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                                                                   .                                   CASS CITY CHHONICLE-THURSDAY,            NOVEMBER 19,1981

           Ever get so mad a t aput in more money; Make
,       vending       machine   your selection, please; Sor-
        wanted to kick it?      ry, sold out; Thank you for
                                using the Talking Vendor,
           Or maybe you did kick it.
                                come again, and Don’t for-
           It won’t be long before
                                get your change.’’
        there will be a machine that
        will kick back. Already    Such a machine will bene-
                                fit blind persons, but I doubt
        there is a machine that will
        talk back.              that was Coke’s motivation
                                in developing it,
          So far, however, if sworn
        at, it won’t swear back,   The machine, by the way,
                                is apparently American
          We have the Coca Cola Co.
                                made, but the talking mech-
        to praise or blame for their
        new talking vending ma- anism is made --where else?
        chine.                  -- in Japan.
          The company is sending   Wouldn’t it be something if
                                the electronics firm that
        the first 100 machines to
        Michigan, Georgia, Ken- made it made a mistake and
                                the machine only talked in
        tucky, Illinois, Louisiana,
        Tennessee and Texas, so it
        may not be too long before The article I borrowed this
        you encounter one.      information from didn’t say                                                                                                                 EXPLAINING some CPR techniques to the students in :’
                                whether different voices will
          If so, tell it I said hello.                                                                                                                                     Guy Whittaker’s human physiology class is Hazel Spencer,
                                be used.
                                   If they are, for instance,
                                                                           BREATHING EXERCISE -- Kingston High School stu-                                                 LPN.
   Despite whatever nasty
 things might be said to it, so machines in southern states              dent Kelly Jaster checks for signs of breathing before
                                                                         starting cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the practice
                                                                                                                                                                            CB radio stolen,
 far it has only been pro- might talk with a southern
 grammed to say polite drawl: “Thaank yo00 for                           dummy. Checking her technique, before issuing her a CPR
 things back: “You need to usin’ the Talkin’ Vendah.
                                Ya’all come again.”                      “heartsaver” certification card is Lynn Babich, RN (left).                                                                                                                                         a

                                    In New York City, where
        Farm accident            it’s every man or woman for
                                 him or herself, the machine ’
                                 might say, “You dumb turk-
        victim home              ey. Put more money in the
                                    And in laid back Califor-                                                                                                              A citizens band radio         bines parked in a corn field a   told Tuscola deputies late
        from hospital            nia: “Heyyy, man. You                                                                                                                                                   mile north of Owendale           Monday morning that she

                                                                        take CPR’training
                                                                                                                                                                         worth $100 was stolen from a
                                 want to put some more                                                                                                                   motor home in Cass City         along Canboro Road.              had told two hunters to get
    Karen Kappen, seriously money in the machine?”                                                                                                                       Thursday night or early Fri-      John C. Richmond of Bay          One became
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          off her property. “mouthy”        u

 injured in a farm accident         There are other possible                                                                                                             day.                            Port reported the theft to
 Nov. 2, was released from variations. There could be                                                                                                                      Michael Shaft of 6549 Main    Huron county deputies Mon-       and the other pointed his gun         I
 St. Mary’s Hospital in Sagi- his and her machines. When-                                                                                                                Street reported the theft a t   day, it having occurred Nov.     a t her and threatened her.           a

 naw Friday and is now home ever a man walked by the                     If, heaven forbid, a person   Hospital, and Lynn Babich,         The CPR training was           11:30 a.m. Friday. The          10.                              She then left and the hunters
 recuperating,                   her machine, for instance, a          has a heart attack, Kingston    RN, part-time Cass City          amduded for three one-hour       motor home had been               A resident of   S. Kingston    got in their vehicle and              :
    The 15-yeardd daughter seductive female voice                      would not be a bad place        school nurse.                    dass periods, on Monday,
 of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kap- would purr, “Hi there, hand-                to have it in.                     The second year biology       Wednesday and Friday, with    home. Entry was gained by                                                                         I

