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					Check out CE Tips For some
Rockin Tech Reviews!                              Riverside, CA - 3rd Best                  Jan 1, 2004                  Vol 1, Issue 1
While browsing at the airport                        Weather in USA?
bookstore the other day (I seem to be           I was browsing the web one day at                  DAILY UPDATE SECTION
in a lot of those lately), I was looking     work, (yeah, laugh it up), and was               This is a monthly publication; however, all
for a PC magazine                            reading CNN‟s lists on best places to            daily updates in journal form are available at
that most suited my                                    live. They were sortable by         
needs. You know,                                       housing         prices,     crime,
just tech tips and                                     pollution, weather, you name it.
stuff. Those aren‟t                                    First I typed in LA. Turns out                          WELCOME
easy      to     find,                                 they are #1 in the nation in            This is the first issue of a creation I thought of
because each mag                                       terms of number of movie             long ago….high school in fact. Its kind of an
is so concentrated                                     theatres per square mile (no         extended journal / informative publication. Oh
these days on a                                        surprise here), and also #1 in       heck, its just a chance for me to create something
particular subject.                                    terms of total number of             and keep me out of trouble. I haven‟t yet decided
You have your                                          theatrical producers (ditto). All    on the creative direction of this publication, but its
Digital       Camera                                   the other factors were average;      along the lines of everything going on in my life,
magazines, mp3s, scanners, imaging,                    school index was so-so, crime        giving me a chance to voice my opinion on…well
blah blah blah.                              pretty up there, pollution, well you           just about everything. Cause damn, it turns out I
  Then I came across CE Tips.                know the story. But keep in mind this          have a lot to say.
(                is for the City of LA proper. That‟s the          If you missed the
12.html) Wow, its perfect! It has all        trouble with all these lists, all of LA‟s      Kickoff Celebration of the
the useful stuff I look for in the other     suburbs are treated as separate cities,        first issue, (and that‟s just
magazines,       without     the    fluff.   even though we residents know its still        about      all    of     you,
Virtually every article is not only          LA.                                            considering it took place
readable, but useful! They touch on             Anyway I started checking out other         in my living room last
everything, but just enough so it            cities, and all the lists. The tool allowed    night, and I was the only
doesn‟t get boring.                          me to search for any given criteria            attendee), let me catch you
  It seems that I picked up the              separately, so for example I searched          up.
inaugural issue, so chances are most         for the top 200 cities to live based on           I was daydreaming the
of you haven‟t heard about it yet.           weather alone. The result? The first           other day on how to
(wow, who knew there was enough              135 (!!!) were in CA. number 136 was           improve        my     tabulas
demand       for    ANOTHER          tech    Corpus Christi, TX. This includes all          journal. I‟m not really
magazine on the market?)                     the cities                                     satisfied with it, because it
                                                Continued on p 3.                           only gives me the chance
  MUSIC                                                                                     to account for each day‟s
This month’s chart winner:                                                                  events, but never gives me
                                                 THE ULTIMATE                               a chance to SAY anything
Mali Music by Damon Albarn and                        (seriously)
Afel Bocoum                                                                                 extensively. At least, not without becoming long
                                             LORD of the RINGS REVIEW                       and boring as consequence. With this publication,
                           I just can‟t                                                     people can read at “their own pace”, and can
                                                To those of you who have seen the           always come back and find older articles if they
                           seem to get
                           enough of this    movie, but don‟t quite know what to            want to.
                           cd. I guess it    think, relax. I am here to save you,              Now before I toot my own horn, let me say that I
                           qualifies    as   the        not-quite-so-well-versed-in-        don‟t really expect ANYONE to really be into this
                           „world music‟,    Tolkien common folk, because I                 site like I am. That‟s ok, I‟m really just doing this
                           but its fused     have read the stupid books 3 times,            for practice. I‟m trying to undergo a career change
so brilliantly with Blur‟s electronic        plus countless footnotes, etc. (ok, so         after all, and editing (magazine/newspaper/TV/
grunge beat sound that its really hard to    maybe Jacki might know some stuff
classify it as anything at all except a
                                                                                            video) has always been a fascination of mine. If
                                             that I don‟t, but I can arm wrestle her        the only reader every month is me, then its still
                                             down so we‟ll count her out for now            better than nothing.
