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									                           **** PLEASE POST****

                     519 West (Committee 70)
            Local Health and Safety Committee Minutes
                   Meeting Date: Aug 20, 2009
           CEP Members                               Management Members
             Co-Chair                   P                   Co-Chair               A
 Dave Wells – CR Tech - Chatham             Rick   Pawlowski – FMS Mgr -Chatham
         d.wells@bell.ca                            rick.pawlowski@bell.ca
      Office: (519) 358-2213                         Pager: (519) 380-3269
      Pager: (519) 380-4216                          Cell: 1-866-213-9190
      Cell: (519) 359-2328                            Fax: 1-866-213-9190
      Fax: (519) 354-4444
  Tom Smith - CR Tech - Sarnia          p     Thomas Bogad – FMS Mgr – Strathroy   P
         t.smith@bell.ca                            thomas.bogad@bell.ca
      Office: (519) 542-6455                         Office: (519) 245-2624
      Pager: (519) 333-1561                          Pager: (519) 430-0656
      Cell: (519) 331-3079                            Cell: (519) 657- 5965
      Fax: (519) 542-3772

Jerry Demianiw – CO Tech – Simcoe       p       Chris Capes – FMS Mgr. - Sarnia    P
       jerry.demianiw@bell.ca                         chris.capes@bell.ca
        Office: (519) 426-1085                       Office: (519) 339-9884
        Pager: (519) 770-1414                        Pager: (519) 333-0612
        Cell: (519) 429-9445                          Cell: (519) 332-9396
                                                      Fax: (519) 332-5909
 Andy Van Geel – CR Tech – Lucan          P
       Office: (519) 227-4436
       Pager: (519) 430-0452
       Cell: (519) 870-0021
       Fax: (519) 227-4164
                             Alternates for This Committee
Steve McAllister – CR Tech – Sarnia       A         Marie Hall – CO Mgr - Lucan    P
    stephen.mcallister@bell.ca                          marie.hall@bell.ca
       Office: (519) 862-2789                         Office: (519) 227-4195
       Pager: (519) 331-3082                          Pager: (519) 646-3712
       Cell: (519) 331-3082                            Cell: (519) 871-6213
                                                       Fax: (519) 227-0741
Dean Ripley – CR Tech – Chatham         A      James Newman –Reg Mgr BA – 519      P
       dean.ripley@bell.ca                           jim.newman@bell.ca
     Office: (519) 358-2222                          Office: (519)371-4495
     Pager: (519) 380-4215                           Pager: (519) 372-4205
      Cell: (519) 359-2326                            Cell: (519) 374-7080
      Fax: (519) 354-4444                             Fax: (519) 376-3563
     Sean Lawrence-CR Tech-Lucan               A        John Peters – Eng. Mgr-Strathroy              A
        Sean.lawrence@bell.ca                                 john.peters@bell.ca
         Office: (519) 227-1010                              Office: (519) 245-4827
         Pager: (519) 435-3796                               Pager: (519) 858-7846
          Cell: (519) 873-0532                                Cell: (519) 317-4807
                                                               Fax: (519) 245-8907
     Daniel Tyrrell-CR Tech- Simcoe            A
         Office: (519) 443-8669
         Pager: (519) 770-1455
          Cell: (519) 429-9467


CLC Part 1 &2 –

The CLC (Canada Labour Code) 1 & 2 are now electronically posted on the Bell Aliant Connexion
site under 519/705 south region external links.


New Sunshade Protection Added

This month the new Sunshade Protection Neck Drape was introduced to the field. This is an
effective way to protect the head from the harmful rays of the sun. The drape is made to fit over a
baseball cap or under a Safety Helmet. The Drape may be ordered as a safety tool and is
currently stocked. Sort Code (986325NM - MED) & (986327NM - LRG).

Swine Flu H1N1

H1N1 Flu Virus has been reported around the world, and the World Health Organization
(WHO)     has declared it a pandemic influenza virus.
Governments around the world and the World Health Organization are engaged to
investigate and address this situation.
The Public Health Agency of Canada continues to work with federal, provincial and
international governments to address this situation, and will share more information with
Canadians as it becomes available.


NEW- Now available through the SOT Ordering Tool is the Family Influenza Kit- Sort Code

New Corporate Health and Safety Contacts

Mark Vaillancourt – CEP Corporate Rep.

