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Any Questions

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									Primary Science Enhancement Programme                                                     Reference: RT7              3

Any Questions

Delivered by:     Regional trainer   to   Science coordinators

Objectives:       To provide an opportunity for science coordinators and senior management to clarify issues
                  and suggest solutions to problems relating to the programme.

                  To emphasise that PSEP can be implemented by the participating schools.

Time:             30 minutes

Resources:        Large Post-it sticky labels (one pad per group)
                  Flipchart paper
                  Flipchart pens
                  Copy Master RT7.1

Training notes:   30 minutes has been allocated, to allow major concerns to be addressed.

                  Prior to the session, label separate flipchart pages with following headings, and spread around
                  the room: Resources, Staffing, Time, Appropriate level, Curriculum, Quality Assurance,

                  Participants are organised into groups of 2-3 to brainstorm the possible issues around the
                  implementation of PSEP. Ask participants to write questions onto the Post-it notes and place
                  them on the flipchart paper with the appropriate heading. This allows many questions to be
                  generated quickly and categorised. This activity should last about 5 minutes.

                  The flipchart papers with attached notes are distributed amongst the groups so that the main
                  two or three points per topic can be highlighted. These are then used as the questions in the
                  discussion. In this way, only the main points are dealt with and also the number of questions
                  can be limited.

                  The regional trainer then chairs a debate dealing with the main questions raised. Where
                  possible, responses and solutions to the issues raised are elicited from the participants. This
                  helps to emphasise that PSEP can be implemented by utilising the expertise already present
                  in the participating schools. When necessary, provide suggestions to problems if answers are
                  not forthcoming from the participants. Following the Activity Brief is a list of Frequently Asked
                  Questions (Copy Master RT7.1) and suitable responses.

Training activities – Regional training                                                                               1
                                          Activity Brief: Any questions


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Reference: RT7
                                          Description of activity                                           Key Points                                                   PowerPoint                 Copy
                                                                                                                                                                           or OHT                  Masters
                                          5 minutes participant activity

                                          Groups of 2 or 3.                                                                                                                                       Post-it
                                                                                                                                                                                                  notes and
                                          Participants to write down questions on Post-it notes and place
                                          onto flipchart with appropriate heading.

                                          5 minutes participant activity

                                          Divide flipchart sheets between the groups.

                                          Ask groups to summarise two or three main questions to
                                          represent the ones in their section.

                                          20 minutes trainer to chair discussion

                                          Discuss the most important questions in each category.            Summarise that PSEP is actually a workable initiative that
                                                                                                            will enhance the provision of science in the participants'
                                          Regional trainer to elicit responses from participants, but if                                                                                          RT7.1
                                                                                                            schools. Stress support network (regional, CIEC and
                                          necessary offer suggestions and answers.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Primary Science Enhancement Programme
Training activities – Regional training
Primary Science Enhancement Programme                                                   Copy Master: RT7.1a    3

Frequently Asked Questions

                  Will I need to buy lots of additional equipment to perform the investigations?

                  The activities have been planned to use resources that are readily available and are
                  not specialised pieces of equipment. There is a choice of investigations and many
                  schools will already have the resources needed to carry out at least one of the

                  How do I get extra support, for example with the investigations or arranging a
                  site visit?

                  There are three sources of support available.

                  The first source is the regional trainer, who will be very active in organising a site
                  visit for your school. The regional trainer can also be contacted to help with
                  persistent issues. This may result in a telephone call or occasionally a face-to-face

                  The second source is the PSEP website. Regional information, such as contact
                  details for participating industrial partners, will help in arranging site visits or guest
                  speakers. There is also a contact button, which will allow participants to e-mail the
                  CIEC direct with any queries.

                  The teachers' forum on the website provides an opportunity to develop discussions
                  with other PSEP teachers throughout the country. Answers to 'frequently asked
                  questions' may well provide the required assistance.

                  The PSEP team, based at the University of York's Chemical Industry Education
                  Centre, is also available to advise on issues that cannot be solved by either
                  consulting the website or discussions with the regional trainer.

                  Will the activities fit in with my scheme of work?

                  Several class teachers, advisory teachers and science advisors were involved in the
                  development of the PSEP materials. They are designed to be directly applicable to
                  the National Curriculum for science, and the QCA Scheme of work for science; and
                  add value to science that is performed in the classroom.

Training activities – Regional training                                                                        3
    Copy Master: RT7.1b                                           Primary Science Enhancement Programme

              Won't it be difficult to arrange a site visit?

              Part of the PSEP is the training of industrial partners. This means they are briefed on
              how to host a successful site visit. The bulk of the organisation of the visit is done by
              the regional trainer. The visit organisation required of the teacher is limited (letters to
              parents, list of children to company, book a coach), the benefits of an industrial link
              are great. Following the initial link, further collaborations and visits should be more
              readily organised by the school.

              My staff do not have the time to get involved.

              PSEP has been designed to fit in with the science that is taught within the
              classroom. As such, it is not an additional initiative that the staff are being asked to
              get involved with. The programme is designed to complement classroom practice
              and cover areas of the science curriculum in an innovative manner.

              If I invite an industrial speaker in to school, won't they talk over the children's

              Industrial partners will have undertaken a training session which looks at what they
              can expect if they host a site visit or provide a guest speaker. They will be aware of
              the science the children are learning and also the level of language to use.

              Is the quality assurance feedback time-consuming?

              The quality assurance activities are intended to be kept to a minimum, and to be
              useful to the school as well as the regional trainer and the PSEP team in York. They
              are needed to make sure that the learning experience of the children in the
              classroom is always positive and that the PSEP philosophy does not become
              diluted. Where possible, administration is facilitated by on-line forms and feedback.
              Classroom observations and other measures are kept to a minimum. Feedback is
              always supportive.

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