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Hire Cars General Information

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									                                                                                                         APPENDIX F
                              Newcastle University, Student Recruitment Office
                     Hire Cars – Guidelines re Insurance, Breakdowns and Accidents
The main purpose of this document is to advise members of staff of what to do in case of a breakdown or
involvement in an accident, when travelling with a hire car.
The hire car company currently used by Student Recruitment Office is ‘Europcar ‘.
Please note that in the event of Student Recruitment Office staff being involved in a car accident with a
hire car, they are covered by University insurance. However, this insurance cover is only ‘active’, if the
Student Recruitment Office (TT) holds a completed driver’s questionnaire form (available at, as well as a copy of the
current driver’s licence (plastic and paper counterpart, where applicable) of every member of staff likely
to use a hire car.
Staff should note that if they use their own car for work purposes, they must make sure that their car is
insured for business use with their own insurance policy. Many insurance companies will provide this
cover free of charge. However, if there is an extra charge payable, the cost will usually be covered by the
Student Recruitment Office.

If your hire car breaks down
All Europcar hire cars are fully covered by the AA (and this cover is free to us)
    Call the freephone AA number (back of tax disc or car keys)
    You will be asked to identify the type of vehicle you are driving and put through to the relevant
    You will also be asked to provide details of your location and a contact telephone number
    If you are a female travelling alone, do not forget to mention this, as your call-out will be
     given priority
The AA will endeavour to either repair the car on location or, failing this, take you to the nearest
Europcar station, where you will be supplied with a replacement vehicle (if it is out of hours, they will
take you to an 24-hour AA site, all of which have Europcar hire cars ready) .
If you are involved in an accident with your hire car
Whether you have caused the accident or not, you are advised to take as many details as possible from all
parties involved, including
   1. name, address, telephone number
   2. vehicle registration details
   3. insurance details (and policy number if available)
   4. date, time, road conditions (eg wet)
   5. document the extent of the damage, eg area of impact
Then, report the accident to Europcar (0191 261 0833), who will deal with the insurance claim. If you are
calling out of office hours your call will automatically be re-routed to Europcar’s Central Booking
Hotline and dealt with there.
Should the hire car be in a state unfit to drive, call the AA (see procedure above), who will take you to the
nearest Europcar station, where you will be supplied with a replacement vehicle.

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