705-788-1008 Phone
705-787-5233 Cell

Allen Russell – Corporate Health & Safety Prime Manager

705-474-5006 Phone
705-840-6677 Cell

                                      Employee Assistance Program

Notice to all employees that personal counselling is available 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week for
personal and family use at 1-800-387-4765 (Shepell FGI). For further information look under the
employee’s assistance program on the HR web site. Also a direct link to Shepell’s website is
                                        Accident Reports

Lists of alternates are included in the minutes. Your first choice will be the rep from your area. If
this rep is not available you will call his/her alternate. If both rep and alternate are not available
you must call another member of the committee to handle the accident.

PI= Personal Injury
MVA= Motor Vehicle Accident
HO= Hazardous Occurrence
NLT= No Lost Time
LT = Lost Time

Definitions as quoted from the Bell Accident/Incident Investigation Course. Section 11,
February 10, 2000-R3.

What is an Accident?
An undesired event that results in harm to people, damage to property or other losses in
productivity, services etc.

What is an Incident?
An undesired event which, under slightly different circumstances, could have caused harm to
people, damage to property or other losses in productivity, services etc.

* For procedural information on accident related matters, please consult the Bell Canada
Human Resources Web sight under: Management Resource Center/Health and
Safety/Occupational Health and Safety/procedures


Date: June 25 2009
Location: Aerial Span on Wapole Island
Weather: Rainy, overcast, with damp long grass
Description: The employee was working on a span from an extension ladder. As he descended
the ladder to retrieve a tool from his vehicle his foot slipped off of the rung approx 8ft from the
bottom. As his foot slipped his balance shifted and he began to loose control of his grip. He
pushed away from the ladder as he began to fall. He fell the remainder of the way to the ground
landing feet first. He felt a sharp pain in his right knee from the jar of the landing. One week later
he began to experience swelling and tightness in his knee.

Recommendations: Always be aware of your surroundings. Keep your mind on the task at
hand. Keep a sure footing when climbing and a three point contact at all times. In wet or icy
conditions take extra precaution while climbing. Use of a tool bag and a hand line when raising
and lowering tools and equipment, will keep your hands free for the task of climbing. Make sure to
report an accident to management and your H&S Rep immediately.
Date: June 19 2009
Location: Tecumseh Line, Tilbury (Customer’s Prem)
Weather: Clear and Sunny
Description: The Employee was performing a repair job on the Customer’s Prem
The pedestal he was working at was overgrown by trees and bushes and a rock garden had been
constructed around the pedestal. There was a ground cover of Ivy growing in the garden. Then
employee finished work at the ped and began the exit the garden area walking over top of the Ivy
ground cover. As he stepped, he unknowingly planted his foot on a rock covered with Ivy and
underneath of the growth in which he was walking. The employee’s foot slipped sideways off of
the rock when he placed his weight on it to step. When his weight shifted, it caused him to lose
his balance and he fell. He felt a sharp pain in his back at the time. By that evening his right knee
began to seize up. The next morning he awoke experiencing pain when he walked. The
employee made a doctor’s appointment and medication and therapy was prescribed.

Recommendations: Upon review of the incident, it was determined that the employee was
performing his routine appropriately. He was working in a congested area and the obstacle in
which he slipped on was hidden from view by ground cover. It is recommended to always walk
your work path first to look for potential hazards. In this case he could have just as easily slipped
doing so. It was therefore recommended to keep your mind on the task at hand and always walk
cautiously through thick vegetation increasing the ability of a sure footing.

July was Accident Free

August was Accident Free

                                       Old 9911 Reports
The Bell Canada 9911 system will provide a mechanism to:
1. Report potential risks, hazards, and/or danger in outside plant, Bell owned or leased
buildings, identified by all employees and contractors.
2. Monitor the resolution process of the concerns and identify the person responsible for
each action.
3. Report Canada Labour Code non-compliance.
4. Identify, monitor and inform individuals of right-to-refuse issues.
5. Follow the Internal Complaint Resolution process for resolution on all identified Health
and Safety concerns.
6. Notify all appropriate personnel (employees, management, LHSC and CHSC) when
Health and Safety concerns have been identified.

