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									                                                        Chapter I
                                               Roadrunners                                 VOLUME: 2007          ISSUE: 12

  Chapter I Officers
      Roadrunners              CHAPTER DIRECTOR’S NOTES                                            Tony & Donna Gaitros
      Decatur, IL
                                                                  been changed from Jan. 18th
   Chapter Director            Hello All,                                th           th      th   with your ideas so we can
                                                                  and 19 to Jan.25 and 26
    Tony & Donna                                                  due to a conflict in             get things planned.
       Gaitros                 This month we had 39
                                                                  scheduling at the Decatur
                               members at our monthly                                              We are also planning to go
   Asst. Chapter                                                  conference Center (Holiday
                               meeting and 36 members                                              around to some sponsors
      Director                                                    Inn). Our chapter will provide
                               and 3 guests at our                                                 later in the winter and tour
 Terry Robinson &                                                 the hospitality room so
                               Christmas party. It was nice                                        their businesses to see just
  Phyllis Redding                                                 volunteers will be needed.
                               to see Mark and Judy from                                           what they do. We have some
                                                                  There will be several
     Asst. Chapter             Jim’s Cycle attend the                                              very good sponsors and it
                               Christmas party. We hope           chapter competitions to          will be nice to personally see
     Steve & Bea               they had a very good time.         get involved in and I hope       what their businesses are all
       McCabe                  Donna and I would like to          we have several people           about. This may be a good
                               thank all of you at Chapter “I”    interested in participating.     activity for when the weather
 Rider Ed. & Safety            for the many gifts presented       The registration form is         is too cold for riding.
  Charley Brown                                                   available on the district web
                               to us at the Christmas party.
                               I think everyone had a good        site. Most of us should be       Sponsors it is great to have
  Asst Rider Ed &
        Safety                 time even though the               able to attend with it being     all of you supporting us again
   Jeff Hachmann               weather was not the best.          here in Decatur.                 this year. Hopefully your
                               The food provided by                                                association with us has been
       Treasurer               Foster’s Catering was              Remember our annual chili        as good for you as it has
        Bob Bolin              excellent as usual.                cook-off coming up January       been for Chapter I. Don’t
                                                                  12th, so mark your calendars.    forget, you are always
     Webmaster                 Our Tuesday night                  Hopefully the weather will be    welcome at any of our events
   Jeff Hachmann
                               gatherings will be on the first,   more cooperative.                and you have a free
  Newsletter Editor            third and fifth Tuesdays                                            breakfast waiting for you at
   Lynelle Smith               starting this month. We are        We are looking for               our monthly meetings.
                               going to try to get around to      suggestions of activities for    Thank You all from Chapter
      M.A.D. Co-               our sponsor restaurants on a       the winter months to help fill   I of GWRRA.
      coordinator              rotating basis for these. We       the time until spring riding
      Joe Meyers               will try to announce the           season. I would like to see      See you all at the next
                               locations at the monthly           some of you who no longer        meeting.
   Road Captains                                                  ride come along in your cars
                               meeting and in the newsletter
   Martin & Mary
                               also.                              and do some activities with          Tony & Donna Gaitros
                                                                  those of us who are on our                    Sr. CD Chapter I
   Meeting Notes               The Winter Warm-Up has             bikes. Call a staff member
   Vicky Martin

