

Inspired by Bruce Springsteen, the Waterboys, Arcade Fire, Fleetwood Mac and seeing as how the music
industry has collapsed just like the banks and British healthcare, the album will be released as a give-what-you-
want digital download; a no frills, cover-our-manufacturing-costs CD and a luscious fixed price box-set/hymn

It will also just about fit on one side of a TDK D90 which you may or may not find useful.

                                        Hope and Social ask you nicely… PLEASE DON’T LITTER!
                                        Rich Huxley - - 07985 247 303
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Architect of this Church is an album but these songs may be considered important. Possibly….

Stuck Like Glue
A barn storming, lectern thumping, ram-raid of a song caught somewhere between a casino in North America
and the loneliness of the Huddersfield to Leeds commuter train.

Do What You Must
The central call-to arms of the album. These are big boots to try and fill but it lies at the feet of Born to Run and
begs the listener to "live through this sadness" as Bruce asked Wendy many years ago.

Red Red Rose
This song is all about the Catch-22 that we were feeling at the time - the desire to correct all that is wrong with
England, to start again somewhere else...but knowing that the place is in your's in your friends and the
landscape, the humour, the sunlight (or lack of)... and the green fields.

Looking For Answers
Recorded totally live in the church, it's a song about being in the middle of your life and looking back and
forward with equal measure and trying to understand what has value and what doesn't, what's important and
what isn't.

Track Listing: 1. Living A Lie 2. Stuck Like Glue 3. Sunlight Hold Me 4. Drink the Drink 5. King of Spain 6. In Hope 7. Do
What You Must 8. Red Red Rose 9. Looking For Answers 10. San Francisco.
Release Date:       6 July 2009
Cat. No: ALMCD006
Formats:            Donation-priced CD and digital exclusively from
                    Bound CD Package exclusively from
                    File: Alternative/Folk Songs & Anthems

Fri    15th       “The JD Set” at The Luminaire London

Fri      5th      The Talbot Inn                         Chaddesley Corbett, nr Kidderminster.
Sat      6th      O2 Academy                             Liverpool.
Sun      7th      Mojo Bar                               Leeds.                           Acoustic Set & Album Playback
Tues     9th      Blues Bar                              Harrogate.
Wed      10th     myUM Vodcast                           Live online at
Thurs    11th     Upstairs @ The Library                 Leeds.
Fri      12th     High-Barn                              Great Bardfield, nr Braintree, Essex.
Sun      14th     Mojo Bar                               Manchester.                      Band Set & Album Playback
Wed      17th     The Ballroom, Cavendish Arms           London.
Thurs    18th     Scratchers                             Godalming, Surrey.
Fri      26th     Glastonbury Festival                   Pilton/Glastonbury, Somerset.
                                           Hope and Social ask you nicely… PLEASE DON’T LITTER!
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