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Please complete all available information into the grey boxes and return the form to
Alternatively, please send a link, word document or pdf covering all event details.
Please be aware that not all fields are mandatory, but as much information as possible is required for
Business Link to post a comprehensive outline of your event on its website.
Event information must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the start date.
NB: Training courses will not be included as events. Workshops only qualify as events if they are
either related to a business issue and not solely personal development, related to Start-Up, have a
defined start/end date and are on for no more than 5 consecutive days.
Please contact the Knowledge Team on 01772 790177 if you have any questions.
FORM SECTION                        YOUR INFORMATION                   NOTES

Event title                                                            Name of event

                                                                       Name of company
Event organiser
                                                                       hosting/organising event

                                                                       The venue’s full name

Venue & location                                                       FULL address of venue
                                                                       Include postcode

Date of event                                                          DD / MM / YYYY

Start time of event                                                    HH:MM (am/pm)

End date of event                                                      Complete if longer than 1 day

End time/ close time
                                                                       HH:MM (am/pm)
Description Summary:
                                                                       SUMMARY: brief 2 lines
                                                                        this is pulled forward into the search results
Description Outline:

                                                                       OUTLINE: approx 180 words
                                                                        key details

                                                                        focus of the event

                                                                        reason for the event

                                                                        prestigious bodies attending

                                                                        general info - no internet links
                       One sentence only.
Target audience        The audience who would benefit
                       from attending e.g. managers, HR

                       Any details not imperative to the
                       description of the event such as:
                        refreshments or lunch available
Other event details     any preferred/compulsory dress
                        any recommended reading
                        items to be brought to event

                       Please state if any deadlines for:
Deadline for entries    registration/ booking
                        award entries

                       Please indicate if cost includes or
                       excludes VAT
Cost                   Indicate any member/ non-
                       member or special rates
                       State if event is free of charge

Maximum number         State if there is a max. number of
of attendees           attendees for your event

Contact name           Primary contact for event info

Contact e-mail         Event contact email

Contact number
                       Event contact phone number

Event website          Please provide webpage address
                       giving more details about the
                       event - if no website, please
                       provide organiser’s website
                       Please provide the website
                       address for any
form download link
                       booking/registration form or
(or attach
                       event flyer. Or attach the
                       document to the email
     Type of event – Please choose one and select the tick box

Award                                                  Information session

Breakfast                                              Seminar

Lunch                                                  Networking

Dinner                                                 Seminar

Conference                                             Trade Fair

Demonstration                                          Workshop

    Business industry - If your event is aimed at a particular industry, please tick the appropriate boxes:

Advertising, PR and marketing                                    ICT and telecoms

Aerospace                                                        Legal services

                                                                 Manufacturing and engineering (excluding
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
                                                                 food & drink)

Automotive                                                       Manufacturing (food & drink)

Biotechnology                                                    Materials and textiles

Business and management consultancy                              Medical devices

Chemicals                                                        Mining and quarrying

Construction                                                     Music and entertainment

Design and branding                                              Pharmaceuticals

Digital media                                                    Printing and publishing

Education and training                                           Property and built environment

                                                                 Retail and wholesale
                                                                 (excluding food & drink)

Environment                                                      Retail and wholesale (food & drink)

Financial services                                               Tourism and leisure

Health and care                                                  Transport, warehousing and distribution

Hospitality and catering                                         Waste management

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