774    R178 Head St, Simcoe -2003/04
       Ongoing project to replace fatigued cable and rotten poles. #S03938 pending with DD
       Aug 2009. No update.
       Pending (2009/08/20)
5043   132 Maple St, Simcoe – 2008/07
       Old pole mounted cross box seat is rotted. S03938 DD May 15 /09. Work is in progress.
       Refer to 9911 #774 this will be completed under same estimate. Dan Tyrell inspected
       Closed (2009/08/20)

5075   Mrk 54 First Ave, Simcoe – 2008/04
       Previous LT’s completed. 2 temporary drop wires attached with mule tap mid span to
       Hydro triplex wire. Create LOI to place bsw’s. ASAP. BSW Pending May 31 . Dan to
       inspect for Aug meeting. Still not complete.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

5459   Rear 291 Cecil to Rear 259 Cecil to Rear of 160 Capel, Sarnia - 2008/11
       Old 3m strand is very small to begin with and it is very corroded and visual inspection did
       show some of the individual strands to be broken. Replace strand and 50 pair lead cable
       (1032, 151-200). Length of cable is approx. 275 meters (network x).NOTE* most of this
       plant is covered with squirrel guard and the defects may not be visible. This is a concern
       to me that others may not see the defects. #S05937 issued. Cable and strand is up
       waiting cutover. OPR July 31 2009. No change.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

5690    2617 Belle River Rd, Belle River -2009/01
       5 poles have been banded down this road, sharing similar issues, Rotten
       Base, Fail sound test, very hollow. Bore test in some cases. Poles date between 1943-
       1959 Addresses are as follows, 2625, 2627, 2623, 2617 Belle River Rd, and NW corner
       of Belle River Rd and South Street All poles are located in woodslee on Belle River Rd
       CNTY RD 27). Engineer visited sites with tech. Two of the five poles submitted were in
       need of replacement as per engineer and tech. Network number S05576 issued. DD
       July 7 2009. Waiting for Hydro complete pending last pole.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

5980   R28 Bond St, Tilbury – 2009/04
       Rotten base of pole. DD Jun 30 2009. Joint use PUC. Chatham Hydro to replace pole by
       end of month. Pole has been replaced awaiting Aecon to complete transfers. Completed
       and Inspected.
       Closed (2009/08/20)

6043   R5932 Cty Rd 11, Mc Gregor – 2009/04
       Pole rotted at base. S06842 issued July 13 2009 DD.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

6207   15602 Talbot Trail – Ridgetown- 2009/05
       Top of pole struck by lightning. Replace pole and strand. S07029 DD June 25 2009.
       Awaiting on homeowner to remove brush.
       Closed (2009/08/20)

6218   5425 North Talbot – Maidstone-2009/06
       Rotten pole. Replace pole. Joint use pole waiting for Hydro to place pole.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

6254   R86 and 92 Baird Ave- Wheatley-2006/06
       2 rotten poles/broken-reported by CK Hydro. Poles delivered and awaiting Hydro to place
       Pending (2009/08/20)

6362   20924 Pickerel Rd-Wheatley-2006/07
       Strand not attached permanently to pole. Pat Zimmer to look into as job was issued late
       last year. Not complete.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

                                    New 9911 Reports

6475   PR25 Deleware Ave – Chatham-2009/08
       Joint use pole rotten at top. Structurally unsound. Needs replaced S07656 issued
       On Aug 19 2009 in conjuction with 9911 – 6476.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

6476   PR35 Deleware Ave – Chatham-2009/08
       Joint use pole rotten at top. Needs replaced. S07656 issued Aug 19 2009. In
       Conjunction with 9911-6475.
       Pending (2009/08/20)

6485   56 Chestnut Dr.- Wallaceburg- 2009/08
       Pole is rotten at base. Needs replaced. S07682 issued Aug 20 2009.

9911- System is up and running. Please consult the following link to submit or review any
9911 related matters: http://9911.int.bell.ca/bc9911/. Please email doug.dutton@bell.ca if
you experience any problems with the new 9911 process.

