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                        Worcestershire Support Services Agency

                                         Information Services

                          Outpatient ClearNet Data Submissions

                  Procedure for sending Outpatient ClearNet Submissions

Author: Charlotte Windsor – Information Manager (Business Support)
Date Created: 2 September 2002

Revised: Claire Chandler – Information Officer
Date Revised: 23 September 2004
Date Last Printed: 23 September 2004
Date Last Saved: 23 September 2004

Review Date: 31 March 2005

Version: Mthly999

Document Located: I:\Data\Word\Procedures\
Filename: OP ClearNet Data Submissions

Checklist Located: I:\Data\Word\Procedures\Data Checklist\
Filename: ClearNet_OP_Submission_Table0405


The purpose of this procedure is to give detailed instructions on how to prepare and send Outpatient data to
the National Wide Clearing Service.


The Information Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Outpatient data is extracted/received, processed
and validated in line with the agreed timetable. It is also the responsibility of the Information Officer to
prepare and send the data to ClearNet.

The Information Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Outpatient data is received by the Clearing
Service within the agreed timetable.


The Outpatient data should be sent to ClearNet on a monthly and or quarterly basis to comply with external
reporting and HES requirements.


ClearNet Customer Care Desk Tel No: 0845 606 1020

Client No: CNWM0040

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Requires completion of TPA and PiMS Outpatient Activity.
Use I:\Data\Word\Procedures\Data Checklist\ClearNet_OP_Submission_Table0405, to record how many records
are sent each month and any relevant notes.


1.   Open database J:\Access\Outpatients\NWCS_OP_0405.

2.   Open table OPCMDS and ensure current month’s Outpatients have been processed before continuing.

3.   Run Macro ‘Validate OPCMDS’ – the following queries are processed;
                OPCMDS: 1890’s Birthdates Check
                OPCMDS: Update Blank Primary Diag
                OPCMDS: Update Marital Status 1
                OPCMDS: Update Marital Status 2
                OPCMDS: Validate Marital Status
                OPCMDS: Validate Patient Name
                OPCMDS: Validate Patient Address
                OPCMDS: Validate Patient ID No
                OPCMDS: Validate Sex
                OPCMDS: Validate Admin Category
                OPCMDS: Validate AttendorDNA
                OPCMDS: Validate FirstAttendIndicator
                OPCMDS: Validate Outcome of Attendance
                OPCMDS: Validate GP Codes
                OPCMDS: Validate GP Practices
                OPCMDS: Validate Postcode and DOR
                OPCMDS: Validate Provider Code
                OPCMDS: Validate Main Specialty
                OPCMDS: Validate Treatment Function
                OPCMDS: Validate Consultant Code
                OPCMDS: Validate Ethnic Group
                OPCMDS: Update Welsh Purchaser Code
                OPCMDS: Update Welsh DOR
                OPCMDS: Validate Commissioner Code

     Print out any errors. Check Welsh Patients have a Commissioner Code of QW*. Check Provider Codes are all either
     5MR/5MT/5DR or RWQ. Check GP and Practice Codes. Correct the OPCMDS table where necessary.

4.   Run Macro ‘OP_ClearNet_Processing_1’ – the following queries are processed;
                OP Monthly: Delete Lastest Mth
                Append OPCMDS to OP_ClearNet_Mthly - enter start and end dates in format dd/mm/yy
                (This appends the records for Consultant Outpatient attendances to the monthly processing table
                excluding any Community Clinics i.e. specialty 9**)
                OP Monthly: Update Standard Fields
                OP Monthly: Update Test Ind to Null
                OP Monthly: Update Birth Date 1800s (text)
                OP Monthly: Update Birth Date 1900s (text)
                OP Monthly: Validate Date of Birth
                OP Monthly: Update RefReqRecDate to text 1
                OP Monthly: Update RefReqRecDate to text 2
                OP Monthly: Update Last DNA Date Format
                OP Monthly: Update Priority Type
                OP Monthly: Check Priority Type
                OP Monthly: Update Admin Category Code
                OP Monthly: Update Attendance Date to text
                OP Monthly: Validate Attendance Date
                OP Monthly: Update First Attendance
                OP Monthly: Check Name Format
                OP Monthly: Check Site Codes
                OP Monthly: Check ICD10 codes
                OP Monthly: Check Read Procedure Codes
                OP Monthly: Update Unique CDS ID
                OP Monthly: OATS

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     Check the GP codes and Practices on the OATS query, if agreed that the activity was an OAT update the
     Commissioning Serial Number to OAT999 where blank, or OATnnn where the last 3 digits are given.
     Delete any Read Procedure Codes and complete the other validations in the usual manner.