 pen of 2546 Keilitz Road, some. Buy a Coke and I’ll let                 That’s because 50 high        dass is primarily for 10th       the students’ last day de-    forcing open a vent window.
                                                                       school students in Guy Whit-    and 11th graders. The CPR        voted to taking a written test  Village police arrested                                                 Two Admitted
 Cass City, said she probably you come over to my place.”                                                                                                                                                                                        for $2.50 on
 won’t be returning to school       Or maybe, “Give me 60              taker’s two physiology          instruction, Whi tta ker said,   and having their CPR tedv     George Wisniewski, 48, of
 until after Thanksgiving, cents and you a n spin my                   classes Nov. 6 completed        fits into the study of the       nique & e k e d out on the    Warren, a t 12:lO a.m. Sun-                                               Mon. 4L Tues.!
 She is a loth grader at Caro gears.”                                  the Michigan Heart Associ-      circulation system.              practice dummies.             day on a charge of operating
 High School.                       Of course, like humans,            ation heartsaver course in         This was the first year                                     a motor vehicle under the
    One result of the accident, just because the machine
                                                                       cardiopulmonary resusci-        students have received the           Although a “first” at influence of liquor after                Sunday-2:30 till 6:OO Adults...St .SO
                                                                       tation, which can be used to    CPR training. Whittaker           Kingston High School, CPR stopping his car on Church
 in which she became caught can talk doesn’t mean it will              revive heart attack victims     had planned to incorporate it     is taught a t a few other Street, east of Seeger,
 in a power takeoff shaft, was be any smarter. Chances are             and other persons who have      in the class last year but        s&ools, induding Cass City                                        Starts Wednesday, Nov. 18
 a broken right a r m which there sometimes will still be              lost consciousness.             couldn’t get the instructors.     Intermediate School, where      He was taken to the county
 caused nerve damage in that instanes of persons putting                 Instructors were Hazel        He may solve that problem         the heartsaver course is jail in Caro and released
                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Greatest Thriller Of 1981! !
 arm. As a result, she will money in the machine and                   Spencer, LPN, a nurse at        in future years by becoming       taught in health classes, later that day on bond, pend-
 have to learn to write with having their drink pour out               Hills and Dales General         a wrtified instructor.            Mrs. Babich said.            ing appearance in district
 her left hand, as she does not minus the cup.                                                                                                                        court .
 have control in her right one.     Then if you swear at the                                                                                                             Paul A. Langlois of 6121

