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Psychic Art


Psychic Art

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									Psychic Art
Psychic Art, a term used to define a form of mediumship whereby the medium
perceives impressions via thought form; and is then able to represent them in a
pictorial form.

There are two main areas associated with psychic art, firstly portraits of people who
have passed over to the spirit side of life; and secondly the “auragraph”, a diagram of
the aura.

I have spoken to several “psychic artists”; indeed have watched them demonstrating
their ability. It surprised me at first, that they all had one thing in common, none of
them was clairvoyant; they did not have the ability to see the person they were
drawing. Taking into account the high degree of accuracy of the picture being drawn,
to the way in which the person looked whilst in the physical body; is actually quite

                                            These images were drawn by the well-
                                            known psychic artist
                                            John Brett

Auragraphs is a term coined by the medium Harold Sharp, describing them as “an
artistic diagram of the human aura”. This particular form of “psychic art” is what I
specialise in, though I have not received any art training, other than the compulsory
secondary school education syllabus.

There are similarities between the auragraph and the portrait, this being that I am not
aware of how the picture will eventually turn out. I told what colour paper to draw
upon, and the first colour to be used for the sky. Once I begin the drawing, music
playing quietly in the background, I am totally immersed in the process. Impressions
of what to draw, where to place the desired object, and what colour should it be? I get
a little dismayed at times as I see the picture unfold, my friend who inspires the
artwork always saying “wait until it is finished”. I seemingly take my time drawing
stones, or mountains, trying to make them appear real, only to have another colour
impressed over them, in total contrast; yet as the two colours are merged, the outcome
is impressive.

I only date the month and year upon my auragraphs, and whilst demonstrating my
work at various spiritualist churches, find that the month and date have an important
relevance to the person receiving the auragraph. I am only given information
pertaining to the auragraph if it is to be given to a person within a couple of days of it
having been drawn. In the majority of cases I am not aware of whom the finished
drawing is going to be given to, though I am told the amount of auragraphs I am going
to be talking about at each location I am visiting. When the drawings have a greater
importance to the person receiving it, along with the information pertaining to it, I
will be shown their image. In these cases, the information needs to be handled
carefully and I find myself speaking to them after the demonstration, in a more private

Auragraphs drawn by Ian Doherty

Lastly, a brief mention on automatic drawing, which differs from the above two forms
in that it is conducted whilst the medium is in a state of deep trance. The Glasgow
born medium David Duguid (1832-1907) was well known for producing oil paintings
of landscapes, in total darkness, and at a fast pace.

If you have any questions on this topic then please email me

Article written by Ian Doherty

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