Area Primes
Tom Smith       (Sarnia)
David Wells    (Chatham)
Jerry Demianiw (Simcoe)
Andy Van Geel (Lucan)

                               Confined Spaces Alarms
None (2009/08/20)

                                     Water Advisories
None (2009/08/20)

                                       ESPP Monitoring
From Sarnia, Tom Smith reported that he decided to test the Safety System. He notified Woody
Wood as he was the servicing manager in place of Rick Pawlowski’s and Chris Capes absence.
Tom notified Woody that he would be receiving a late safety page. Upon follow up with Woody,
Tom was told that he had never received a phone call from the Safety pod that he was missing.

Jim Newman is working with the Control Centre to develop a process in writing for the Safety
Check in Process. This will include disciplinary steps to those who continually and habitually
violate there safety check in. The committee discussed great concern for the Control Centre to
more closely scrutinize safety violators and attempt to find them when their immediate manager is
away on holidays. The reasoning is that managers do not trade pagers when away. The techs
safety notices 88 and 22, do not forward to another managers pager who may be filling in,
therefore a tech could be missing without the acting managers knowledge. The control centre
must be identifying these cases to the acting manager involved.
Pending (2009/08/20)

                                     Old Business Items

Confined Space Rescue/Entry-2007/07

Paul has been in touch with Cathy Halliday requesting information that is current and up to date
with reference to Confined Space rescue and recovery. Cathy has emailed Paul suggesting that
there is a 2001? Video that has been produced by Bell Corp Health and Safety.
Paul has also contacted the City of London fire department to ask where the fire department
stands as far a confined space rescue and recovery. Committee members feel that if there is an
incident at a confined space! USE 911 and let the experts from the emergency services perform
their services. Paul will follow up with the confined space rescue trainer for the City of London
Fire department to get a detailed explanation of their procedures. Paul spoke with Captain Mike
Black of the London City Fire Department who informed Paul that they do not perform confined
space rescue anymore. He said it is up to the Company to train their employees on emergency
situations and provide emergency equipment to deal with such situations as per the Canada
Labour Code. This will be sent as a corporate referral. Referral has been sent.
Paul Couvion to follow up with Doug Dutton to see if corporate has addressed issue. If no
resolution union may file a complaint with Canada Labour Board. January 2008 Update: The
committee has decided that if there is no resolution or plan for resolution by the next corporate
health and safety meeting the union members will be filing a complaint with the Canada Labour
Board. We are currently Awaiting CHSC meeting minutes from Sept Meeting. If this issue has not
been satisfactorily addressed we will be filing a formal complaint to Skills Canada (Formerly
HRSDC). No update.
Pending (2009/08/20)

Stoney Point Washroom – 2009/04

Black Mould has been identified at the Stoney Point Central Office. This occurred the latter part of
last year. The washroom was sealed off and no work has yet been completed. There is order
issued # N09159501 for mould removal to be completed by Aug 29 2009. Washroom is sealed
off with tape and a sign posted. This is currently being followed up with Jim Newman and being
tracked in Nexacor. Technicians are being advised to use their own discretion working in Stoney
Point CO. If they feel it to be unsafe and have the right to refuse work inside the building. Work
has been pushed up from original DD. Work is going to a Local contractor due to the priority.
Expected to be complete by the end of June 2009. Work commenced July 6 . Electrical work was
completed and the Mould Remediation project is currently under way and corrand off. Expected
completion will be the latter part of July 2009. The Mould Remediation project has been
completed at Stoney Point. The air sample came back Good with No spores. The Office is safe
to work in and Nexacor may now proceed to drywall and make the necessary repairs needed.
Thanks to all involved in identification and completion of this task.
Closed (2009/08/20)

Non Metallic Ladder Hooks – 2009/05

The practise states that hooks must be installed on the new fibreglass ladders. What do we do if
there is no concrete collar with step to hang it on? A repair step may be installed by the contractor
under an LOI, however, what happens in the case of a brick and parged collar? Is the manhole
collar to be rebuilt? We are currently inquiring with CHS Reps and Manager. Examples of brick
collar locations have been requested from London, Simcoe, Chatham and Sarnia to give to
ANDC. No update on this problem as of yet. No pictures were taken. Jim Newman to look into the
idea of digital camera for the work centre & H&S Rep’s use for such purposes. Awaiting on
Management’s response. Jim responded that there will be access to a Digital Camera in Sarnia,
Chatham, Strathroy, and Simcoe to be made available for the Committee members to use in
Health and Safety affairs. It will be up to the immediate manager’s in those locations to make this
resource available by next meeting so we may take pictures of the bricked manhole collars and
forward back these examples to the ANDC as requested.
Pending (2009/08/20)