   Phyllis Redding                                     B IRTHDAY ’ S & A NNIVERSARIES
   Enhancement                          December Birthdays                               December Anniveraries
   Connie & Steve                Linda Baldock            12/1                   Clyde & Helen Clarkson          12/6
                                 Girard Durbin            12/19                  Steve & Bea McCabe              12/21
This club is organized
and ran by volunteers            Don David                12/20                  Phil & Jan Billiter             12/31
and    we   are      always
looking      for       more      Jan Durbin               12/27
volunteers      to      step
forward    and     lend    a
hand. If you would like
to help, please contact
any of the officers.
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 Chapter I Events
                                           December 2007
- Tuesday Night "Ride" - Get together at The Bourbon Barrel for dinner, 6:00 PM.
- Staff Meeting - Gabby's - 6:00 Eat - 7:00 Meet
- Chapter I Monthly Meeting - Whit's End - 8:30 Breakfast - 9:00 Mtg
- Chapter Christmas Party - 5:30 PM at the Argenta firehouse - catered by Foster's - $10 gift labeled for a
man or woman - Couple of the Year voting.
- Birthday Dinner - Ted's Garage at 6:00 PM.
- 3 Stars Breakfast - 9:00 AM at the 3 Stars Restaurant in Clinton
- Tuesday Night "Ride" - Whit's End, Decatur, IL. 6:00 PM
- Winter Solstice
- Christmas
– New Year's Eve
  Birthday Dinner - The Bourbon Barrel at 6:00 PM.
  Polar Bear Run - sponsored by Freedom By Choice ABATE. Details TBA.
  New Years Day Party - at Mick & Bev Brannan's - noon 'til ? - bring a dish to pass.
 2008 - Staff Meeting - Gabby's - 6:00 Eat - 7:00 Meet
 2008 - Chapter I Monthly Meeting - Whit's End - 8:30 Breakfast - 9:00 Mtg
  Annual Chili Cookoff - La Place Community Center - Door prizes, bingo, more details to come.
  Tuesday Night "Ride" - Whit's End, Decatur, IL. 6:00 PM
26 - Winter Warm-Up - Will be in Decatur at the Decatur Conference Center in '08. This years theme is
 "Winging It Hobo Style. Rumor has it that there will be competitions including chapter scrapbooks and
 boxcars, talent and skits, and indoor games. Maybe even a scavenger hunt! Chapter I will be hosting the
 Hospitality Room so please plan on helping with that.
  Tuesday Night "Ride" - Culver's, Decatur, IL. 6:00 PM
- Birthday Dinner - Whit's End at 6:00 PM.
- Tuesday Night "Ride" - Ted's Garagae, Decatur, IL. 6:00 PM
 2008 - Staff Meeting - The Bourbon Barrel - 6:00 Eat - 7:00 Meet
10, 2008 - International Motorcycle Show - Donald E. Stephens Convention Center 5555 North River Rd.
 Rosemont, IL 60018
 Friday, February 8 - 4:00pm - 9:00pm; Saturday, February 9 - 9:00am - 9:00pm; Sunday, February 10 -
 9:30am - 5:00pm
 2008 - Chapter I Monthly Meeting - Whit's End - 8:30 Breakfast - 9:00 Mtg
- Tuesday Night "Ride" - Ted's Garage, Clinton, IL. 6:00 PM
- Birthday Dinner - TBA at 6:00 PM.
- Tuesday Night "Ride" - The Bourbon Barrel, Decatur, IL. 6:00 PM
 2008 - Staff Meeting - Whit's End - 6:00 Eat - 7:00 Meet
 2008 - Chapter I Monthly Meeting - Whit's End - 8:30 Breakfast - 9:00 Mtg
- Tuesday Night "Ride" - Three Stars Restaurant, Clinton, IL. 6:00 PM
  Birthday Dinner - Gabby's at 6:00 PM.
  Tuesday Night "Ride" - Whit's End, Decatur, IL. 6:00 PM
2008 - Staff Meetingz - 3 Stars Restaurant - 6:00 Eat - 7:00 Meet
2008 - Chapter I Monthly Meeting - Whit's End - 8:30 Breakfast - 9:00 Mtg
  4th Annual Moonshine Lunch Run - check back on their website for more details
  Tuesday Night "Ride" - Culver's, Decatur, IL. 6:00 PM
 - Birthday Dinner - Ted's Garage at 6:00 PM.
 04 - Niehaus Appreciation Days XXII
6th, 2008 - 30th Annual Wing Ding - The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is pleased to
 announce its 30th annual Wing Ding will be in Greenville, South Carolina, next year. The international
 convention opens Thursday, July 3, and runs through Sunday, July 6, 2008, at the Carolina First Center,
 formerly known as the Palmetto Expo Center.
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                    Chapter “I” Minutes for December 8, 2007
Total Attendance: 40
Pledge of Alliance: Mike Brannan
Free Breakfast question was where was the picture on the front of the Dec Wing World cover taken?.
   Bev Brown won the free breakfast
December birthday dinner will be at Ted’s Garage on Dec 11th Eat at 6pm
Tuesday night rides will be at Whit’s End. Even though we might not be riding the motorcycle, we can still
   get together..
December 15th will be breakfast at 3 Stars. Eat at 9am
Bennigan’s is no longer a sponsor of our chapter. Looks like we will be picking up O’Charlies
New Year’s day Mick & Bev Brannan will be having their annual New Year’s Day get together. Bring a
   potluck, dish to pass, or whatever you want to. Just make sure to bring yourself. Timeframe is around
   12 noon.
January 12th the club will have their Chilli Cookoff at the LaPlace Community Center. Details will follow.
January 25th & 26th will be the Illinois District Winter Warm-up at the Decatur Conference Center & Hotel.
   Chapter I will run the hospitality room. Other chapters will donate food. Chapter I is looking for folks
   to help both in the hositality suite as well as submit items for the various competitions such as cooking,
   scrapbooking, railcar, etc.
The 80x80 quilt is now finished for Neihaus Days. Tickets are for sale. They are $1.00 each or 6 for
   $5.00. The quilt will be on display at Decatur Memorial Hospital.
Mick & Bev Brennan Annual Chili Dump is today starting at noon.
Niehuas Days will be the last weekend in May, 2008. Mark your calendars.
Terry Robinson is getting his bike serviced at Niehuas and they will pick up for a price of $30. Let him
   know if you want to take advantage of their service.
Terry also had roadrunner pins available for sale. Didn’t take too long to sell and he in getting an order
   together to get more.
Charlie Brown discussed getting loaded on the bike. Don’t forget everything adds up when you are
   looking at bike loads. Suspension and tires could suffer if not careful.

