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					UK CB Radio Newsletter – March 2003                                                                      ww.ukcbradio.co.uk

     Welcome to the second edition of the UK CB Radio newsletter. We now have a larger range of products, we’ve
     increased our number of ‘ebay’ specials – and have doubled our number of newsletter subscribers. Thank you for
     supporting us – and the hobby!

                      New This Month                                               Ebay Auctions

     This month we see the addition of 30 and 100 Watt           Our Ebay auctions have been going very well – too well
     linear amplifiers to our range – both quality units         in fact! Some items have been sold at well below their
     manufactured by Zetagi.     Unlike other brands these       normal retail price – and some even below their trade
     are rated at 4 or 5 watt input, and using a standard 4      price.    Those who have snapped up these bargains
     watt rig you can expect a minimum of 25 and 80 watt         must be very happy … and as always we honor any
     outputs respectively.                                       ebay auctions no matter how ridiculous the price. If
                                                                 you’re     after     a    bargain     –     bookmark:
     We also have the Zetagi P27-1 pre-amps, which offer         http://www.ebay.co.uk/profiles/the_spirit3 and be sure
     an impressive 26dB gain (variable) – which can really       to check back every few days!
     help ‘pull in’ those distant stations. These work on
     AM/FM & SSB – but have proved especially effective
     on SSB.                                                                   New Reviews Online

     Zetagi B33         30 Watt Linear            £16.95         Reviews added this month include the Sirio 145
     Zetagi B153       100 Watt Linear            £34.95         antenna – plus a brief review of our external
     Zetagi P27-1       26dB Pre Amp              £19.95         communications speakers. If you have your rig
                                                                 mounted in a noisy vehicle (or with the speaker being
                                                                 baffled by the dashboard or desk) then an external
                                                                 comms speaker can make a huge difference.           It’s
                                                                 probably one of the cheapest purchases you’re likely to
                                                                 make, and yet one which offers the largest difference in
                                                                 terms of performance.

                                                 UK CB User Database

     This database is still growing – so please, if you haven’t already done so – submit your details now! The UK CB
     User Database can be found under the ‘UK CB Resources’ section of our webpage. http://www.ukcbradio.co.uk/

                        Special Offers                                    UK CB Radio Yahoo Group

     Whilst stocks last - we’re still offering the Midland       If you fancy chatting to like-minded people, about
     48 Excel for an unbelievable £105.00. This is               anything from 70’s CB memorabilia to the future of CB
     Midlands flagship model – and features all the specs of     in the UK – we can highly recommend the UK CB
     the Maycom EM-27, plus a build quality to match the         Radio Yahoo group. Despite our similar names – we
     price – in addition to ESP2 (noise limiter) and analogue    are in no way linked (although we do participate in
     signal meter!                                               discussions!).    This is one of the largest ‘CB’
                                                                 communities in the UK – and looks set to become a
     To take advantage of this offer, simply visit our website   major representative body for CB within the UK.
     at http://www.ukcbradio.co.uk/                              Checkout        the      group     homepage         at

                                                                 That’s it for this month – thanks for reading this far –
                                                                 and do keep us updated with any news from your part
                                                                 of the country.

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