Cell Phones behind the Wheel – 2009/05

In the fall use of cell phones while driving becomes illegal in Ontario. The Health and Safety
Committee’s Policy is that we do not use our cell phones while driving. Please pull over to a safe
location, when able to do so, before answering any cell calls or safety texts (88 or 22). Before
travelling to the next destination, safety text prior to departure to prevent texting while in motion.
Our local Committee will be in contact with Al Russell ( H&S Manager) to find out if the 10-4 is
also considered a cell phone or a 2 way radio device like the CB which all truck driver’s utilize.
No Update as of yet. Under the Bell APP Defensive Driving module, It specifically says that 10-4
service is Prohibited by law in Quebec and the texting and reading of texts. This was written prior
to the Ontario law being passed. It is expected that once the law is enforced in Ontario it would be
the same as the Quebec Law. Jim will forward to Al Russell for confirmation and action. An official
Company notice will be posted to all techs before this new law enforcement occurs as per Jim
Newman. There is no update on this item from Jim Newman or Al Russell.
Pending (2009/08/20)

Work in Power Stations-2009/07

Discussion to know and understand the protocol of requesting for GPR (Ground Potential Rise)
studies that are to be performed in Power Generating Stations. This will also include the Windmill
Generation technologies. Is it mandatory these studies are performed on all sites? Some sites
that generate 27KV of power and crank out 3 – 5 Megawatts of electricity may not require Optic
Isolators to be installed, but rather regular carbon protection. The study will indicate this if the
ground fault value is less than 1000VAC. If this value indicated by the study is greater than
1000VAC then the customer is required to provide cabling into the units and a optic isolater
needs to be present. Dave will organize with Murad Hussain some form of a training session for
the Health and Safety group concerning the GPR. This resulted from a work refusal in the
Chatham Area when no Optic Isolator was found at a Windmill and service had already been
established. David Wells spoke with the Electrical Protection Manager (Murad Hussein) regarding
a Power Point Presentation for New Electrical Generation sites rules and regulation training,
specifically when GPR studies come into play. His response was, “The Electrical Protection
Group is working on a presentation/information bulletin for these new breed of generation
facilities like the wind and solar farms, and I will send something out to you guys shortly. So I will
let you know as soon as I get concurrence from the other Electrical Engineers. In the meantime,
all Wind/Solar/Wave generating farms must have a GPR form completed.
Pending (2009/08/20)

New Chevy Express 3500-2009/07

The New Chevy Express 3500 series work van has reared multiple problems. A flash was
distributed in July concerning the instability of the rear passenger side foot step. This is a
dangerous item. One fell off a van in Chatham. How does the tech proceded to remove his ladder
now that the flash has gone out and the step is ty- rapped? Also the rear driver side cargo door
swings open 180 degrees into traffic. The need for a safety strap is evident. The positioning of the
Acetalyne tank holder has been relocated to the rear of the vehicle possibly allowing sunlight to
shine through the windows onto the tanks creating a green house effect. Also the holder is
located lower than the previous location allowing for equipment which may shift in the cargo area,
to fall on top of the tanks were situated. This is dangerous and could allow for damage to the tank
and valve allowing gas to escape into the cargo area. Committee BALHSC70 agreed to send a
formal complaint to Corporate Health and Safety concerning these items. Rick Pawlowski and
Dave Wells to draft the Letter to Corporate. Three separate corporate refferals were drafted and
sent to the CHSC identifying the three defects in the new 3500 van. The refferals are still pending
a response from Corporate.
Pending (2009/08/20)

R12 Process -2009/07

Again the R12 Process has arose. This is the FWFM Process for Job Return coded to Safety
Issues that may be related to the job. Jim Newman to action with Frank Watts from the Control
Centre to get an updated procedure to follow. The old WI for the R12 and PO14 FWFM is
considered to now be out of date as it refers to Proxy and there is technically no longer a Proxy
desk as the prompts to 310-DISP have been changed to Aliant Assistance??? Prompt #7.
No update this month, however, Rick Pawlowski will coordinate a meeting with Frank Watts at
OCC as well as involving the Field, and the LHSC to air the concerns. This is to take place in
Pending (2009/08/20)
                                         New Business

