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					                               ESPN General Assembly
                              Birmingham September 4, 2009

1) Report by the Treasurer Dieter Haffner
   a) Financial report
      - Current economy:
           On January 2009 there was a balance of 29.000 € on the ESPN general account. We
           expect the following expenses during the year 2009: 1) English speaking secretary for
           the Secretary General and Treasurer: 4600 €; ESPN training course: 3000 €, council
           meeting Amsterdam and pending bills of the year 2008: 9000 €, new ESPN logo: 1000 E.
           There will be an income from the membership fees of approx. 7000 €, a benefit from the
           ESPN Lyon meeting: 11000 €. In addition, Patrick Niaudet transferred 32000 € from the
           Swiss account in order to account for the actual deficit of the ESPN-registry. Thus, a
           balance of 63000 € would be expected in December 2009. However, the current deficit
           of the ESPN registry has not been taken into account. In addition, there is a loan from
           the ESPN-Birmingham organization of 10000 €.
      - Remaining deposit on the Swiss account: approx. 46000 €
      - Registry budget:
          In the year 2009 we will have the expenses with respect to the AMC-contract of 40000 €.
           So far there is an expected income of 25000 € (UK grant 10000 €; National Society
           Germany 2500 €; National Society Italy 2500 €, AMGEN 10000 €). In addition, there
           will be expenses of 15000 € according to the AMC-contract during the year 2010.
           Thus, there will be a total deficit of approx. 30000 € for the ESPN registry until
           December 2010!
           The solution of this problem will be to cut down the contract of the ESPN with the AMC
           as soon as possible when the grant from the EDTA (150000 € yearly for three years) has
           been transferred to the AMC. This will probably be in October 2009. Thereby we will
           reduce the deficit by approx. 20000 € down to 10000 €. This is an important issue and
           all efforts of the Council, the AMC and the EDTA should be made in order to gain this
      Thus, the financial balance would have been negative for the expenses of the Registry but
      the problem will be solved by the grant given by the ERA-EDTA (150.000 Euro yearly for 3
      years) this deficit will be markedly reduced. The remaining deficit could be easily balanced
      if the National Societies would give some support to the ESPN, e.g. each 1000-2000€. A
      Watson asked why give money as ERA-EDTA is already paying for 3 years. However
      money for running the Registry is still requested from the National Societies of Pediatric
      Nephrology in order to save money for the future.

   b) Registration of ESPN as a charity
      The end of the process will be by the end of 2009 and it will save money in taxes and allow
      receiving donations.

2) Report by the Secretary General Pierre Cochat
   a) Membership
      The increase of Membership fees from 50 to 60 euros, 30 euros for low-income countries
      was discussed in the Council but it was decided not to apply it, since only about a hundred
      people (about one third) are regularly paying. Hence a letter will be sent stating that
      members who did not pay 3 years of membership will be automatically cancelled. This will
      allow to keeping only the active ESPN members. A receipt for payment will be sent. The
      ESPN membership fee will be left as it is. There are difficulties in getting the list of
      members with updated email addresses: everybody is invited to regularly update his e-mail.
   P Niaudet suggested sending a letter asking for membership renewal clarifying that a receipt
   will be sent. D Stefanidis suggested to finding a way to join the European Academy of
   Pediatrics, trying to obtain a discount for combined membership allowing to receive the
   Journal of Academy Pediatrics.
   Similarly P Cochat approached IPNA to combine IPNA and ESPN fees in order to have a
   reduced fee for Pediatric Nephrology through ESPN application. The matter will be
   discussed with Otto Mehls.

b) Honorary members
   O Mehls and U Berg were proposed to the GA and accepted; hence they will be honoured in
   New York.

c) Council members
   For the replacement of 3 council members (D Haffner, N Webb and A Gur Guven) 2
   proposals were accepted: V Tasic (Macedonia), R Topaloglu (Turkey)
   For the position of Secretary the application of D Haffner was accepted.
   The following applications were approved.
       o B Adams, Belgium (S Marks, E Levtchenko)
       o S Akman, Turkey (A Gür Guven, O Söylemezoglu)
       o A Bakr, Egypt (F Schaefer, O Mehls)
       o R Chafai, Luxembourg (F Janssen, M Hall)
       o J Dötsch, Germany (M Kemper, W Rascher)
       o D Drozdz, Poland (E Leumann, M Taylor)
       o V Edvardsson, Iceland (S Hansson, K Tullus)
       o J Harambat, France (F Bouissou, P Cochat)
       o AL Lapeyraque, Canada (C Loirat, P Cochat)
       o K Lolin, Belgium (T Schurmans, F Janssen)
       o A Moczulska, Poland (JA Pietrzyk, R Grenda)
       o M Miklaszewska, Poland (JA Pietrzyk, R Grenda)
       o N Ristoska-Bojkovska, Macedonia (J Ehrich, P Cochat)
       o MD Rodrigo-Jiménez, Spain (F Santos, G Ariceta)
       o R Salomon, France (C Antignac, P Niaudet)
       o K Vrljicak, Croatia (D Batinic, R Coppo)
       o A Vyalkova, Russia (J Ehrich, N Savenkova)
       o K Zachwieja, Poland (JA Pietrzyk, R Grenda)
       o M Zaniew, Poland (A Zurowska, R Grenda)

d) Registry committee
   J Tizard has been working for 2 x 3 years and had to be replaced. E Verrina, who has been
   working for 3 years, was re-elected for another 3 years For the vacant position two
   candidates applied and Franz Schaefer was appointed.

e) Education
   Various societies of nephrology (ESPN, IPNA, ERA-EDTA, ISN) decided to combine their
   support for educational courses. One course per year is planned. In 2010 a course will be
   organized in Orenburg (Russia) and in 2011 in Antalya (Turkey).
   Travel grants will be distributed starting from the ESPN congress in 2011: 50 grants of 500
   Euro each favoring applications from young doctors on the basis of abstract scoring, CV,
   Country of origin, age<35 years.

f) Educational committee
       A committee for educational activities will be chaired by A Gür-Guven, including 5 ESPN
       Council members and they will work on discrepancies of pediatric nephrology training
       among European countries as co-opted members for 3 years.

3) Report from the convenor of the Birmingham meeting (M Taylor)
   a) 455 abstracts were received, 426 accepted. There have been 578 registrations (95 members
      and 168 non-members. From the financial point of view the support from industries was
      little and the balance was based on delegates’ fees. The financial risk was not charged on the
      ESPN since a specific society was founded in order not to involve the ESPN in a financial

   b) Annual meetings
      - 2010: IPNA New York 29 August- 2 September. March 15 deadline for abstracts
      - 2011: Dubrovnik (D Batinic). 14-17 September. The chairman of the scientific
         committee is Yaacov Frishberg.
      - For the Annual meeting in 2012, 3 applications were presented: Cracow, Barcelona,
         Innsbruck. Cracow was chosen.
   c) IPNA matters
      - P Cochat had to be replaced among the IPNA council members: There were 2 candidates
         and Oguz Söylemezoglu (Turkey) was elected.

   d) ESPN and non-ESPN collaborative studies and trials
      The nephrotic syndrome project (Nephcure international) is officially in collaboration with
      ESPN. A call for participating centres is open, contact J. Vande Walle

   e) New logo
      3 logos were presented and one was voted.

Signed: Pierre Cochat Secretary General

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