   The overall mellowness makes you
feel like you‟re actually there in Africa,   .                                                However, if there is anyone else who wants to
with not a care in the world except             The first movie was good. They              voice an opinion (music/book/dvd reviews?) about
making music, and watching the sunset.       left out Tom Bombadil, and in the              just about anything, I‟ll be glad to concede some
All this despite its obvious electronia      initial movie version they got to Bree         space for you, as long as my editor-in-chief
presence. Track 5, Makelekele, starts                            Continued on p. 2..        authority is acknowledged!  Cheers.
           Continued on page 2…
   LOTR-Review (cont from page 1)           the movie, and taking an extreme               Mali Music (cont from page 1)
in about 5 minutes, but it was still ok.    backseat to building the persona of         off as tribal, but quickly ascends into a funky Blur-
The dvd reinserted a lot of scenes that     the hobbits. How many dwarves are           type mix that could easily have come off of their
showed how far the hike was to Bree         able to befriend an elf, after all? (this   Japanese import club disc mixes.
and Rivendell, and the Tom                  reminds me to make a future gripe on           However, apart from that track, the first track
Bombadil stuff I guess would have           Return of the King: The friendship          (featuring his „yeah yeah yeah‟s), and Sunset
taken another hour of footage, so I‟ll      between Gimli and Legolas was so            Coming On, which incidentally, could have easily
forgive them. (incidentally, for the        legendary after the battles that they       been on the most Blur-ish of albums and fit in
uninformed: Tom was one of the              walked the Middle Earth together            nicely, Damon Albarn is not really noticeable on
original people created in Middle           before Gimli was crowned by the             the record as a writer. No doubt he plays and
Earth, even before the elves, so he is      dwarves. They should put a minute           contributes to the rest of the songs, but either his
some form of minor God, or an               or two of that footage in instead of        writing has morphed into something more tribal
Archangel, or something of that             the hug-fest that goes on between           itself, or much more likely, he simply takes a back
nature. There is always a big debate        Frodo and the hobbits).                     seat on the writing team and lets the locals do their
on the message boards about this               The Return of the King, however,         stuff. The woman on track 15, Ko Kan Ko
because Tolkien was intentionally           despite missing key parts at the end,       SataDoumbia on River seriously sounds like
vague. But he was the only person in        is still the best of the 3 in terms of      Rafiki, the one who plays the woman in the Lion
all Middle earth who could hold the         adaptation from the book. Nearly            King musical (not the movie).
One Ring, toss it up in the air and         none of the story was left out up until        Even the most African sounding tracks, like
laugh about it; so what does THAT           the part where the ring was destroyed.      Tennessee Hotel (where the heck did that name
tell you?        “He‟d probably lose        All the scenes of Aragorn rounding          come from?) have him mumbling some lyrics
it…He‟d think of it as nothing more         up the undead were cleverly hinted at       during the chanting, but the liner note pictures
than a trinket”, said Gandalf).             in the movie so they didn‟t have to         always show him playing that same harmonica-
   Oh yeah, and Moria was perfectly         use many movie minutes on showing           type instrument (the notes say „melodica‟. What‟s
captured, and the Boromir death             it. The Shelob (giant spider) scenes        that?).
scene was pretty much right out of          were longer than I thought they                I also have to mention something about 4am at
the book as well. The Galadriel scene       would be, so I was pleasantly               Tounami’s. Its basically some guy strumming an
was a little fishy (why are they trying     surprised.                                  instrument with strings (I don‟t think its quite a
to make the audience doubt her                 After the ring is destroyed, though,     guitar, but it may be close), and slowly everybody
goodness?), but anyway they                 the hobbits are supposed to „take           joins in the chanting. The effect of this is very
remedied this in the later movies, so       back‟ Hobbiton, in fact the whole           soothing.
