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EUROGI Application Form

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									Rua Artilharia Um,
 1099-052 LISBOA

Tel: +351 213-819-
                                       EUROPEAN UMBRELLA ORGANISATION
Fax: +351 213-819-                         FOR GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION

                                                              MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM
        Geographic Information with all its                   Date of application:
        aspects should become a fully
        integrated component of the                           Effective date of membership:     [to be completed by EUROGI]
        European knowledge-based society
                                                              EUROGI MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES, YEAR 2009
        MISSION                                               As from the Article 3 of the EUROGI Statutes, the affiliated organisations are affiliated legal
                                                              persons that possess legal personality pursuant to the law applicable to them, and that have
        In order to ensure good governance,                   been admitted as affiliated organisations.
        economic and social development,                      The affiliated organisations are subdivided in three categories (A, B and C):
        environmental protection and
        sustainability, and informed public                   a. AFFILIATED ORGANISATIONS A (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION REPRESENTATIVES)
        participation, the mission is to                         may be national organisations acting in the European GI field. From each coun-try, only
        maximise the availability and                            one (1) national organisation may be an affiliated organisation A;
        effective use of GI throughout                           [EUROGI allows only one A-member per European country]
                                                              b. AFFILIATED ORGANISATIONS B (CORPORATE ORGANISATIONS)
        This will require EUROGI to                              may be commercial organisations such as commercial companies acting in the European
        stimulate, encourage and support                         GI field;
        the development and effective use
        of GI and relevant technologies, and                  c. AFFILIATED ORGANISATIONS C (OTHER ORGANISATIONS AND NETWORKS)
        to act as the voice for the European                     may be national, regional and local authorities like SDI’s, cross border cooperation
        GI community                                             networks, Pan European organisations, universities as well as other not for profit
                                                                 stakeholders in the broadest sense, acting in the European GI field.
        MEMBERS OF EUROGI                                     Only legal persons that have major activities in Europe and a registered office and
                                                              administration in any European country acceptable to EUROGI may be admitted as affiliated
        AESIG, Spain
        AFIGEO, France
        AGEO, Austria
                                                              Membership category requested (A., B. or C.):

        AM/FM Italia, Italy                                   Reasons to join EUROGI:
        CAGI, Czech Republic                                  Contact person:
        CC Belgium, Belgium                                   First name:                                     Last name:
        DDGI, Germany                                         Function:                                       Email:
        GEOFORUM Danmark, Denmark                             Telephone: +                                    Mobile: +
        GEONOVUM, The Netherlands
        GTIM SIG, Luxembourg
                                                              Full name:
        HUNAGI, Hungary
                                                              Street:                                         City:
        IGP, Portugal
        IRLOGI, Ireland                                       Postcode:                                       Country:
        LISA, Iceland                                         Telephone: +                                    Fax: +
        PROGIS, Finland                                       Email:                                          Website (URL):
        SOGI, Switzerland                                     Date of foundation:                             Number of members:
        ULI, Sweden                                           Number of workers:                              Type of organisation:
                                                              Profile/Target sectors:
        ESRI                                                  Organisation acronym:                           Yearly budget:
        GEOFOTO                                               President:                                      Email President:
        INTERGRAPH                                            CEO/SG:                                         Email CEO/SG:

                                                              Please return completed applications to the EUROGI Secretariat by e-mail:
        GI NORDEN


        Rua Artilharia Um, 107 − 1099-052 Lisboa − Portugal
        Tel: +351 213-819-624 − Fax: +351 213-819-668 −

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