                                                                        Four injured after
    She has to exercise that     machine, it will respond,                                                                                                            McGregory Road, Gage-
 hand and in three months’ “So’s your old man,” or, “If                                                                                                               town, told village officers
 time, should be able to use it your mother heard you say                                                                                                             Friday his car was damaged
 with more coritrol, her doc- that, she would be ashamed                                                                                                              between 11p.m. Oct. 30and 2
 tor has told her, but it may of you.’9                                                                                                                               a.m. the next day while
 be a year before it gets back      Personally, I wish Coca                                                                                                           parked a t the Village Serv-
                                 Cola and all the other soft
 to normal.
   Part of her scalp was torn drink companies would
 off in the mishap and later come out with another kind
 sewed back on but it’s too of machine.
 soon to tell if hair will          The kind I would like to
                                                                        auto hits deer                                                                                ice Center, 6415 Main. The
                                                                                                                                                                      car had a long scratch on the
                                                                                                                                                                      trunk lid and the screwdriv-
                                                                                                                                                                      er probably used to make it
                                                                                                                                                                      was stuck in the opening
 resume growing there.          see aren’t new. I realize it             An accident that began volved were:                            ton, when southbound on between the trunk lid and
                                dates me, but the kind of pop         when a car hit a deer last       Bruce Kaake of 5111 Shab-        Kingston Road a t 9:45 p.m. lip.
                                machines I liked are the              Wednesday in Ellington bona Road, Kingston, while                 Saturday, south of Bevens
“Conscience makes egotists      ones that would give you a            township sent four persons northbound on Kingston                 Road.                           Village officer Bob Moore
of us all.“        Oscar Wilde bottle of pop for a nidrel.            to Caro Community Hos- Road in Kingston township                                                was called a t 7:11 Sunday
                                                                      pital.                         at 11:25 p.m. Nov. 10.                 OTHER ACCIDENTS           morning to Huntsville Mo-
                                                                        Treated and released were      Larry R. Wood, 31, of 1405                                     bile Home Park to rescue a
                                                                      Gail M. Loszlo, 20, of Sagi- Crawford Road, Deford,                  Cass City police reported cat, which had fallen into a
                    The weather                                       naw, and the two passengers while westbound on M-46,
                                                                      in the other car involved, east of Ringle Road, a t 5:45
                                                                      Wilbur F. Chaney, 45, of a.m. Nov. 11.
                                                                                                                                        that a t 11 a.m. Monday, pipe which emerges verti-
                                                                                                                                        Thani Munir Isa, 30, of 6370 cally from the ground.
                                                                                                                                        Third Street, was backing Moore put a board inside a t
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Our Next Big One..Starts Thurs., Nov. 26
                                High            LOW           Precip.
                                                                      Columbiaville, and Harold        Harold w . Spencer of 3472       from her driveway when one an angle, which enabled the
         Wednesday ........... 44 ......... 2s .......... 0           L. Eberline, 36, of Caro. The pine Street Kingston when           of her children opened the cat to walk out.
         Thursday. ............ 5 0 . . ....... 18 .......... 0       driver of the other vehicle, westbound bn M-46, \;est of          left rear door, which hit the
         Friday.. .............. 5 6 , . ....... 20 .......... 0                                                                                                        Mary Horne of 4118 S.
                                                                      Clarence J. Davee, 27, Of heHill Road, a t 3:40 a.m.              right side of the car parked Seeger Street reported to
         Saturday ............. 59 ......... 20 .......... 0          Clifford, was discharged last Thursday+                           in the driveway. Owner of deputies that the windshield
         Sunday ............... 62 ..........22 .......... 0          Friday.                          ~l~~ D. Ricker, 37, of           the other vehicle was Helen of the car of Donald D.
         Monday.. ............. 64 ......... 20 .......... 0            Sheriff’s deputies reported Sebewaing, while headed             Agar of 4581 N. Seeger Horne, same address, was
         Tuesday .............. 56 ......... 40 . . . . . . . . . . 0 the hSZl0 allto Was West- northeast on M-81, near                 Street.                       broken. The car had been
          (Recorded a t Cass City wastew,atertreatwent plant.         bound on Deckerville Road, Colwood Road, a t 6:40 a.m.               Iris E. Baltzer, 61, of parked in a field for two
                                                                      west Of Hurds Corner Road, last Thursday, according to            Harbor Beach, injured in a years. The windshield was
                                                                      when it collided with a deer taro state police.                   Nov. 8 accident at M-81 and broken by a s-yearald who
                                                                      and came to a halt in the                                         M-53, remained in serious threw a rock a t it.
                                                                      eastbound lane.                  Phillip Pettie, 45, of Bad       condition Tuesday afternoon
                                                                        The passenger, Laura L. Axe, while headed southwest             a t St. Mary’s Hospital in      Two tool boxes with tools,
                                                                      Gaiser, 21. of Saginaw. got on M-81, north of Akron               Saginaw.                      worth an estimated $1,500,
                                                                                                                                                                                  -     .

                                                                      out to warn oncoiiing trafiic Road, a t 7:20 p.m. Friday.                                       were stolen from two com-
                                                                                                       Richard E. VanMullekom,
                                                                      but it was too late and
         @ 0 0 m - e m a e 0 m m m m 0 a o m @ 0 ~ ~ eastbound Davee vehicle the 51, of Muriger , while west-
                                                                      *~~                        hit
         Thurs. thru Sun. (4 Days)
            NOV. 20 21 22
                 19                         =
                                                                      the right front corner of the bound on Bevens Road, west
                                                                      Lmzlo auto.
                                                                        The mishap occurred a t Friday.
                                                                      6:20 p.m.
                                                                                                     of English Road, a t 7:45p.m.

