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					NEWSLETTER                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2000

P.O. BOX 267                                                                                             SHARPSBURG, NC 27878

         President .................................... Jim Lewis, N4PE .......................................... 459-8003
         Vice President ............................ Bobby Griffin, NF4C .................................... 443-6695
         Secretary .................................... Wendell Peed, KC4UVT............................... 237-8753
         Treasurer.................................... Lonnie Pridgen, WB4BZZ ............................ 446-3389
         VE Director................................ Bill Thomas, N2BT ...................................... 442-6131
         Newsletter Editor........................ Lonnie Pridgen, WB4BZZ ............................ 446-3389
                                              WEB SITE:

                  NEXT                                                 Mount, NC. Please use the catalog pick-
                                                                       up entrance.
                                                                       Please bring the following items when
T    he September meeting of the Tar
     River Amateur Radio Club will be
held Monday, September 4th at RYAN’S
                                                                       attending a testing session.
                                                                       Ø Photo identification (drivers license)
                                                                       Ø Social Security Number
                                                                       Ø Original amateur radio license
1968 Stone Rose Drive in Rocky Mount.
                                                                       Ø Copy of amateur radio license
The supper meeting will start at 6:30
                                                                       Ø Original certificate(s) of successful
                                                                       Ø Copy of certificate(s) of successful
       V E EXAM UPDATE                                                     completion
                                Bill, N2BT
                                                                       Ø Test fee of $ 6.65 payable to
                                                                           ARRL/VEC (checks preferred)
       he next VE exam session will be held
       on Saturday, September 23rd at 9
                                                                       The new license and exam structure is
                                                                       now in affect. The following are the new
                                                                       license exam elements:
Exams will be held at J.C. Penney
conference room, Golden East Crossing
                                                                       v Element 1          5 wpm code
Mall, NC Hwy 43 and U.S. 301, Rocky
                                                                         10 questions (or 1 minute copy)
v Element 2      Technician written             Upcoming Hamfests
  (No Code) 35 questions                                               Bill, N2BT
v Element 3      General written
  35 questions                            Sept 2-3    Shelby Hamfest
v Element 4      Extra written         
  50 questions                            Sept. 23-24 Va. Beach Hamfest
 The Tar River ARC VE exam schedule       Oct. 7       Rock Hill SC Hamfest
 for remainder of 2000 is as follows.     Oct. 28      Sumter SC Hamfest
    September 23                
    November 25                           Nov. 4          Myrtle Beach Hamfest
                                          Nov. 19         Benson NC Hamfest
                  Bill, N2BT                  CONTEST CALENDAR
The Tar River Amateur Radio Club will     Sept 9-10        ARRL VHF QSO Party
hold amateur radio licensing classes      Oct 28-29        CQ World Wide
starting Tuesday, September 12th.                          Contest Phone
Classes will be held from 7 pm to 9 pm    Nov 4-6          ARRL Sweepstakes
weekly, for 8 weeks at Boddie-Noell                         Contest CW
Enterprises, Rocky Mount. The cost of     Nov 18-20         ARRL Sweepstakes
the class is $20 for textbook and other                     Contest Phone
materials.    For further information,
contact Bill Thomas, at 442-6131.         Check the latest issue of QST Magazine
                                          for further information or http://
         CLUB ACTIVITY          
                                               VEC's TO DROP
               September                      MULTIPLE CHOICE
  2-3 Shelby Hamfest                         FORMAT FOR MORSE
  9-10 ARRL VHF QSL Party
  4     Tar River ARC Meeting                   CODE EXAMS
  12    License Classes Begin
                                          The National Conference of Volunteer
  21    RMARS Meeting
                                          Examiner Coordinators has voted to set
  23    VE Exams Rocky Mount
                                          up       revised   standards     for      the
  23-24 Va. Beach Hamfest
                                          administration       of     Morse       code
                                          examinations in the US.
  2      Tar River ARC Meeting
                                          Under the revised standards, examinees
  7      Rock Hill SC Hamfest
 19      RMARS Meeting                    would have to show 25 character-count
 28      Sumter SC Hamfest                solid copy on test sheets or successfully
 28-29   CQ World Wide DX Contest         answer seven out of ten questions of a
         Phone                            fill-in-the-blank quiz on the sent text. The
plan would bar multiple choice tests for    The FCC action was adopted August 18.
Morse code testing.                         The Order was released August 21.

