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TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visit Birmingham,
Tuesday 12th September 2006

Part 1
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                      Each year The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall conduct
                      hundreds of engagements throughout the United Kingdom.

                      Many of their working days are spent meeting the public, celebrating the
                      achievements of local and national initiatives, and visiting their own
                      charitable projects. This is just one such day.

Narrator              The Prince of Wales begins most days working through his papers and
                      talking to his advisers.

HRH (on the phone)    I hope that the actual valuation will show that it really is worth doing

Narrator              Today, The Prince is working from his London home, Clarence House.

                      Before heading off on a day of engagements in Birmingham with his wife,
                      The Duchess of Cornwall, The Prince works through his daily
                      correspondence, which can include State papers, memos from his staff
                      and briefings from the many charitable organisations which The Prince

                      Accompanied by The Duchess, his first visit of the day is to a youth
                      community project in Birmingham called The Pump, which The Prince
                      helped to create.

                      The idea of the project was simple: to allow young people to help design
                      and build their own centre.

Ben Bolgar (outside) This is an idea the Prince of Wales had over five years ago to get
                     young people to actually train in various skills connected to the
                     built environment by actually building and constructing a building
                     that they would own and manage.

                      Preparations in Birmingham have begun long before the arrival of Their
                      Royal Highnesses and a visit such as this gives an opportunity for the
                      Prince and The Duchess to meet the public as well as those who have
                      helped create the community centre. The Prince and Duchess will meet
                      as many of those involved as possible, congratulating them on their

HRH (shaking hand)    I am so grateful for all your help on this, if I may say so.

Narrator              Conversations on a day like this are many and varied: from thanking
                      builders and board members who have worked on the project to
                   discussing the facilities which will be on offer and chatting to the youth
                   workers and young people themselves.

HRH (with kids)    I hear these are new school uniforms, are they? Do they fit alright?
                   Not too uncomfortable? So have you been helping a little bit with
                   the building?

Narrator           The Prince and the Duchess together carry out over 200 public
                   engagements like this one every year, often making as many as three or
                   four separate appearances in a single day.

HRH (with crowd)   Where’s school? Is it just down the road? Alright…

Narrator           Also down the road is the world famous Edgbaston cricket ground, where
                   the Prince and Duchess are about to go next…

Part 2
Narrator           The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are in Birmingham,
                   carrying out a number of engagements around the city. After a visit to a
                   youth community centre, the Prince is now at Edgbaston cricket ground,

                   The Prince and his wife are here to see how cricket clubs can work with
                   the Prince’s Trust to provide schemes and opportunities for young

HRH                (to young person) What are you up to nowadays?

Young Person       I’ve just started a new course, getting a GCSE.

HRH                Are you? And you’re getting there slowly?

Young Person       Yes I am, Sir.

HRH                God, I’m glad I don’t take exams any more. I don’t envy you.

Narrator           Three England test cricketers are on hand to lend their support to this
                   Prince’s Trust scheme, and His Royal Highness shares some of his
                   cricketing experiences with them.

HRH                I tell you something, when I was in the Navy thirty years ago, rather
                   worryingly, one period I had was seven months in the West Indies,
                   to do the West Indies stint, and I ended up joining the ship’s cricket
                   team like an idiot. And I can’t tell you, we played in every island! I
                   was terrified because these characters, by God they threw the ball
                   at you and the wickets were like concrete….I found myself standing
                   like that!

                   (footage of Ashley Giles bowling to HRH)

Sajid/Vickram      Did you bat or bowl?

HRH                Well I tried to do both, but mostly bat…very badly.
                       (as Sajid Mahmood bowls HRH)

                       Ah yes! That’s the idea.

Narrator               There’s a lot of activity which cricket clubs – and indeed other sports
                       clubs conduct with young people, together with charities such as the
                       Prince’s Trust. Through such initiatives, young people gain valuable
                       confidence and skills.

Part 3
Narrator               After visiting a youth centre and Edgbaston cricket ground, the final
                       engagement of The Prince and The Duchess’s day in Birmingham is at
                       Elmhurst Dance School.

                       As President of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the Prince and his wife are
                       keen to see how the new buildings at Elmhurst are helping the school
                       develop and work more closely with the Royal Ballet.

HRH (clapping)         Very good…very good.

(to dancer)            It’s terrifying doing these auditions, isn’t it?

Dancer                 Yes! (laughing)

Narrator               The highlight of their visit is a dance recital in the school’s new

HRH                    Thank you all very much. You were wonderful. You really did
                       brilliantly. And the awful thing is you haven’t had much time to
                       practice have you? You only just got back…what was it? On
                       Friday, wasn’t it?

                       So how long did you get to rehearse?

Dancers                Yesterday

HRH                    Just yesterday? And that’s all?

(TRH pose for a photograph with dancers)

HRH                    I don’t think I would have wanted to be Tweedle Dum and Tweedle


Man                    Thank you so much, Sir

The Duchess            Thank you very much.

School principal       We are truly delighted. It’s a very historic day in Elmhurst’s history.
                       Elmhurst is the oldest vocational dance school in the United
Narrator            A week after this visit, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall
                    accepted the school’s invitation to become their Patron.

Part 4
Narrator            After a busy day of engagements in Birmingham, The Prince and the
                    Duchess return home to Highgrove in Gloucestershire, where the Prince
                    is to host a reception for the Cotswold Care Hospice. Cotswold Care is
                    one of a number of hospices of which the Prince is Patron, and which he
                    supports in any way he can.

                    The guests this evening have a enjoyed a walk around the Prince’s
                    garden before his Royal Highness joins them for a drinks reception on
                    the terrace of the Orchard Room, where he chats with as many of the
                    guests as possible.

HRH (with guests)   What I couldn’t get over the other day was at the battle of the
                    Somme celebrations or commemorations we went to in France,
                    there was the most incredible old boy who survived the First World
                    War – one of the veterans – was 110 years old and who was only
                    one year younger than my grandfather, the late King, would have
                    been. Can you believe it? And there he was and he was perfectly
                    compus mentis; insisted on standing up for the National Anthem.

HRH (speech)        Well, ladies and gentlemen, before I disappear I just wanted to say
                    what a great pleasure it’s been to meet all of you – at least I hope I
                    have met all of you – and to hear that on the whole, very
                    diplomatically, you seem to have enjoyed going round the garden.

Narrator            Most days end the way they start, with The Prince working on his papers
                    and making a few final phone calls before retiring for the evening.

HRH (on phone)      I just wanted to say another huge thank you for all the immense
                    effort you – I know – have put into all this…yes, this morning. Well
                    done. Thanks Tom. Goodnight.

Narrator            There is no such thing as a typical day for The Prince of Wales or The
                    Duchess of Cornwall. But developing practical initiatives, backing
                    projects, hearing from beneficiaries and thanking supporters are all
                    regular elements of Their Royal Highnesses’ lives.

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