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RHB-The Star Mighty Minds finals by Levone


									RHB-The Star Mighty Minds finals
Challenge format

Friday, Oct 23
* Check-in to RHB Complex Bangi (hostel block) by 6pm.
* Briefing
* Welcoming dinner

Saturday, Oct 24 (Semi finals)
* Round one: Multiple-choice questions
Team members will be seated in three separate groups and given individual keypads
through which they are each required to answer the same 20 questions. No
discussions among team members are allowed. If all three team members key in the
correct answer for a particular question, a bonus point will be awarded. The
accumulated points will make up 50% of the total score for the day.

* Round two: Hands-on challenge
Team members are required to build a model based on Science and Maths principles.
However, unlike the state challenges, all teams will be quarantined before coming up
team by team to give a short oral presentation to the judges and the audience.
The model and the oral presentation will constitute the other 50% of the total score
for the day.

* Announcement of top five finalists per category

* Briefing for the finals
At night, the five finalist teams per category will be required to prepare a PowerPoint
presentation for the finals.
Thus, please bring along your own PowerPoint Microsoft Compatible 2003 wireless-
ready notebook(s) with a CD burner and a digital camera with photo uploading

Sunday, Oct 25 (Finals)
* Round one: Powerpoint presentation
The five finalist teams per category are required to present their models before the
panel of judges with the aid of multimedia. Five minutes is allotted per team.

* Minds-on challenges
The five finalist teams per category will have to solve a creative problem-solving
poser. A written answer will have to be submitted to the judges.

* Round two: Buzzer quiz challenge
The five finalist teams per category are required to answer 15 open-ended questions
and solve a variety of puzzles.

* Model viewing
All 10 finalist teams from both categories are to be present at their booths as Deputy
Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin views the models.

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