This is a route I have ridden on Christmas Eve a few times, with

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                      Ceiriog Valley – The Pheasant Track
This mountain bike route of 20.5miles uses trails in the Ceiriog Valley to the south and
west of Glyn Ceiriog that includes the Pheasant Track across Bryn Du. The route is about
40% tarmac but this generally on the flat and the climbs, which helps reserve your energy
for the fantastic off-road sections, especially the last two descents.

1. Start from the car park by the community centre (GR204379). Turn left out of the car
   park and head along the main road towards Dolywern. Take the third lane on the left,
   on the edge of Glyn Ceiriog, just before the main road crosses a stream (GR207379).
   Ride through a couple of bends to the next junction then turn right. Follow this lane
   and go past a couple of junctions on the left, then past a few houses on the left to a
   forked junction where the left lane climbs and the right descends (GR220373).

2. Take the left hand lane to traverse the side of the valley. Keep going straight on at the
   next junction then at the following junction keep to the right and descend to a junction
   with the main road (GR228376). Turn left on the main road to head towards Pontfadog
   and the church. Just before the village turn right at a crossroad junction (GR231377).

3. Ride a short way and go over the river to the next junction, by a house, and turn steeply
   to the left for the start of the first long climb. Climb into the trees then at the crossroad
   a short distance later turn right to climb the broken tarmac lane (GR233377). Continue
   up this lane until it reaches a forked junction where the tarmac gives way to dirt tracks.
   Take the left hand track and continue climbing. At the top of the climb, where the track
   turns back into a tarmac lane, go straight across the crossroad and on to the next
   junction (GR244357). Turn right and descend along the lane to a BW signed off to the
   right heading downhill between a line of trees and bushes, just before the lane ends at a
   T-junction (GR244355).

4. Descend this BW, at first it is fast double track then lower down it becomes quite
   technical as it steepens and is strewn with big, loose rocks. At the bottom turn left on
   the lane to descend through a right hand bend then go straight on to a junction with a
   lane on the left by a couple of stone buildings (GR232363). Turn left and climb the
   lane. At the next junction turn left and continue climbing on tarmac. Follow the lane
   right then left around a house for the steepest part of the climb that ends at a junction

5. Turn left and follow this lane for about 1mile then go straight on at the junction with a
   lane on the left. A little further on turn hard right at the next junction (GR246353) to
   climb parallel with the lane just ridden. Follow the lane to the next junction and take
   the left. After a short while descend to a junction and turn right (GR226340). Go
   through the farm and just at the far side turn left through a gate onto a wide dirt track
   marked as a BW.

6. Descend through a dip to the next junction (GR223339). Turn right and climb the
   double track towards the trees on the ridge. Bear right on the track and go past the old
   hanger then follow the grassy double track along the line of trees on the left. At the end
   of the trees, go through the gate in the left hand corner of the field. Go straight on and
   follow the grassy track in the direction the fence on the left. After the crest descend to
   the gate in the left hand corner of the next field (GR204338).


7. Go through the gate and follow the double track through a left hand bend to the next
   gate. After the gate descend through a couple more gates along the wide, rocky track.
   Go straight on at a junction, with a trail on the left, then directly after follow the track
   90deg right and descend to a gate at a farm. Go through this gate and the next and
   descend to a 3-way junction in the lanes. Go straight on to a gated junction a short
   distance later and turn left (GR189335).

8. Follow the double track and descend through a long right hander to a farm. Go through
   the farm where the track turns into a tarmac lane and descends to a crossroad at the
   bottom (GR177335). Turn right and cross the stone bridge then climb to the junction in
   Tregeiriog. Turn left and follow the lane along the bottom of the valley to the next
   junction, with a lane on the right, directly after crossing a stream (GR168334).

9. Turn right up this lane then in a few meters later take the lane on the left and climb
   steeply between the hedges. Go past the farm and through a number of gates and climb
   straight up to a T-junction at the top of the lane, with a house on the left (GR157335).
   Turn right and continue climbing on a much gentler gradient along a wide rocky track.
   Stay on the main track and ignore any trails off to either side. Continue straight on
   where the main trail kicks up and becomes more broken to follow a line of trees on the
   right. Go through a couple of gates at the top of the climb (GR156350).

10. After the gate ride across flanks of Bryn Du on the muddy, rocky and rutted double
    track. This descends to a water splash on a right hand bend then climbs, bearing left, to
    a gate near the crest of the next hill (GR162375). Go through a gate and over the top
    then descend the fast, rocky track on the other side. There are a couple of gates on this
    descent, but only the middle one is usually closed. The start of the descent is very
    rocky double track then near the bottom, after a few bends, it crosses some off camber
    slate bedrock, sketchy but great fun. After the gate in Tyn-y-celyn, at the bottom of the
    descent, go straight on then bear right and climb the lane to a junction (GR171371).

11. Turn right and climb the steep tarmac, past the farm on the left, to the next junction.
    Take the first track on the left, signed to Glyndwfrdwy, through the gate in front of the
    house. Follow this track for a gentle climb all the way to a junction at the Ceiriog
    Forest (GR168380). Turn right and follow the lane along the line of trees on the left.
    Continue along this lane and go through a tight left, right set of bends. After a short
    straight take the grassy track on the right where the lane starts bearing left. This track
    is rutted and can be quite muddy in the wet but it’s not long. At the following junction
    go straight on along the wide dirt track to a crossroad junction with a lane (GR189382).
    (If it has been wet for some time it is better to go past the grassy track and continue
    along the lane to the next junction and turn right on the wide dirt track to descend
    through a left hand bend to the crossroad junction with the lane)

12. Go straight over the crossroad and ride past a farm on the left. Stay on the main trail,
    ignoring both the gated tacks on the right for a descent that starts with wide double
    track then, at the second gated track on the right, drops left, over a step down into a
    rocky eroded gully, which then goes through a number of naturally bermed corners.
    Stay on the main track until it eventually finishes at a lane. Go straight on for a short
    distance down the tarmac to a junction where the lane turns left and head down the dirt
    track on the right (GR203381). At the end of the track continue straight on to a
    junction at the bottom, in Glyn Ceiriog. Go straight on then at the next junction turn
    right. At the main road to right again and return to the car park to complete the ride.


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