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					           LIFESTYLE 2000SM

                  State Life Insurance
                  Company Enters the
                  Long Term Care
                  Insurance Business

           Web Site

              Status and underwriting e-mail
              Production reports
              State Bulletins
              Forms

           The LIFESTYLE 2000 Policy

              Both Tax Qualified and Non Tax Qualified as
               required by law in California and Maine
              In other states, filed as Tax Qualified only
              One Policy form:
                  Facility Only
                  And, with Home and Community Based Care Option

           Premium Options / Modal Factors

              Level Pay
              Ten Pay Option
              Single Pay Option

              Monthly       0.085
              Quarterly     0.27
              Semi-Annual   0.52
              Annual        1.00
           Premium Options

              10 Year Premium Payment Option
                  Policy is paid up for life after 10 years and cannot
                   be canceled.
              Single Premium Payment Option
                  One lump sum payment protects insured from rate
                   changes and policy cancellation.

           Underwriting Classes and Factors

              Preferred     0.80
              Select        1.00
              Standard      1.25
              Substandard   1.50

           Unacceptable Conditions

              Alzheimer’s Disease
              Senility
              Parkinson’s Disease
              Multiple Strokes
              Dependency on Cane or Walker
              Multiple Sclerosis

           Issue Ages

              40 – 84
              Based on age nearest birthday
              Age nearest 85 (84.5 – 85) considered only
               prior to 85th birthday.
              Endorsed group members under age 40 are
               charged the age 40 rate.

           Length of Benefit Pool

              Lifetime   1.00
              5 Year     0.88
              3 Year     0.65

           Daily Benefit Amounts

              $20 Minimum
              $250 Maximum
              $10 Increments

           Indemnity Option

              Applies to all benefits
                  Facility
                  Home and Community Based Care
              Premium Factor is 1.15

           Benefit Increase Option

              Compound Benefit Increase Option
                  Increases previous year’s daily benefit 5% per year
                   for the life of the policy.
                  Inflates the benefit amount sums.
              Simple Benefit Increase Option
                  Increases the original daily benefit 5% per year for
                   the life of the policy.
                  Inflates the benefit amount sums.

           Elimination Periods and Factors

               0 Day    1.30
              30 Day    1.15
              90 Day    1.00

           HCBC Enhancement Rider

              Changes HCBC benefits from a daily to a
               weekly maximum
              Changes Facility Waiver to Facility or Home
               and Community Based Care Waiver of
              Premium Factor is 1.20

           Personal Care Advisor

              Helps with questions on:
                  Coverage
                  Claims
                  Available Services in Area

      Joint Discount

         Up to 50% discount for Second Insured. Any
          two insureds residing in the same household
          may apply for joint coverage.*

         * Must be married in Florida and Maryland. Must be
           eligible family member in New Jersey.
           Restoration of Benefits

              Restoration of Benefits - 100% of benefits are
               restored after 180 days of not meeting benefit
               triggers under the policy.
              Available for limited benefit period policies (3 or
               5 year)
              Limited to twice the original pool amount.

           Reinstatement of Coverage

              Allowed for up to 6 months after the last paid-to
               date if lapse is due to a diagnosed Cognitive
              Reinstatement for other lapse will be allowed
               for up to one year after the last paid-to date; a
               reinstatement application may be required.
              All back premium must be paid in advance of
           Waiver of Premium

              Waives premiums for both insureds after one
               insured is confined in a Nursing Facility or
               Assisted Living Facility for 90 days.
              Premium is waived on a monthly basis and any
               unearned premium is refunded.
              When waiver ends, insured is billed so as to
               put them back on schedule with the previous
               billing mode. Then, regular billing resumes.
              HCBC waiver is also available under HCBC
               Enhancement rider.
           Alternative Plan of Care

              Reimbursement or optional Indemnity
              Equipment purchases or rentals
              Permanent or temporary modifications like handicap
               access, lifts, ramps or railings
              Care services not normally covered under HCBC
              Will not provide HCBC benefits when HCBC is not
               available under the policy.
              Benefits are subtracted from Pool of Benefits payable

           Bed Reservation

              Reserves accommodations in Nursing Facility
               or Assisted Living Facility up to 30 Days per
               calendar year if Insured becomes Hospitalized.
              Reimbursement
              Benefits are subtracted from maximum benefit

           Respite Care

              Alternative Caregiver when Daily Caregiver
               Needs a Break
              Covers 100% of Actual Expenses (Applicable
               to Maximum Daily Benefit Amount)
              Up to 30 Days Per Calendar Year

           Guaranteed Renewable

              The policy can never be cancelled as long as
               premiums are paid on time.
              Single Premium Policy is non-cancelable
              Ten Pay Policy is non-cancelable after tenth
               annual premium is paid.

           Home and Community Benefit

              Home Care
              Adult Day Care
              Hospice Care
              Caregiver Training

           Nonforfeiture Options

              Full Nonforfeiture Benefit Option
                  Death benefit equal to premiums paid regardless of
                  Lapsed policies receive extended benefits.
              Shortened Benefit Period
                  Extended benefits if the policy lapses after at least
                   three years.
                  Equal to total premium, never less than 30 times
                   daily benefit at time of lapse.
SLTC99-1          Benefit increases frozen at date of lapse.
           Optional Riders

              Indemnity Benefit Option – converts all
               benefits from reimbursement to indemnity;
               Regardless of the actual charges, we will pay
               the full daily benefit the insured selects.
              Inflation Protection
                  Simple interest 5% per year
                  Compound interest 5% per year

           Endorsed Group

              First year commissions reduced 10%
              Renewal commissions reduced 4%
              Premium Discounts
                  Ages 40 – 64 = 15%
                  Ages 65 – 84 = 10%
              Single premium commission is 5%

           Pre-existing Conditions

              Conditions for which medical advice or
               treatment was recommended by or received
               from health care provider in the 6 months prior
               to the policy effective date.
              Policy does not pay for Pre-existing Condition if
               loss begins during first 6 months after policy
               effective date unless the condition is disclosed
               on the application.

           Qualifying For Benefits

              Insured is eligible to receive benefits if:
                  Unable to perform without hands-on or standby
                   assistance, at least 2 or more of 6 ADLs for a period
                   of at least 90 days;
                  Requiring continual supervision by another person
                   due to severe cognitive impairment. Supervision
                   must protect you and others from threats to health
                   and safety and can include cueing by verbal
                   prompting or gestures.

           Exceptions, Limitations, Exclusions
              Suicide or self-inflicted injury
              Voluntary participation in a felony, attempted felony or illegal occupation
              Care provided outside the USA, its territories or Canada
              Sickness or injury covered under the state or federal worker’s
               compensation law
              Care provided in a government facility
              Care for treatment of alcohol or drug addiction or in facilities primarily
               operated for such treatment
              Care provided as a result of being intoxicated or under the influence of
               illegal drugs
              Care provided in facilities operated primarily for treatment of mental or
               nervous disorders
              Care provided by a person in your family, or for which you have no
               financial liability, or that is provided at no charge in the absence of
           LIFESTYLE 2000 Plan Benefits

              Nursing Facility               Indemnity Option
              Assisted Living Facility       Ten Pay Option
              Home and Community             Single Premium Option
               Based Care                     Waiver of Premium
              Choice of Daily Benefits       Alternative Plan of Care
              Lifetime Elimination           Bed Reservation
              0, 30, 90 Day Elimination      Respite Care
              Lifetime, 5 and 3 year         Guaranteed Renewable
              Restoration of Benefits        Personal Care Advisor

      Long Term Care Insurance