5.   Run Macro ‘Update Prime Recipient Codes’ – the following queries are processed;
                OP Monthly: Update Prime Recip Code 1
                OP Monthly: Update Prime Recip Code 2
                OP Monthly: Update Prime Recip Code 3
                OP Monthly: Check Prime Recip Code

     Check for any null or Welsh codes in the Prime Recipient Code field. All codes should be either 5** (PCT) or
     QW* for Welsh Patients.

6.   Run Macro ‘Update Copy Recipient Codes’
                OP Monthly: Update 1st Copy Org Code Part 1
                OP Monthly: Update 1st Copy Org Code Part 2
                OP Monthly: Update 2nd Copy Org Code Part 1
                OP Monthly: Update 2nd Copy Org Code Part 2
                OP Monthly: Update 2nd Copy Org Code Part 3
                OP Monthly: Update 2nd Copy Org Code Part 4
                OP Monthly: Check Recipient Codes

     Check for any codes that start with a 4** these are welsh patients and should be updated to the local Health
     Authority code (QW*).

7.   Checking Data - open table OP ClearNet Monthly check that all mandatory fields are complete (e.g. HA of
     Residence - No NSP or null, Ethnic Origin, Missing Consultants etc…).

8.   Run Macro ‘OP Monthly: Make Tables’
               OP Monthly: Make 5DR OP Table
               OP Monthly: Make 5MT OP Table
               OP Monthly: Make RWQ OP Table
               OP Monthly: Append to ClearNet YTD

9.   Make a copy of table OP ClearNet Monthly and paste as OP ClearNet Monthly yyyymm.

10. For each of the 3 tables created in above Macro;
    Highlight table and right mouse click
    Select Export
    Save in I:\NWCS_CDS\2004_05\ and change Save as type to Text Files
    Change name of file to, for example 5MT_OP_200406
    Select Save
    In the Export Text Wizard select Advanced
    Specs - Select Specification Clearnet OP Export Specification V3, click Open, OK
    move through the wizard using the Next button, then Finish.

11. Rename *** OP Export to *** OP YYYYMM (where *** is the PCT/Trust code).

12. Tools, Database Utilities, Compact and Repair Database.

13. Open the CDS Translator software; Start, Programs, ClearNet CDS Pre-Processor.

14. Data Type: Outpatient (use drop down arrow to select from list).

15. Sender: Use drop down arrow to select the sender code of the PCT the data relates to.

16. Ensure that in the start up screen Bulk toggle button is selected for NWCS Protocol and Live toggle button
    is selected for ClearNet Mode.

17. For Source Data File Path browse to select I:\NWCS_CDS\2004_05\***_OP_yyyymm.txt.

18. Tools, Options, General menu; Source File Format = West Midlands V3
                                  Source Directory = I:\NWCS_CDS\2004_05
                                  Output Directory = I:\NWCS_CDS\OUTPUT
                                  Data Delivery Method = IGS toggle button
                                  Click on OK

19. Select Validate.

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20. Run Report to check for errors, if necessary make changes to source file OP ClearNet Monthly in
    database, re-export as text file and re-run pre-processor as above.

21. Run Format IGS to produce output file, make a note of name of output file and the number of records
    on the Data Checklist.

22. Repeat from step 15 for the other 2 export tables.

23. Exit the pre-processor.

24. Open Windows Explorer, in I:\NWCS_CDS\OUTPUT rename output files as CDSPCTOPyyyymm.

25. Copy and paste files from; I:\NWCS_CDS\OUTPUT\
    to; C:\Program Files\McKesson\DTSFE\Work\Outdata.

26. Open the DTS Frontend Software, highlight the Outdata tab, click on Refresh and drag the files to be sent into
    the DTS Outbox. The files will automatically be sent and will appear in the Sent Items box, there should be one
    report for each file sent saying Transfer - Success.

    Check the DTS Inbox to see if the files have been received successfully, there should be two reports,
    one saying Collect – Success and the other saying Transfer – Success.

     The progress of the files can be monitored by logging onto the ClearNet Tracker Web Services at; double click on ClearNet Secure Site, enter User ID and Password for
     the relevant PCT/Trust.

27. Using Windows Explorer move the files from I:\NWCS_CDS\OUTPUT\ into the appropriate folder for 2004_05.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\805407ff-4449-4af2-9628-360803128e5c.doc - 23/02/10

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