Morse examinations would specify use of     The FCC said CB operators generally
a Farnsworth "character speed" in the       supported the proposal and stated that
range of 13 to 15 WPM. Morse code           the present rule was unenforceable. The
audio pitch would have to be between        ARRL commented in opposition to the
700 and 1000 Hz. Standard 5 WPM tests       petition. "The Amateur Radio Service is
with 5 WPM character speed could be         the proper forum for the desired
administered only as a special              long-distance communications sought by
accommodation.                              the Dixon petition," the League told the
The new Morse testing standards are to
be in effect by next July 1, but VECs may   The       National    Association     of
implement them sooner.                      Broadcasters also opposed Dixon' s
                                            petition. The NAB said that the
The NCVEC vote came July 21 during a        restriction was necessary to deter CBers
meeting of VECs in Gettysburg,              from operating at excessive power levels
Pennsylvania.                               and that consumers must be protected
                                            from illegal CB transmissions that
  FCC TURNS DOWN CB                         interfere with radio, TV and other
                                            consumer electronics.
                                            The FCC agreed with the ARRL and said
The FCC has denied a petition that
                                            it did not intend to create a service
would have amended the FCC's Part 95
                                            paralleling the Amateur Service when it
rules to permit DXing on the 11-meter
                                            authorized the Citizens Radio Service.
Citizens Band. The petition sought to
                                            "Amending the rules to permit
amend 95.413 of the rules that prohibits
                                            long-distance     and      international
communications     or    attempts     to
                                            communications would undermine the
communicate with CB stations more than
                                            purpose of the CB Radio Service rules
250 km away and to contact stations in
                                            and compromise one of the core
other countries.
                                            distinctions between the CB Radio
                                            Service and the Amateur Radio Service,"
Designated RM-9807, the petition was
                                            the FCC concluded.
filed by Popular Communications
Contributing Editor Alan Dixon,
N3HOE.                                         FCC TURNS DOWN
                                                KENWOOD "SKY
"Dixon's request is inconsistent with the     COMMAND" PETITION
purpose of the CB Radio Service and
could fundamentally alter the nature of
                                            The FCC has declared that use of
the service," the FCC said in turning
                                            Kenwood's "Sky Command" remote
town the petition.
                                            station control system does not comply
with Amateur Service rules. In an Order      The League has called Kenwood's Sky
released July 28, the FCC also declined      Command System "a fine product" that
to grant a waiver of the rules to make       would be of interest to many hams if
Sky Command legal.                           designed for frequencies on which
                                             auxiliary operation is legally permitted.
"We conclude that Sky Command does
not comply with Section 97.201(b), and       Paul Middleton, KD6NUH, Kenwood's
that a waiver of the rules is not            national sales manager for amateur and
warranted," the FCC said.                    marine products, said the company has
                                             suspended shipment of the Sky
Sky Command, which lets the user             Command PG-4R interface cable, but
control a fixed HF station via a pair of     says that it "can't change product
dual-band transceivers, has been on the      software, manuals and literature."
market for almost three years. The           Middleton said the company has not yet
ARRL has declined to permit Sky              made a decision on the future of Sky
Command advertisements in QST,               Command or on future entreaties to the
however, maintaining that the system         FCC.
was not legal to use as configured. Sky
Command operates in full duplex, using a
70-cm frequency to transmit audio and
control commands to a dualband                Check out the Hurricane Link page on
transceiver at the remote station and a 2-    our web site. Bert, WA4TLI has been
meter frequency to transmit received          busy updating it. Great Job!
audio via the remote station's Sky
Command transceiver to the operator's        "The Hurricane Net is up on 14.325.
transceiver. The VHF channel also            This usually goes by call W4EHW, and is
contains a Morse code ID.                    coordinated with the NWS in Miami.
                                             You may also be able to monitor the
The League has maintained that               Hurricane Hunters (the planes that fly
Kenwood's use of a 2-meter frequency         into the hurricanes) of one of these
would cause amateurs using the system        frequencies: 4724, 6712, 6739, 8992,
to violate Section 97.201(b), which limits   11175 (also NATO), 13200, 15016 all
auxiliary operation to certain frequencies   on USB. These carry military aviation
above 222.15 MHz.                            traffic, but hurricane hunters are
                                             identified by TEAL and 2 numbers."
The FCC agreed, saying the VHF link
was integral to Sky Command and that
Kenwood's view represented "at best a
tortured interpretation" of the rules. The    73 Lonnie
Commission also declined to issue
Kenwood a requested blanket waiver of
the applicable rules because it said the
manufacturer failed to meet the standards
required to grant a waiver.