Our calendar of events on the hard copy is on the "Pink" sheet, be sure to make or keep a copy
so you don't miss out on anything.
                                            50/50 Winners

Bement Country Opry "2 Free Tickets" Joe Hunt, RoseMarie Doty,
Culver's "Free Value Basket " Bea McCabe, Rich Smith
Gabby's “$10 Gift Certificates” Terry Robinson, Rich Smith, Donna Gaitros
Super Shine “Car Wash” Phil Billiter
Ted's Garage “$15 Gift Certificate” Jan Billiter
The Bourbon Barrel “$5 Gift Certificate” Dave Sadowski
3 Star Restaurant “Free Dinner” Carl Olson “Free Breakfast” Steve McCabe
World of Power Sports "$30 Gift Certificate" Lynelle Smith
Whit’s End “$10 Gift Certificate” Connie Holcombe, Becky Hunt
Nick’s Auto Body “Wheel Alignment” Terry Robinson
Neihaus Cycle “$25 Gift Certificates” Becky Hunt, Jan Billiter, Melinda Hiser
Christmas Table Decorations Becky Hunt, John Martin, Jan Billiter, Bev Brown, Phyllis Redding, Harriett
Sadowski, Dave Sadowski, Carolyn Hughes
16 Kelli Lane • Clinton, IL 61727
217· 935· 8232

                                                 FOSTER’S CATERING SERVICE
                                       255 W. Kenwood • Decatur, IL 62526
                                                           217· 877· 1343

1385 E. Pershing • Decatur, IL 62526
217· 877· 1955

                                                        Precision Plastics
                                                              111 E. 8th St.
                                                     Gibson City, IL. 60936
                                                             217 784 4920

                                                             600 West Side Square
                                                           Clinton, IL 61727
                                                         217 • 935 • 4583
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                                                                 2003 Escapade Elite trailer-Candy Red-Stk# E31178-$3,299.