that passes too.                            Shire, from the Men from Bree, all             Lastly, if you‟ve already sampled some of the
   The second movie was better than         commandeered by Saruman. He had             tracks but don‟t like what you hear, DON‟T give
the first, and the dvd was the best of      lost his powers at this point, but was      up until you‟ve heard Sunset Coming On. I was
all. They even showed Pippin and            still able to work mischief, so he          amazed at how wonderfully it captured an actual
Merry growing faster because of             exerted it over the Shire, turning it       sunset, in AFRICA no less. Cant you hear it?
drinking Entwater! The battle of            into marshal law.                           There is chanting in the background, and that wind
Helm‟s Deep was superb, maybe the              After Frodo, Sam, Merry, and             instrument that leads into the song reminds you of
best battle sequence all time on film.      Pippin return, they rally the hobbits to    all the mood music used to accompany sunsets.
I‟m all about the details, though.          a small battle against the men, and         The chorus is repetitive in a hypnotic kind of way,
Scenes where you can see the flag of        after a few dozen are killed, the men       as if you‟re staring at it, and cant break your
Rohan falling against the wind, and         give up the fight and surrender to the      concentration because you‟re drawn into its beauty.
Shadowfax‟s grand entrance on the           hobbit ambush. Saruman is killed by         It‟s the 3rd from last track, so just skip on over and
plains of Rohan at Gandalf‟s call: this     Grima Wormtongue, who is in turn            give it a listen. The price of the cd might be worth
is what makes a movie memorable.            killed by a hobbit arrow. All the ends      this track alone.
   Gimli‟s funny lines don‟t hurt           are neatly tied up and everyone lives
either, but it is wrong to think of him     happily ever after. Maybe the dvd
strictly as the comic relief. I feel that   will show this footage, maybe not.                                  NOTES
his importance as the future leader of      At least we will always have the book         The next issue is due for completion on Feb 1,
all dwarves is a little undermined in       to read!                                    2003. If I get really rolling on some of these topics
                                                                                        then I might move to make it a weekly publication. It
                                                                                        will never be daily, although the “Daily Pickle” has a
               Upcoming content on the main site                                        much cozier ring to it than the “Monthly Pickle”, but
                                                                                        eh, what are you gonna do?

                                                                                          If any part of this document looks screwed up, it is
                                                                                        not on purpose and I appreciate anyone letting me
                                                                                        know. I had a bloody hard time publishing this in
                                                                                        Word because as soon as I save it as a web page, all
    Usually we use the beginning of hockey playoff season as an excuse to               the column formatting is gone and everything is on
  give the main site a complete makeover, but after so many incarnations,               top of each other, making it unreadable. I‟m using
  we‟ve pretty much come up with a classic look to mark the ages, and only              Microsoft Word XP and I‟m not sure how it will
  have plans to branch out into sub sites such as this one.                             behave if you open it with anything older. I would
    The Music Review section is priority-one for fleshing out right now, so if          hate for this publication to be short lived because of
  you have time to write reviews, please send them!                                     technicalities!!! -Ed.
   RIVERSIDE – (cont from p 1)
in the NATION mind you. Well it                                           Best Places to Live
was about that time I started getting                                (low income and state taxes)
suspicious. (heh, the Loch Ness             1. Juneau, AK
Monster wanted $3.50!). There must          2. Gillette, WY          Note: I don‟t get this one. I guess Juneau must be
be some glitch in the program that          3. Rock Springs, WY
                                            4. Davie, FL             the only Alaska city listed (cause wouldn‟t it be the
doesn‟t recognize some variables. So
I tried the search again, this time the     5. Cooper City, FL       same in Anchorage?), and there are only 2 cities
                                            6. Coral Springs, FL     listed in this database in Wyoming. So I guess
     Best Places to Live                    7. Weston, FL            lessons learned here is that taxes are hella low in
