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                      APPENDIX 2
              Bury Management Development

                                Employee Review
                                Managers Checklist

                    To be used at employee review
           To help determine an appropriate route through the
             Bury Management Development Programme.

PERFORMANCE                                     Yes    Needs      Impact on job following development

I am clear and decisive when taking decisions

                                                                                        Page 1

I am confident in using problem solving and decision
making techniques.

                                                       YES   Needs further
LEADERSHIP                                                    develpmt.
                                                                             Impact in job role following development

I am clear and decisive when taking

I am confident in using problem
solving and decision making

I influence by using persuasion to
take people with you.

I consult people prior to making

I am flexible in dealing with problems
and supporting staff.

I am confident in your skills of
analysis and risk management

I encourage ‘measured risk taking.

When delegating to others I take
responsibility for their actions

I take responsibility for initiating

I feel that I know enough about
aspects of the political agenda which
affect what we do.

I can explain Bury’s strategic vision.

I can describe the preferred
leadership style for Bury Managers.

I know what influences our priorities
and what we do.

I involve people in decision making
and setting goals.

I set effective goals/ targets.

                                                                                                     Page 2

I am effective in my communication
with teams and individuals.

I am confident when giving
constructive feedback.

I can take the initiative and gain
support from colleagues.

I take responsibility to ensure
outcomes are achieved.

I know the Council’s objectives and

I know how do they relate to your

I use my team to explore imaginative
ways to make improvements.

I have the skills to instil confidence in
and gain support for your ideas?

                                                                  Page 3

                                          Yes   Needs further   Impact on job following further development
PERFORMANCE                                      develpmt.

I am good at communicating with
individuals in a one to one situation.

I understand the importance of active
listening, summarising and feeding

I am effective in setting objectives to
achieve tasks and improve

I understand the need for
performance assessment and
provision of development or
counselling where necessary.

I use feedback, recognition and
reward techniques to motivate and

I understand the inter-relationships
between team and individual

I know the performance measures in
place related to my service.

I ensure that teams and individuals
relate service PIs to their own

I know the corporate procedures that
relate to performance.

I am confident undertaking Employee

I am good at prioritising work for

I am good at prioritising work for my
team and individuals.

I monitor the achievement of

                                                                                         Page 4

I know the procedures which relate to
dealing with poor performance.

I am confident in dealing with difficult
performance issues.

I understand the importance of
complying with procedures.

I look for creative ways to develop
staff and improve performance.

I encourage staff to develop new

I use Bury’s project management
Framework when managing large

I use the principles of project
management when monitoring team
and individual tasks.

I am good at meeting deadlines and
achieving outcomes.

I am clear about my responsibility in
achieving outcomes.

I accept responsibility for the actions
of my staff in achieving outcomes.

I achieve results.

I encourage feedback on my own

I work on my own development.

                                                                  Page 5

                                         Yes   Needs further   Impact on Job following development
CHANGE                                          develpmt.

I understand the need for change in
Bury MBC related to Audit and

I know the drivers and stakeholders in
changes in my service.

I know the priorities for change in
Bury MBC.

I keep people informed in times of

I encourage full and open

I agree and monitor challenging
objectives with staff to make changes.

I regularly communicate an
inspirational view of the future.

I operate systems based on trust not

I make people feel valued and show
my faith in them to rise to new

I understand the techniques and tools
to plan and manage change.

I am confident in using them.

I am happy using Bury’s project
management tool kit to manage

I network with other managers across
the organisation to share experiences
of managing change.

I network with groups outside the
organisation to broaden my
experience in managing change.

I am confident with my ability to
manage tasks and people to

                                                                                  Page 6
implement changes and

I take responsibility for achievement
of my own objectives to drive through

I keep up to date with developments
within the Council and my service.

I am open to new ways of working.

I recognise when I need to develop
myself to do things differently.

I recognise effects of change on
people in my team and others.

I review and evaluate the effects as
part of the management of change.

I regularly feed back effects and
outcomes of change to my manger.

                                                                  Page 7

                                           Yes   Needs further   Impact on job following development
POLICY INTO PRACTICE                              develpmt.

I know Bury policies related to
customers in my service.

I know Bury policies related to staff in
my team.

I understand my role in the
implementation of policies and
compliance with procedures.

I feel confident with my skills to
ensuring implementation of policies
related to customers.

I feel confident in my skills related to
implementing policies related to
individual employees.

I introduce policies and procedures to
new staff in induction.

I communicate key points and
implications of policies and
procedures with my team.

I regularly feedback to policy makers
any amendments or improvements
that become apparent when using the

I understand the principles of quality

I monitor and review implementation
and outcomes of policies/procedures.

I discuss the effectiveness of
procedures with other managers.

I plan for and allocate resources.
needed to implement policies and

I keep up to date with any changes in
policy or new policy.

 I understand my responsibility to
comply with policies.

                                                                                     Page 8

I understand my role in auditing
compliance with policies.

I appreciate the implications of not
complying with organisational policy.

I keep records related to use of
policies as required.

I discuss implementation issues with
team and individuals.

I identify my development needs
related to policy and procedures.

I work with team and individuals to
develop their skills in implementation
of policy and procedures.

                                                                  Page 9

                                         Yes   Needs further   Impact on job following development
PEOPLE                                          develpmt.

I am confident in using People
management procedures.

I ensure implementation is monitored.

I search for the most appropriate
development opportunity for
individuals in my team.

I access opportunities to develop my
people skills.

I understand corporate procedures to
develop people.

I develop and update communication
skills to work with partners,
colleagues and stakeholders to
achieve objectives.

I work to develop skills, behaviours
and confidence to create effective
working relationships with colleagues,
stakeholders, partners and

I actively seek opportunities to
develop myself in the managerial role.

I work to develop myself and my

I evaluate the effectiveness of
development of colleagues and

                                                                                  Page 10

                                           Yes   Needs further   Impact on job following development
RESOURCES                                         develpmt.

I use Bury’s project management
manual to identify resource

I review the contribution of resources
to achieving objectives.

I identify current and potential reviews
needed to deliver priorities.

I build resource needs into the SDDP.

I ensure Employee reviews are
carried out for all my team.

I educate my team to know about
financial procedures, standing orders
and regulations.

I ensure employees comply with
financial procedures and regulations.

I understand financial reporting.

I know the Bury’s purchasing and
procurement procedures.

I can use risk management

I can prepare budget statements.

I understand Bury’s financial and
planning procedures, systems and

I am confident in working with the
financial procedures.

I monitor the use of resources.

I understand the usefulness of
techniques to reduce costs.

I encourage the recycling of
resources to save costs.

I encourage my team to look for ways

                                                                                    Page 11
to use resources more effectively.

I involve individuals in monitoring the
use of resources and act on their.

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