                                                                 1994 GL1500 Aspencade-Dark Teal-Stk# H01492, chrome trunk
                                                                 rack, CB radio, air wings, rear speakers, and highway boards. 42,989

                                                                 1999 GL1500 Special Edition-Silver-Stk# H00426, air wings, Corbin
                                                                 seat w/backrest, passenger armrests, and trailer hitch. 36,245

                                                                 2003 VTX1800R Retro-Black-Stk# H02991, Memphis Shades
                                                                 windshield, Mustang seat, leather saddlebags, and passenger
                                            (309)925-            backrest. 9,547 miles-$9,299.

                                                                 2003 GL1800-Pearl Yellow-Stk# H05574, CB radio, chrome trunk
                                                                 rack, trailer hitch, driver backrest, passenger armrests, Kuryakyn Iso
                                                                 grips and Transformer passenger boards, Tulsa vented windshield,
                                                                 and fog lights. 85,916 miles-$12,999.
 TRIKE KITS                                                      2003 GL1800-Illusion Blue-Stk# H03220, CB radio, chrome trunk
 2 Demos to try out. One is a Harley, the other a Goldwing       rack, driver backrest, lighted trunk and saddlebag moldings,
                                                                 chrome rotor covers, foglights, and Iso grips. 77,091 miles-$13,499.
 Call or check the Website
                                                                 2002 GL1800/Lehman Monarch Trike-Silver-Stk# H03661, driver
 2001 Valkyre DFT - Smoothy Kit 15,000 miles $17,900             backrest, passenger armrests, chrome trunk rack, chrome rotor
                                                                 covers, trailer hitch, Iso grips, and pinstriping. 48,405-$25,499.
 2006 GL1800 White— 800 miles, C/B, litebar, Fender rail,
 Foot pegs, heal toe shifter & more $28,900

 2006 GL1800. On consignment. DFT Kit, Loaded down. 765
 miles $30,000

 Call Charley if Interested

                                                                        339 W. Green Street, 1 block N. of
                                                                               Eldorado, Decatur
                                                                2002 Kawasaki ZX9F1 Special, Low Mileage, New Tires,
                                                                2003 Suzuki DAZ125 Dirt Bike, low hours, tuned/serviced
                                                                1977 GL1000 Black w/pinstripes, Very good condition, 39K
                                                                2006 Suzuki GSX600 Katana blue & white, Excellent condition,
                                                                       BEMENT COUNTRY OPRY
                                                                       117 S. Macon (Rt. 105)
                                                                       Bement, IL 61813 • 217· 877· 6499
                                                                       or 1· 800· 636· 2947

                                                                       WHIT’S END
                                                                       3663 E. William St. Rd.
                                                                       Decatur, IL 62521 • 217· 423· 9163
1983 Honda GL1100 Aspencade, lots of extras, $2995

2004 Honda FSC600 Silverwing, scooter, black cherry, automatic,

2003 Suzuki Burgman 650, silver, plenty of storage, automatic, $5395

2003 Honda VTX1800, sissy bar, his and her floorboards, windshield,
 11k miles, black, $9,699

2006 Honda Helix, 700 miles, radio, $4,995

2006 Honda VT750 Shadow Spirit, black, 900 miles, like new, $5999

2004 Kawasaki EX500 Ninja, silver, 5100 miles, sporty gas saver,

2005 Honda VT600 Shadow, white, 4100 miles, $4495

1995 Honda GL1500 Aspencade, purple, low miles, 43218 miles,

2005 Honda GL1800 Blue, one Owner. Call for Pricing

2008 Honda GL1800, Black Cherry, 4000 Miles Call for Pricing

2007 Honda GL1800, Black, 2600 miles Call for Pricing

1992 Harley Davidson FLHTC, lots of extras $8,299.

                                                                                    PEPSI REFRESHMENT SERVICES
                                                                           2112 Brush College Dr. • Decatur, IL
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                                                           REGION E
                                                         Illinois District
                   Have a Very
                 Merry Christmas
                      And a
                 Happy New Year

              Chapter I Director
              Tony Gaitros
              523 W. Oakley Rd.
              Cerro Gordo, IL 61818

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