                                                                                                       Robert W. Heilborn, 32, of
                                                                                                                                                      TRUCK LOAD SALE!
                                                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER - NOVEMBER                   19th                               30th            -f      A h
         THURSDAY “BARGAIN NITE” -- 8:OO Only                           Numerous c a r d e e r acci- Marlette, when westbound
              Friday-Saturday-Sunday7:30 & 9:30                       dents were reported in the on Deckerville Road, west of
                                                                      area during the past several Plain Road, a t 2 p.m. Satur-
         The Wanner of5 Major Academy Awards                          days, investigated by the day.                                                                         Model LH15
                    including Best Picture, i back.        s          sheriff’s department unless      Cari Sue Copeland, 16, of
                                                                      otherwise noted. Drivers in- 5495 Dorrance Road, Kings-                                              Shipping Weight Approx. 310 Ibs.; Door Size 15”x13”; Max-                111         l l i
                                                                                                                                                                           imum Log Length 24”; Blower Capacity 265 CFM; Flue Size
                                                                                                                                                                           8” Diameter.
                                                                        25 attend 1st                                                                               ’

                                                                                                                                                                                 Save $98.00
                                                                                                                                                                                         Sale                  $4990°
                                                                        youth meeting                                                                                                 Model LH30CA

                                                                                                                                                                           Shipping Weight Approx. 570 Ibs.; Door Size 15”x13”; Max-.
                                                                                                                                                                           imum Log Length 28”; Blower Capacity 1065 CFM; Flue
                                                                         Twenty-five persons at- Sisters, Human Develop-                                                   Size 8” Diameter. Catalytic Energy Booster Reduces Hazard-
                                                                       tended the first meeting ment Commission, schools,                                                  ous Creosoting in Chimneys and Results in Cleaner Air and
                                                                       Monday of what may be- Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts,                                                     More Usable Heat Per Pound of Wood!
                                                                       come the Tuscola county Innerlink (agency dealing                                                        Save $201.OO
         kJSTIN H
                                                                       youth services council.       with runaway children),
                                                                         The turnout, according to mental health agency and
                                                                       Trobate Judge W. Wallace county board of Commis-
                                                                       Kent Jr., who conceived the sioners.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Sale               $9590°
                                                                                                                                                   UNITS ARE FOR ADD-ON OR FOR COMPLETE CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEMS!
                                                                       idea of the council, was far    “Basically it was a good
                      A very special experience.                       more than he had expected. discussion group, too big to
                                                                         He had called the meeting get into solid meat,” Kent                                                     e Thermostatically Controlled                           Cast Ifon
                                                                       with the idea that various said,
                                                                       agencies working with ne-       The next meeting will be
          STARTS THANKSGIVING DAY                                      glected, truant and delin- in January a t the HDC office             FlLL
          The P.O.W. Action Comedy Adventure                           quent youth could do a more in Caro. He explained par-                                                                 e Firebrick Lined                   @Have An Ash Pan
                                                                       effective job working to- ticipants then will split into
                 Seen Advertised On TV                                 gether.                       smaller groups and start ex-
               Sylvester Stallone - Michael Caine                        Represented a t the meet- ploring various options and
                                                                                                                                                   Dan’s Auto & Fireplace Shop
              “Victory F I                                             ing, held in the probate needs and how specifically
                                                                       courtroom, were the Depart- to start achieving them.
                                                                       ment of Social Services,
                                                                       alcohol       rehabilitation, The New York General Post             1445 N. Kingston Rd.
                                                                                                                                                                 -  -                 Open Thurs. & Fri. 0 a.m. p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Sat. 8 a.m. 5 p.m.                                             Phone
                                                                       ministers and religious Office handles about 20 mil-                      Deford                                  CLOSED THANKSGIVING                                               872-3190
                                                                       groups, Big Brothers-Big      lion pieces of mail a day.                        ..

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