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									“Want to come to the big game tonight?” Colin asked from the other end of the phone. I
was taken aback by the question.
“You mean the world cup semi-finals?” Colin could sense my excitement.
        “Is there any other game playing tonight?” Colin replied.
“You must be joking, those tickets cost a fortune!” I could not believe what Colin was
“So do you want to come?”
“Do you think I’d say no?”
“Meet me at my place at 6:30, it starts at 7:30 so that leaves us 1 hour to get there,”
“That would be fantastic,” I said. I quickly hung up and rushed upstairs. This was going
to be the best night of my life and I was going to enjoy it to the full.

I called for a cab outside my house and got in it. I was complete with the England kit
including the T-Shirt, Scarf, Hat etc. I looked at my watch; 6:23. Colin’s house was 10
minutes away. I really didn’t want to be late and just to make it even worse I could just
see a traffic jam building up ahead. I looked to see where we were. On Church Street.
That was good because Colin’s house was just up ahead. I threw some money at the
driver, opened the door and got out. Not thinking of the free moving traffic on the next
lane. The driver cried out but it was to late. The speeding car rammed me in the back,
catapulting me up 5 metres up in the air with a rough landing on the side pavement. I lay
there unmoving. Not aware of the severity of my injuries, and the immense pain I should
be in. As I slipped into unconsciousness I could just hear the wail of an ambulance and
the constant chatter of people around me. Time of injury: 6:31.

                                    50 years later

The extent of my injuries was a broken back and a small concussion to the brain. I am
lucky to have survived, let alone make it to 76 years old. Unfortunately I am paralyzed
for life. Stuck in this damned wheel chair every night of every day. I sat there hitting it
with all my might. A sharp pain in my heart stopped me. I clutched it with all my might
gasping for air. A nurse ran towards me and tried to regulate my breathing but it was too
late. I knew my time had come. I have lived most of my life in regret, in sorrow and
misery. Wishing that I could live my life once more. As I sat in my chair, and the last
breaths left my withered body I wished so badly that I could live my life again, to take
that life changing decision again. I lay limp, the nurse looked sadly upon me, mourning
my death.

“Want to come to the big game tonight?” I could hear Colin. I looked around to see
where he was. Colin wasn’t in the room. I then realised a phone was held to my ear. I was
in my old house. I bought it when I was 25 and then sold it again when I
became…paralyzed. Then I looked down and found I was…standing! I dropped the
         “Hello?” Colin said but I could not hear him. I rushed to the toilet. My face!
Young! No wrinkles! I felt nauseous and felt like I was about to faint. I turned on the tap
and splashed a handful of water in my face. The water turned out to be boiling hot and I
stumbled around the bathroom screaming in pain. I hit a wall and fell to the floor. I lay
there. I opened my eyes, my face was badly scorched but I could live with it. I slowly got
up. This was not a dream. You don’t feel boiling hot water on your face in a dream.
         When I got back into the kitchen I reached for the newspaper. It was either
incredibly old or I was seeing things because it said the year was 1959, 50 years ago from
now (that’s if now is now which I don’t think it is). The date: 15th June. That was the
proof. This was it, the time when I decided to go to the game with Colin. This was the
day that it all happened. I picked up the phone off the floor to see if Colin was still there
but he wasn’t. I guess that’s ok. He will probably go on his own or with another friend.
That’s it. The crisis is averted. I laughed. I’ll order a pizza. I decided. Have a good jolly
night, safe in my own house. I’ll watch a film: I’ll do everything I’ve ever wanted to do
while in that wheel chair. I will live life to full! I looked towards the clock on the
mantelpiece. Right now I should be getting in a cab to take towards my accident. I
grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge and started gulping it savagely. While taking
quick breaths for air I made for the balcony.
         I was unaware of the bitter cold against my face. I laughed, a crazy, shrieking
laugh. “Thank you so much,” I shouted. I leant heavily against the railing. I looked at my
watch: 6:23. I started howling. Half my body over the edge, it took only time for the rail
to give way. Without making a noise at all it fell. I flipped over and my back hit the
balcony below. I felt a snap. I then toppled over that one and landed heavily on my head.
         If I did a medical examination of myself I might have concluded that I have the
same injuries as when I got run over. As I slipped into unconsciousness I could just hear
the wail of an ambulance and could feel the few onlookers around me.
Time of injury: 6:31.

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