          (weather)                         8. Wellington, FL
  1. Norco, CA                              9. Delray Beach, FL      Alaska, Wyoming, and Florida.
  2. Corona, CA                             10. Ft Lauderdale, FL
  3. Riverside, CA
  4. Burbank, CA
  5. La Verne, CA
  6. San Dimas, CA                                                          Best Places to Live
  7. Glendora, CA                                                          (affordable housing)
  8. Claremont, CA                          1. Georgetown, KY
  9. Anaheim, CA                            2. Armadillo, TX
  10. Pomona, CA                            3. Nicholasville, KY
                                            4. Fort Wayne, IN               Note: another one I don‟t understand. What
only criteria was “plentiful leisure        5. Pleasure Ridge Park, KY      does “affordable housing” mean? Cheap, but
activities”. Nearly all of the first 50     6. Corpus Christi, TX           good? Or just plain cheap? Wouldn‟t a
cities were in New Jersey. What,            7. Houston, TX                  cheap (but large) house be cheap for some
they have more to do in Hoboken, NJ         8. Prattville, AL
                                            9. Allentown, PA                other reason, like high pollution, or not
than Westwood? Hmmm…it must be
based on number of movie theatres,          10. Hueytown, AL                making the „plentiful leisure activities‟
not the quality. It also said there are
23,000 restaurants in Hoboken 30
mile vicinity. Is this even possible?
Granted it said Redondo Beach had                    Best Places to Live                        Best Places to Live
about 13,000, which was still too high                 (low crime rate)                  (strong arts, cultural programs,
                                            1. Islip, NY                                        higher education)
      Best Places to Live                   2. Wayne, NJ                                1. Hoboken, NJ
  (low auto insurance rates)                3. Mililani Town, HI                        2. Jersey City, NJ
  1. Coralville, IA                         4. West Milford, NJ                         3. New York, NY
  2. West Des Moines, IA                    5. Greenwich, CT                            4. Teaneck, NJ
  3. Urbandale, IA                          6. Rocky River, OH                          5. Rutherford, NJ
  4. Bettendorf, IA                         7. Municipality of Monroeville, PA          6. Nutley, NJ
  5. Ankenv, IA                             8. Green, OH                                7. Bergenfield, NJ
  6. Cedar Rapids, IA                       9. Pearl City, HI                           8. Newark, NJ
  7. Cedar Falls, IA                        10. Kailua, HI                              9. New Milford, NJ
  8. Marion, IA                                                                         10. Montclair, NJ
  9. Des Moines, IA
  10. Muscatine, IA
                                                     Best Places to Live                        Best Places to Live
I thought, but I guess it must count
                                                       (low pollution)                     (plentiful leisure activities)
pubs too. Anyway I‟ve never been to
                                            1. Evans, GA                                1. Hoboken, NJ
New Jersey, how the hell do I know?         2. Martinez, GA                             2. Jersey City, NJ
Well I‟ve gone through the first            3. North Augusta, SC                        3. New York, NY
couple I thought I might as well keep       4. Pratville, AL                            4. Rutherford, NJ
searching.       The lists for „low         5. Jacksonville Beach, FL                   5. Teaneck, NJ
pollution‟ and „low crime rate‟             6. Anchorage, AK                            6. Bergenfield, NJ
seemed to be a little more diverse.         7. Augusta, ME                              7. Nutley, NJ
Although I have to see this Hoboken         8. Palm Harbor, FL                          8. Newark, NJ
place, is it really as good as they         9. Wilmington Island, GA                    9. New Milford, NJ
make it seem? The average home              10. Allouez, WI                             10. Dumont, NJ
price is listed as $285,000. It must be                                                 (I beg to differ with this list)
some small, elite community in NJ
with crappy weather. They can have
it. 
   For what its worth, here are the lists
based ONLY on the specified criteria.
I doubt its worth to read into it much,
but it‟s amusing as a curiosity…

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