Building Inspection H&S Jurisdiction -2009/08

It was discussed that the BALHSC70 building and location inspections continue to stay as per the
original Headquarters jurisdiction under the LHSC70 Joint Committee. These buildings that now
fall in the Bell Aliant territories are to be inspected annually by the Bell Aliant LHSC Rep out of the
CEP LOCAL that services the Headquarters in which the buildings jurisdiction falls. Employees in
Bell Aliant whose headquarters are served by any CEP Local Union and BLHSC70 should be
represented by their elected (or appointed) rep. The election or appointment is carried out by the
CEP Union Local and members who are assigned in that Headquarter. We feel the rep better
serves the members who may work or report to any of the inspection sites under their
headquarters and can follow through start to finish on any issue that needs to be addressed.
Therefore all areas are status quo.

RF and Wireless Devices-2009/08

This item was brought up as a result of an employees inquiry regarding the effects of all the
different wireless devices we use, and what those effects are? After discussion it we know that
there is currently no study available. The last study that was completed occurred after the telepod
installation. The levels in the driver seat were well below the accepted levels of exposure. This
included telepod, 2 way radio, etc.. We must consider also that our daily events that surround us
is enidated with radio waves of some sort. These include any one on a cell phone, Wi Max,
EVDO, AM/FM radio signal, Plasma televisions, Micro wave towers and ovens, and the list goes
on and on. It would be very difficult to nail down our Max exposure limits not really knowing to
what extent we are exposed daily. After our discussion we can say that going forward, any
individual that is concerned with the multiple useage of wireless devices on your job, within close
proximatey to each employee. Exercise the option of turning off any devices not in use at the
time. This will reduce your exposure time to Wireless & RF frequencies. Exercise common sense
and remember your pager is a necessary tool which must be left on for ESPP Safety notification
and work load updates.

                                     Building Inspections
Monthly Building Inspects, being programmable, should not be done on a Monday or

-   All buildings that are under the jurisdiction of this committee must be inspected yearly.
    Certain buildings containing more then 50 employees are requiring to be inspected twice a
    year. All employees are encouraged to aid in the clearing of hazards and reporting hazards,
    which you cannot clear by filling in a form 9911.
-   A * indicates that these buildings will be checked as time allows. It is noted that one
    committee member will do the inspections from the CEP along with one management
    committee member, unless otherwise agreed upon in each centre.
-   An employee can call items into Nexacor by calling the following number. 1-800-561-
-   If there is No date behind the building name it means it has not been inspected. If the date is
    in bold type it is to be inspected before next meeting. If it has a C and a date it has been
    inspected and all items found have been corrected.
-   * Denotes buildings, which are not manned and will be inspected as time allows.
-   When placing orders to Nexacor to change lights, which are part of the equipment or the
    frame, use the following Tier C Organization Code K3045010. Members discussed the
    correct procedure to follow once Nexacor has implemented their new policy of requiring a
    cost code number to be assigned within 24 hours of each request. It was suggested that if a
    cost code account isn’t available to each inspecting member, the request would be forwarded
    to the appropriate building manager.

Bearline WIC*         08/08   K Hut*              06/09         Ridgetown*              02/09
Belle River           11/08   Maidstone           10/08         St. Joachim             09/08
Blackacres WIC        02/09
Blenheim              07/09   McGregor            10/08         Sombra*                 11/07
Bothwell*             04/09   Merlin              07/09         Sombra FOTS Hut*        11/07
Comber                11/08   Merlin FOTS Hut*    07/09         Stoney Point            11/08
Dawn Hut              04/09   Mitchell Bay CEV    05/09         Thamesville             04/09
Dover Centre CEV      05/09   North Buxton Hut*   07/09         Tilbury                 07/09
Dover Centre          06/09   Pain Court CEV*     05/09         Wallace WIC*            03/07
Dresden               04/09   Patillo WIC         09/08         Wallaceburg             11/07
Emeryville*           09/08   Pleasant Park*      10/08         Wallaceburg Tower       05/07
Grand Point CEV*      05/09   Port Lambton        11/07         Wheatley*               11/08
Highgate*             02/09   Queen St            08/08         Woodslee*               10/08
Highgate Fiber Hut*   02/09   Queen WIC*          03/07

Alvinston         05/09           Lochiel             05/07       Pt.Edward         04/09
Brigden*          08/09           Michigan            05/07       Watford           05/09
Bright's Grove    03/09           Murphy Rd           04/09       Wyoming           08/08
Christina         04/09           O'Brian             03/09       Plank Road WIC    05/07
Corrunna          08/09           Oil Springs         08/09       McGregor Road     05/07
Courtwright       08/09           Petrolia            08/09
London Rural
Ailsa Craig       08/09    Goderich               12/08       Nairn                08/09
Centrailia*       05/08    Hensal                 05/08       Parkhill*            04/09
Clinton           05/08    Ilderton               02/08       Rodney               10/08
Dutton            02/08    Lucan                  08/09       Strathroy            08/09
Exeter            04/08    Melbourne*             05/09       Wardsville           08/09
Exeter Repeater   04/08    Mt.Brydges*            05/09       West Lorne*          02/08
Glencoe*          06/08    Mt. Brydges Repeater   06/09       Strathroy AD         08/09

Delhi             04/09     Pinegrove ECM         01/09         Turkey Point ECM     01/09
Fairground ECM    01/09     Port Dover            04/09         Waterford            01/09
Jarvis            03/09     Port Rowan            03/09
Langton           03/09     Simcoe                04/09

Please report any completed items to David Wells @ d.wells@bell.ca

Meeting Agenda

11:00 – 11:30 Intro / Welcome / Co-Chair Address
11:31 – 11:45 Personal Injury Reports / Motor Vehicle Investigation Reviews
11:46 – 12:00 Old 9911 Reports
12:01 – 12:20 Working Lunch
12:21 – 13:00 New 9911 Reports
13:01 – 13:15 Confined Space Alarms / Water Advisories
13:16 – 14:00 Old Business Items
14:01 – 14:15 Break
14:31 – 14:45 New Business Items
14:46 – 15:00 Building Inspections
15:01 – 15:30 Closing Comments / Meeting Discussions
Future Meetings

Bell Aliant, 370 Albert Street (Conference Room), Strathroy, Ontario
Next Meeting Sept 17, 2009.

Time: CEP Members meet @ 9:30am for Meeting Prep
      Management Joins meeting at 11:00am.

                              Safety and Health Committee Report – Form 499

 (This information presented here is intended to be used only as a work sheet for the HRDC form

                                           Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr May Jun                 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Meetings                     Regular        0      1      1      1      1      1      1   1   0   0   0    0
                              Special       1      0      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0
Complaints                   Received       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0
                             Resolved       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0
                           Unresolved       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0
Refusals to                  Received       0      0      0      0      0      0      1   0   0   0   0    0
                             Resolved       0      0      0      0      0      0      1   0   0   0   0    0
                           Unresolved       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0
Inquiries & Investigations                  0      3      2      0      0      1      2   0   0   0   0    0
Programs, procedures monitored              7      7      7      7      7      7      7   7   7   7   7    7
S.& H. Hazards               Identified     0      3      2      0      0      1      1   0   0   0   0    0
                             Resolved       0      3      2      0      0      1      0   0   0   0   0    0
                           Unresolved       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0
Injuries                     Disabling      0      1      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0
                               Minor        0      1      0      0      0      0      2   0   0   0   0    0
                        Time lost due to    0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0   0   0   0    0

Minutes Approved by:

------------------------------------            -----------------------------------
Rick Pawlowski– FMS Mgr.                             David Wells- C.R. Tech
  Management Co-Chair                                   CEP Co-Chair

Please pass along within your organizations and business units, front line leaders, that
proper escalation procedures must be followed to ensure we have the correct notifications
within the Company during an incident that could affect Bell and our employees.

The NNOC (416-353-9450) or (888-570-1091) is the escalation point within Bell Canada to
ensure threats and abnormal conditions are escalated as per our existing Policy 106.27.

This includes all evacuations, service outages, suspicious packages/bomb threats, fires,
flooding, municipal events, etc.

The policy can be reviewed at the following URL

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